Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette was realeased last year in 2010, and although Naked 2 is out, I just got the first Naked palette for Christmas and I LOVE it. It is by far the most amazing eyeshadow palette I've ever tried, amazing quality eyeshadows, probably my second favorite next to MAC. The colors are totally gorgeous, and probably all I'd ever need, consdering I mainly stick to neutrals when it comes to eye makeup because I find that's what flatters my eyes the most. I will do swatches in another post, later, probably in two different parts, but for now I'm just going to be talking about it You probably know, this palette contains twelve full sized eyeshadows for $17 each...a $204 value right a mirror in the palette as well as a full-sized eyeshadow brush, which retails for $26, and a mini primer this palette is worth more than $230, and it was just $48, which is a steal. The quality of the colors is unbelievable and they stay all day long, especially when used with the Primer Potion (another amazing product which I will do a seperate review on another time) and, once, I realize it's bad to fall asleep with makeup on but I did, and in the morning my eyeshadow looked just as it had before. The colors, like I said, are stunning...beautiful neutrals including three matte colors. Shadows are... Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. I will go more into detail with colors and all of that when I post swatches another time. These shadows are all amazing, as I'm sure you;ve heard me say several times throughout this post. Awesome quality, even better price! Great color selection, the perfect neutral eye palette! You can get this product from Urban Decay's website ( or Sephora or Ulta. It's definitely worth a try! The brush is also of excellent quality. The bristles are soft and don't fall out, and it packs on color well. It's also easy to clean...much easier than my other elf brushes. This is an awesome palette for a pretty neutral eye.

I'm back:)

It's been a month and five days since I last blogged, and...I'm back...sort of. I've been really really busy and haven't blogged in a long long time. I'm back now....and will hopefully be blogging with more swatches, reviews, and random beauty/fashion posts, plus other random things too! I won't be blogging as often as I used to, which was, like one post for every day, but it'll probably be a few posts a week, usually, most likely on weekends. I have a ton of  fun ideas planned so keep checking back on my blog soon! xoxoxo