Sunday, July 31, 2011

dELiA's - Pretty Little Liars Tees!

If you're enough of a fan of Pretty Little Liars like I am, then you are already aware of the new line of Pretty Little Liars tees that were recently launched! Right now, five different shirts are available, hopefully there will be more to come. The shirts are all $24.50, buy one get one half off. Personally, I want all of them! But they are a bit pricey for a tee shirt, so I may only end up getting one or two. Pretty Little Liars is an obsession for me, so owning one of these is a personal must-have. Four of these shirts are crop tops, which, as you probably know, are very popular right now! For anyone who doesn't like a crop top, there is one shirt that is just a regular tee. I'm very excited about the launch of these t-shirts and definitely I will be trying to get to my local Delia's ASAP to pick one of these up. Here's the search results when I searched "Pretty Little Liars" - these are I think all of them so far (:

And of course, here's the shirts!

This Rosewood shirt is also available in grey!

This is the one I want to get most :)

How to: Smooth Sexy Summer Legs

Hey everyone! Someone actually requested I do this video on my YouTube, I may be doing that soon. But I really wanted to do it in blog form as well, because for some reason, I find it easier to talk to you this way and I can go back and explain things better and I just think it's easier. But anyway, smooth sexy legs are a MUST for summer! They're the perfect accessory for a mini dress or miniskirt, and are great for the beach. Supersoft, hairless legs are a want on my list, for sure. And hopefully with these tips and instructions, you'll be able to get them too :)

First Tip! Protect your legs! This means wearing sunscreen in the summer! Do NOT sunburn your legs!

Okay, now this is what I reccommend doing:
1. In the shower, you want to exfoliate, I do this with one of those loofah/pouf/sponge thingies. Mine's purple :) I just do this all over using one of my favorites - Bath & Body Works Coconut Pineapple Shower Gel. This helps to remove any dead skin cells, revealing radiant healthy skin.
2. At the end of my shower is when you should shave. I use the Gillette Venus Embrace. It has five blades, meaning virtually no missed hairs. Shave gel is excellent too, I like Satin Care and also Skintimate.These help you get a closer shave. It's important not to apply pressure, and to change your blade (if it's reusable) or throw your disposable razor out every two months. It's reccommended to change it after 6-8 uses, but I change mine after about two months. Dull blades will cause cuts!
3. As soon after I get out of the shower, pat legs dry with a towel, do not rub, this will create dead skin and will irratate open pores. Pat dry with a towel.
4. After my legs are dry, I apply a moisturizer immediately. I reccomend Olay Body Lotion, it's excellent and provides your skin with a kiss of moisture.

How often you do this is up to you, but for the smoothest of smooth, I reccommend every day to every oter day! Good luck :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Pictures!

So I just got back from vacation yesterday, that's why I've been behind on my blogging lately! Did I mention that in a previous post? I have no idea lol. I took a few pictures only two I think well actually more, but I was in a lot of them, and they showed my face. Whatever lol. I love that beach. Well sorta kinda. See, we went after dinner just for like a walk, it was probably a little before eight. So, the sand was like soft. It was soft and white and oh, it was SOFT! I love soft sand. I loved the sand there. And there were tons of shells and it was so pretty:) See, normally at the beach when I go to swim we go to this creek type thingy but if you walk out about an eighth or so of a mile its the actual ocean but I guess it's protected by some sort of bay? Idk. But this was an actual beachagainst the ocean, like, the ocean like if you swam in a straight horizontal line you'd land yourself in Europe kind of thing. There was a ton of seaweed and gross brown stuff but the water looked so pretty. Plus, it was like, sunset, making it even prettier! So I walk up to the water nd put my feet in and a wave comes in bringing tons of gross brown puke-colored fuzzy thingies in and I'm like EW. So then I ran away lmao. But I still absolutely love that beach it's so breathtakingly pretty oh and did I mention the sand was soft? It's super soft haha(: Anyway, here's my pictures!! Oh and I actually blogged some stuffs while I was there, will maybe try to post that soon along w pics from go-karting! Okay well here's the pics now because I'm sure you're all quite anxious to see them...oh wait and my sister took like over one hundred amazingly awesome pics on her Nintendo DSI...will have to show you those sometime soon because they're freakin amazing! Hehe I couldn't really take as many pics because I was collecting shells for my uncle because he's teaching a class on evolution...well anyway, finally, here are the pictures! Looked way better in person than in the pics, but the pictures are still quite pretty and amazing:)

Personal Questions Tag!

Another tag? Yep! This one I saw done by yunging19 on YouTube! Go subscribe to her, (: I personally love her videos. And, I've never really talked about guys and stuff like that on this blog. and when I found this tag I thought it would be perfect for me to do, because it has girly questions (Ex. Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, I think that's all) and there are also questions about boys in here, and then some random ones. I've never had a boyfriend, the answers to these questions are what I think I would want or think if I did, if that makes sense? Haha watch the original video here!  Questions:
1) Is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead?
Like I said, I've never had a boyfriend, so I really don't have much experience with boys. But, probably, the answer would be, yes. This one is PDA-friendly, and age appropriate too, rather than like a full makeuout lol. I think this one would be okay with parents too, it really depends! But it would be cute, I think it's very flirty-looking.
2) Group dates or single dates?
Hmmm... the first few dates when you're just getting to know each other, definitely single dates for the first few times. After that, group dates are okay every once in a while!
3) Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
Oh yes. They should act like themselves all the time. They shouldn't act different just for like, their family, friends, and gf. They shouldn't do that to look all "cool" or whatever.
4) Whats your favorite girly magazine?
This is, hands down, Seventeen magazine!
5) Do you get your nails done?
Occasionally. Like, maybe a few times a year, like for Easter and back-to-school and Christmas and stuff.
6) Small or large purses?
Well, I love both. Small purses are great because they're lighter-weight and not as big and bulky. They're much easier to carry around, I think. And, there's no way to fill them with things you really don't need. Large purses are definitely good if you want it to hold more, but you can fill it up with things you really don't need and it can get full and heavy quickly.
7) What are your PURSE must-haves?
Cell phone, iPod, wallet, lipgloss, tissues, blotting paper, stuff for that *cough* timeofthemonth *cough*
8) What would you do if you got pregnant?
I've never even had a boyfriend and I'm still very young. I haven't even had my first kiss yet, I don't know how I could get pregnant. But let's say I did, and I'm like, 16 or 17 or something. I'd probably keep the baby. I would still go to college and stuff, I'd have to hire like a babysitter? But of course I'd keep it.
9) Heels or flats?
It depends on the situation! But in general, flats are more comfy, heels are good for an fancier event. And, they make you look taller! :)
10) Do you cry during romantic movies?
Oh yes. I'm a sucker for both romance and a happy ending.
11) Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?
I do it all the time. I did today, actually.
12) Do you like preppy boys?
They're too organized and too "perfect" for me I guess. I like a casual, carefree guy that has a great personality. When it comes to guys, I really don't care about looks that much, it really comes down to personality. I suppose I could see myself with a preppy boy though.
13) Do you like skater boys?
14) Do you like to receive flowers?
From who? From like a relative or something, I really don't care, it doesn't matter to me. If it were a guy, for sure! I love the yellow roses that are like orange and the color like you get what I'm saying?
15) Do you like surfer boys?
They've got the body! Definitely attractive looking guys :)
16) On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
Oh, a lot. Probably like a nine. They're so confusing, sometimes it's like they're a whole different species. Seriously, guys confuse me so much.
17) Would you ever date a guy whose shorter then you?
Like I said, as long as he has a great personality. I wouldn't date a guy that's like drastically shorter, but I wouldn't really mind if it's only a matter of a few inches.
18) Do you like to hold hands?
Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. It is an appropriate PDA friendly thing though. So probably yes. Ask me again when I do have a bf :)
19) Whats the youngest you would date?
I'd say, maybe one year younger. But that's unlikely.
20) Whats the oldest you would date?
Like right now, maybe one year older. When I get older, I don't think it'll matter that much, I'll probably be open to like 3 years,
21) Do you freak out when you miss your favorite TV shows?
Pretty Little Liars? Yes. Others? Not as much, but still yes, somewhat.
22) Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
No. If a guy doesn't like what I wear, sucks for him! Lmao.
23) Do you fall in love easily?
I've never been "in love" I don't think. I've had major crushes and stuff, but nothing I would count as in love. They say if you like a guy longer than four months you're in love, I've liked the same one since November. But I wouldn't call it "in love."
24) Do you have cramps right now?
Ha! Not at the moment. Ask me again in a few weeks lol
25) Do you consider yourself pretty?
It's definitely healthy to think of yourself as pretty. I have flaws and tons of things I don't like about myself, I could do a whole blog post on that. But, when I'm weaaring makeup and pretty clothes and my hair's been straightened, yes. I mean, I'm POTI (pretty on the inside) I guess. I'm not sure though. I guess, I do? Idk this one's hard.

Upcoming Blog Ideas :)

So, I was on vacation this past week, from tuesday through Friday, and the whole time, I was wondering what I should do for upcoming blog posts! I came up with a few ideas, feel free to comment below with requests, or tweet me your requests, :) But these are the ones I've been thinking of doing, these are in no order. Well, the order in which I thought of them. Look out for these coming soon, if you want me to do a certain one first, or earlier, or you want to read one first, let me know and I'll get working on that! I have nine ideas right now, planning on more fashion ones. I'll have to continue in my back-to-school series, I was thinking a fashion one or makeup one. But that's not on my list. Oh well. If you want to remind me to do a certain post, leave it as a comment, or again, you could tweet me.I'd love to find a way to do makeup tutorials wthout showimg my face as well, leave a comment or tweet me (aain lol) if you have an idea that may work. Okay, so here's my ideas! Let me know what you think, and of course, request more! I'll be open to nlogging about almost anything
1. Personal Questions (Tag)
2. Feather Extensions
3. MAC Eyeshadow - Naked Lunch Review/Swatches
4. First Day of School Outfit Ideas
5. Songs I Recently "Discovered"
6. Lancome Bi-facil vs. Clinique take the Day Off
7. Fashinspirations
8. Country Music
9. Pantene Products

Of course, you could make up a tag for me with questions and I'll do that, or I could do an answers post if you want answers :)

My K Response! And My U Response!

Friend: K
Me: K? K what? The letter before L, the letter after J? Did you knwo that in JK, K stands for "Kidding?" So your reply is "Kidding?" Or K as in potassium? Do you need some Special K for your breakfast? K, as in I can knock you out? Can I knock you out and feed you to the hungry sharks? Sharks has K in it.

Friend: Sigh.
Me: What?
Friend: U
Me: Uranium.


More About MOI

Okay, so I'm almost at my 200th post and I realized, I never told you anything about me, really? I blog about the things I like, and sometimes things I don't like, but aside from likes and dislikes, what can I tell you guys without sharing anything personal, or showing my face? Well let's see. Obviously, if you watch my YouTube videos, you know, my hair is black haha that one's a dead giveaway.Eye color, it starts with a b! (Blue, brown...along those lines :) and this September 2011 I'm going into my last year of middle school. I'm a procrastinator, if you remember from my early blog posts. Definitely a procrastinator, I'm putting off my summer reading right now, actually. I'm supposed to be reading this book about slaves and spies on the British for some war idk it sounds boring in my opinion. Hmmm...I have three sisters (you already may know that) one of them is peaceypenguin on YouTube, she goes by Joy though as she as well cannot give out a real name. Our real names, all four of us, they all start with the same letter though. Let's see... I live in the US, east of let's say, the Rockies. Actually, east of the Mississippi River. What else can I tell hair is naturally wavy/straight it depends how I dry it and what products I use. I'm quite stubborn...haha I usually do get my way in the end:) I'm, oviously, obsessed with beauty and fashion, and I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I love the color coral and the idea of the beach (ocean, not a lake or pond or some fake thing like that) is amazing, I love soft white sand. My birthday is July 23rd, meaning I'm a Leo, I fit the character traits for that about perfectly. I'm myself, clothingwise, more toward the provocative side. Not like super slutty or racy, but I love wearing tank tops and short shorts and finding cute panties and things like that :) I collect pencils, since I was like, seven. I would call myself a perfectionist, I'm trying to get away from that though. I'm one of those abnormal peeps that absolutely loves school, mainly b/c my friends are there. Oh, and about my age, I'll give you a hint, I'm old enough to actually have my own YouTube and not lite about my age at least, meaning I'm at least 13+. I'm super impatient...ask anyone that's ever met me lol! I dance...embarrassingly enough, ballet, and starting this fall, lyric as well. I do an extra art class at my school, and I don't have a lot of common sense, most people say. Like who the h*** is Napoleon? Seriously, idk. And I'm straight A's :) never got lower than an A- this past year! I suck at sports and gym class, I did the mile in like ten minutes. And I failed the push up test with 1 push-up. Somehow I managed an A- in gym this year. I love my friends, and my phone is definitely one of my best ones! I despise one-letter text responses such as K, and I have a very, hmm, I guess what you would call a smart-a** response to it. I'll do that in another post. But mainly, it started out as "Potassium." Well, I have absolutely no muscle lol, and I'm probably like about 5' I'm rather short I know, my friend is 5'5" or 5'6" haha. Let's see...shoe size is a seven. Oh and I love fruity scents! I'm very, what you might say materialized, I love name-brands like Coach. What else can I favorite color is coral, to me it's very relacing. And by that I mean like Patrick Star coral. Ooh, Spongebob is my second fave show, after PLL, obviously. I text a  lot and have a endency to sneak my phone to bed with me :) and I wake up earlier than most peeps my age. I love bling, oh, and I really really want to go to Fiji someday, and also, meet Tyler Seguin, who I find rather attractive :D haha so let's see...this probs will be continued later...I'm getting bored writing about myself :/ haha

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Would You Rather: Beauty Edition 2011!

I have another YouTube tag for you, blog style! This one's sort a would you rather, beauty edition! I wasn't really tagged to do this, but it looks interesting and fun, so guess what? I'll be doing it anyway! And I tag anyone that wants to do it! There are fourteen questions. Let's get started with the tag... some of these questions look hard! Oh well.

1. Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows? I'd lose all of my palettes and eyeshadows. Even a little mascara and some sparkly pink lipgloss can make you still look pretty good. I don't wear like a ton of heavy eyeshadow everyday anyway!
2. Would you rather chop off all of your hair or never be able to cut it again? Hmmm... I'd probably chop off all my hair. At least it could grow back! If I never cut my hair again, then I'd probably have a ton of split ends and all that crap. Hair needs to be cut every once in a while to stay healthy.
3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek? I'm gonna go with pink. I feel like all shades of coral, even though coral is my favorite color (especially paired with metallic silver) I think coral is very bright. I could go with a pale pink and make my cheeks have that sweet pink glow.
4. If you had $1,000 dollars to spend, would you rather spend it on clothes or makeup? If I really did have $1,000 I'd spend some on makeup and some on clothes. But if I could pick only one? I have enough makeup and I'm happy with the makeup I have and how it looks on me! I have a ton of makeup some that I don't even use, I have enough for right now. But there are so many cute clothes out there that I wish I could buy and I'd love to spend $1,000 on clothes! It would be nice to be able to splurge on say, a BCBG.
5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick? I'm going to say, I'm gonna apply lipstick as eyeliner. Some lipsticks come in pink-brown shades I wouldn't mind wearing as an eyeliner, and lipstick probably wouldn't last that long as eyeliner anyway, so it wouldn't be that bad.
6. Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora? As much as I love the MAC counter, I like Sephora a little more. Sephora carries more than just one brand, so there would be more colors and varieties of products, I think I'd have more options.
7. Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life? Definitely lip color. I don't really look that great withany other color lips aside from a light nude lip, I think something like Nars "Turkish Delight" lipgloss would be my color. Red lips wash me out, and I don't think I'd look that great with like a dark or plum lip.
8. Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in the winter? I'd go with summer clothes in winter. I think that summer clothes are so much cuter for some reason, flowy tank tops, cute flip flops, shorts, miniskirts, summer dresses...and I don't mind the cold as much as the heat. And I could just layer, too!
9. Would you rather wear dark nails or bright nails all year round? I'd wear darks. For some reason I feel like dark nails flatter my skintone better! I especially like Essie's "Lady Godiva" and I love all the dark shades there are! I love bright nails, too, but dark is what flatters my skintone more.
10. Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product? Well, my favorite lip product would have to be one of y only lip product, my Burt's Bees Lipgloss in Sweet Pink. My favorite eye product would be my Maybelline Great Lash mascara! I'd give up my lipgloss! I have more lip products than I do eye products, and I love my mascara too much to give it up.
11. Would you rather be able to only wear your hair in a ponytail or in a messy bun? Messy bun for sure. I feel like there are so many different vaiations of the messy bun. Same with the ponytail, but I just like the messy bun look better! I don't know why, I just do! I love my messy bun!
12. Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never be able to use lipgloss again? Aha. This question asks would YOU rather never be able to paint your nails. It never says someone else can't. I'd go get a manicure! Duh! So, I'd never be able to paint my nails again.
13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? Or Sharpie them in every day? I'd Sharpie them in every day. Eyebrows make a bigger difference than most people think. I love my eyebrows, I don't know what I'd do without them! So, I need SOME eyebrows, whether they're real eyebrows or Sharpie eyebrows!
14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish? I'll go without nail polish. It doesn't have to be my nail polish. Like in question 12, I can go to a salon and use their nail poluish! But live u a world without makeup or nail polish? No nail polish. Then you wouldn't have to deal with like, chipping, and weak nails.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's My Birthday! VS Pink Panties, Ben & Jerry's, and More!

Guess what? Today is my birthday! It doesn't feel like my birthday, it feels like it should only be like, January lol. But, since it's my birthday, it also means in 366 days I get to make a Facebook! I mean technically I'm already at the age requirement, it's thirteen, but my parents said I couldn't have one until next year blahhh. I really want a Facebook. So, 366 days, because it's gonna be a leap year, which means that next February will have 29 days rather than 28.So, technically from my parents, I got my bday gift a few days ago when I went shopping, my mom paid for everything I got, and that was her birthday gift to me, and this morning, I also got a card, and a $15 iTunes giftcard, and then we went out for Chinese for lunch (my fav!) and again to the mall, although I only got three things: 2 pairs of underwear (lol) and also a free mini dog! Well actually I only paid $8.50 for everything, because, I had a coupon for one free ruched panty with PINK purchase, so I bought hipsters as my purchase, and got a free ruched front bikini and also, a free mini dog which was also free with purchase, and I think that deal was absolutely wonderful. I actually LOVE the VS Pink underwear and must say, I know they are expensive at $7.50 and up (mine were $8.50) but they are definitely worth the extra few dollars - they're super comfortable, a super low rise, and in pretty colors and patterns, and supposedly they last a really long time. Actually, I should do a whole post reviewing VS Pink panties hahaha! Mine are super cute, I got ruched front bikinis for free, these were neon pink with black polka dots, and then hipsters were pink leopard print, and on the butt it says "GET WILD" in metallic silver letters. Super cheesy yet super cute at the same time! So, aside from underwear haha, this morning for breakfast I had Ben & Jerry's ice cream - Imagine Whirled Peace. This ice cream is described as "Caramel & Sweet Ice Creams Swirled with Fudge Peace Signs & Toffee Cookie Pieces" that sounds so descriptive and yummy, and it definitely is! This one and Americone Dream, which I did a whole review on a few days ago, tie for my favorite ice cream! Sooo yummy:) I'm surprised ice cream can be that goofd lol! But it was! I took pics... my mother actually stuck a candle in my ice cream...haha. It was weird but the ice cream still tasted quite yummy. Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace ice cream is the ultimate breakfast lmao. This ice cream is kind of pricey, I know at Shaw's it's $5.77 per pint, where my mother go it it's $3.79 per pint, and I got two pints. A little more pricey than say, Friendly's or Turkey Hill or Breyer's, but this ice cream is definitely worth the few extra dollars (also like my underwear bwahaha) But seriously, you guys have to try out a Ben & Jerry's SOMETHING! I've been to the restaurant thingy at the mall and I had a smoothie, I think it was the Razzo Mango flavor, something like that? And it was absolutely delicous! I actually watched her make it, it was made using fresh fruit! Yum!:) So anyway, I had an amazing birthdayy:) I'll have to do like a vlog video lol. Okayyy, gotta go showerrr:) byebyeee! Ttfn! (like Tigger says)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Victoria's Secret PINK Mini Dog

You have to drop what you're doing and get to Victoria's Secret PINK right now, and buy something. Or at least order something online. By this coming Monday! You can get a FREE mini dog! I've always wanted a Victoria's Secret Mini Dog and I finally got one with the purchase of my tote bag the other day and it's so freakin' cute. These have super cute prints, 4 different styles - zebra, pink leopard, purple leopard, and natural leopard! All with polka dots! These dogs are like the life of meee...jk lol. But seriously, they're uber cute, and would technically be $10. But guess what? They're free with any PINK purchase. Go on the website or to a store and see for yourself. I should like collect them all lol. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINE! I have the Zebra one and will probably go back tomorrow to pick up a few pairs of panties (lmao) and I think I'll get a natural leopard dog, it's sooo cute. I love these dogs, aad Victoria's Secret Pink, if you couldn't tell. I feature Victoria's Secret PINK in most of my fashion posts on this blog lol. Sooo cute.

2 Cute Outfits for Gym Class!

Okay so I don't know about you guys, but for my school, we have to change for gym class, and I like to still look somewhat cute yet still be comfy! I've "online window shopped" to find 2 pretty and also practical outfits that are perfect to wear to gym class, or, to the gym. Or you could just wear this comfy outfit around the house!
Outfit A: This outfit would be good for those cooler days, perhaps this would be good for the winter. This outfit features a cute tee, soft sweatpants, cozy socks, and quality sneakers.
1. Victoria's Secret PINK Colorblock Athletic Tee $19.50 - This cute tee comes in pink and purple, very girly and cute! Made of cotton and polyester, this one's perf for gym class.
2. Victoria's Secret PINK Crop Yoga Pant $32.50 - Super cute yoga pants, available in six different colors. With a cute graphic "on rear"
3. Bath & Body Works Fragrance & Shea-Infused Lounge Socks $3.75 (on sale) Cool Stripe/Fresh Cotton - these socks are super warm and they smell great, which helps mask odors, plus they're sooooo so soft.
4. Reebok ZigFly $130+ - These sneakers may be a bit more pricey, but everyone that has these says they're amazing. These ones, you can even customize your own pair! The ones in the picture were designed by someone named Teresa Adkison and are $130.

Outfit 2! - This outfit is perfect for hotter days in early fall and late spring, also perf for summer!
1. Victoria's Secret PINK Stripe Tank $17.50 or 2/$26. This is a basic tank with a stripe pattern in four cute colors. Perfect for hotter summer days!
2. Victoria's Secret PINK Sexy Short $15 or 2/$20 - These shorts are available in six different colors, and they're a cute option for gym shorts.
3. These socks are the exact same as in the first outfit, but in different more summer-y colors! Still just $3.75 online!
4. Sneakers! You can use the same sneakers I showed in the first outfit, you don't need different sneakers for this outfit! I also like Nike sneakers, they're very high quality and last a long time!

Nars Lip Gloss - Turkish Delight

I've seen this lipgloss on YouTube several times and have always loved the color. Yesterday while shopping, I went to the Sephora store and to the Nars section, and saw this lip gloss in the shade "Super Orgasm" which was a pretty pink-gold. I loved that one, but I still would like to get "Turkish Delight" - this color is exactly the color I've been looking for for quite some time now. If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you know that every now and then I'll be wanting a new lipgloss, usually limited edition (MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Enchantee, MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation...). Luckily, this one is not, this one is one of the most popular shades. The color is described as "pink sherbet" and that's like exactly what it is - pink sherbet type of a color. This lipgloss is beautiful and I know that many beauty gurus on YouTube have it and love it. I'd really love to try out this lipgloss, although it is a bit pricey at $24.00, but compared to MAC, the tube is big (0.28 oz.), and the price of this compared to a MAC lipglass this size is very good. I've seen both tubes in person and I have to say both are about the same size, this one is six dollars last and in an absolutely gorgeous shade. However, this isn't exactly the safest product, it does have one paraben, propylparaben, and some other chemicals. I think I'd be willing to try it out once, but it definitely would not be something I'd use 24/7. I'd describe it as a very pretty milky pink color.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What to put in your school bag!

This video is a bit early, but I always love doing these types of posts and reading them and watching these types of videos! I'm going to be blogging about what I think every girl should keep in their school bags, aside from books/lunch/gym clothes, obvious stuff like that! I think you should all keep everything I mention in your bag, it will help you have a great year. I will definitely be keeping all of this in my bag! I did last year, and everything was definitely useful! Oh, and for those of you wondering, I'm going into my last year of middle school this year. I'll be doing more of these back-to-school type blog posts such as decorating lockers and must-have school supplies, things like that! *BONUS* At the end, I'll show you 3 of my favorite bags for back to school! These ones will be roomy and really pretty and practical! Okay, so what you should keep in your school bag...1. Cell phone - This is number one on my list fo a reason! I always have my phone with me, this is useful a lot and it's much better than paying to use a pay phone! Definite must. *Just don't get caught texting in class! Loll.
2. iPod or MP3 Player - Must-have if you ride the bus to or from school. I always listen to my iPod every time I'm on the bus, music helps relax me after a long school day!
3. Book - And not the boring textbook kind! I always have a good book in my bag, it's great to read after tests and quizzes, and for my school, having a "free reading book" is required!
4. Agenda - This will help you so much!b I live by mine! This is where I write down assignments, homework, and upcoming tests and quizzes! Because of this, I never missed a homework last year at all. This is really how I survive.
5. Pen/pencils - Because I don't feel like digging out my pencil case (which is probably in the bottom of my bag) I always keep a few in the pocket of my bag. You'd be surprised how often you need a pen or pencil, especially at the end of the yar when it comes to signing yearbooks.
6. Um, stuff for that, um, time. - No explanation needed. I think you know what I'm talking about. Put this in a cute discreet cosmetic bag. I like to use those free makeup bags I get with a Clinique purchase.
7.Reading glasses - Only if you need them! I don't, but because some people might, I decided to put this on the list!
8. Wallet or lanyard with ID and/or lunch money - This is one that doesn't need much of an explanation either! You need your lunch money for lunch, obv, and at our school, you need your ID for qyuite a few things.
9. Colgate Wisps - Optional! These are perfect for quickly brushing after lunch!
10. Camera - At our school, we can use these any time as long as it's not during class. This is absolutely perfect, you'd be surprised by how many good moments there are that you wanna capture.
11. Calculator - No explanation needed!
12. Gum - "Hey, can I have a piece of gum?" Now, you can say yes! And, perfect for chewing on the bus. I like Trident Layers.
13. Hairbrush - If your hair's looking a little messy, this is just what you need. A hairbrush is like, my go-to thing for bad hair days.
14. Makeup bag that contains...
-Blotting papers
-Mini travel sized mirror
-Lip balm
-Mini hand sanitizer (I like B&BW ones!)
-Body splash or perfume (make sure the scent isnt too strong!)

I live by all of that. Oh, and in my gym bag, I keep gym shorts, an old teeshirt or tank, sneakers, socks (I love B&BW socks!) deodorant, hairbrush, hair elastics, body splash! That's pretty much all that's in there.

Okay, now here are 3 pretty yet practical bags for school that will fit your books, plus all of the above.
1. Victoria's Secret Pink Slouchy Tote - This is actually the one I just got today. I love it - it's plenty big, and it's super cute and definitely girly.
2. Vera Bradley "Vera" - A simple tote that's plenty big and plenty pretty,and it's VB! I like the pattern "Mocha Rouge"
3. Vera Bradley "Laptop Backpack" is a plenty big backpack, and again, it's VB. I love this one. The color in the picture is "Hello Dahlia"

YouTube Video Request List!

So, I have a few videos that people have requested and I'm going to blog a bit about them. I am planning on doing these videos pretty soon. In this post, I will also talk about plans for upcoming videos...1. So I've gotten quite a few requests to do an updated What's In My Bag? video. I've actually done two of these videos so far and I actually do plan on doing one of these soon, I personally love watching these kind of videos. They're like my favorite! I actually just switched over to a Vera Bradley tote, it's actually the one I used for school last year, because I just got a new one for school this year. So, I made last year's a purse, if that makes sense? Lol. Some of the things have stayed the same since my last one, some have changed. But I will definitely try to be doing this video as soon as possible! Look out for this soon!
2. I got a request from someone to do a video showing how to treat your feet and take care of them and make them look good for summer! I may actually do a video like "How to Get Smooth Sexy Summer Legs and Feet" or something along those lines, personally I love watching those kinds of videos as well, because smooth legs are what I absolutely love for summer! I hope to get this one up soon! Prob will film that this weekend! Sounds like a fun video :)

That's pretty much all the requests I've gotten so far, but I am planning a few other videos I'd like to do, aside from the ones above, obviously. I'd like to get in a room tour, an updated makeup collection, a few reviews, comparisons between my Clinique eyeliners, shoe collection, just fun videos like that. If anyone reading this has any more requests, please leave them in a comment below, you can leave a comment on my channel, or you can post a comment on a video! My YouTube is - Please check it out and subscribe :)

Everyday Makeup Routine!

Basically this is just gonna be a simple post, but this is pretty much my veryday makeup routine! This is what I do everyday pretty much! Enjoy :)

Okay, so first, I do my eyeshadow, I used to use Clinique Eyeshadow Duo in "Like Mink" the lighter beige color right from lashline all the way up to browbone, the darker chocolate-y color all over the lid, then blended together simply using a defining eye brush, oddly enough. Now, I use Clinique Eyeshadow Duo in "Strawberry Fudge" same process, the pink from lashline to browbone, the chocolate color on my lid. Then, I just use Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Coffee just on my waterline, only from the outer corner in about halfway. Next, I curl my lashes using an eyelash curler I got as a gift, then finish my eye look with Maybelline Great Lash mascara.

For cheeks, I just use a blush brush to dust Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Peony just on my apples, then I use the same brush and dust Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunkissed on my cheekbones.

To finish the look, I just use Burt's Bees Super Glossy Natural Lip Shine in Sweet Pink - I love this gloss, it's super moisturizing and 100% natural!

My birthday plans!

I really don't know why I'm writing about this, lol, I don't know why any of you would want to know what I'm planning on doing for my birthday, but, whatever. So, today I went shopping with my mother and sister for my birthday, my sister actually bought more than me, lol. But I'm planning on filming a haul video as soon as my camera is done exporting all the videos on it to the computer, because otherwise I have no space to film. So it's doing that as I type, then I will be filming a shopping haul, maybe I'll do a birthday haul later. But anyway, I only got like 3 things, plus 6 pair of panties which I might not show in the video lol. Idk, maybe hahaha, and then a free gift with purchase thing that I totally completely love! So then I'm planning on going to this jewelry store either tomorrow or Saturday, I think it's just local so I won't put the name here but basically it's just like Forever21 jewelry except there's a ton more selections, and it's sorted by color, which sounds so cool. And then on Saturday, I'm gonna have my Ben & Jerry's ice cream, which I wrote about in the previous post, then I'll prob celebrate a bit w my grandparents next week when I see them, then I decided that before school starts I wanna get a manicure with my mother at my favorite nail salon ever! So, that's pretty much my birthday plans lol... I hope to film and get a video out todayy! And I'll have to do a review on a store I went to, it's like my new fave haha and I've blogged about it before but never actually bought anything from it? Well now I have and I love it. Okay, that's all for this, ttfn!

FOOD Review: Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Ice Cream!

So, as I've mentioned before, my birthday is this coming Saturday, July twenty-third. Instead of cake or cupcakes or donuts or something like that, I decided I want Ben & Jerry's ice cream, because one of my fruiends told me about it and how good it was, so I just had to try it. Not only that, but the description sounds amazing.His favorites are Imagine Whirled Peace and Americone Dream, I actually got two thingies of Imagine Whirled Peace for my birthday, but I got one of those little mini thingies in Americone Dream to try. It was amazing, it's like, a new era of ice cream, seriously. Americone Dream is officialy described by Ben & Jerry's as "Vanilla Ice Cream with a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Waffle Cone Pieces." And it was exactly that! It tasted even better than it sounds, which is pretty impossible. This is definitely my all-time favorite ice cream, it's so good! The caramel swirl is amazing, and of course the fudge-covered waffle cone pieces, which would be absolutely delicious even on their own! This ice cream is definitely a yummy summer treat :) And of course I had to take pictures of the container!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert

This is one of my new favorite songs, and I wanted to share it with you guys! I know this came out quite a while ago but I just recently discovered it and wanted to share with you the lyrics and audio! Enjoy :)

I ain’t the kind you take home to mama
I ain’t the kind to wear no ring
Somehow I always get stronger
When I’m on my second drink

Even though I hate to admit it
Sometimes I smoke cigarettes
Christian folks say I should quit it
I just smile and say “God bless”

‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine

Daddy cried when he saw my tattoo
Said he’d love me anyway
My brother got the brains of the family
So I thought I’d learn to sing

‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine

I’ll fly away
From it all one day
I’ll fly away

These are the days that I will remember
When my name’s called on the roll
He’ll meet me with two long-stemmed glasses
Make a toast to me coming home

‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine

Oh, yes He would

My Birthday Wishlist

So, my birthday is in six days, on July twenty-third! Which means, I made a birthday wishlist. There are only a few things on here, compared to other lists haha, but I'll show you all of them and why I want them, etc. And then of course, if I were to gt just like, money, that would go into my Tiffany charm bracelet fund. Because if you've been keeping up with my blog, I'm sure you know that I really would like to buy a Tiffany Heart Tag charm bracelet, which is currently at $245, and there's probably luxury tax and so forth, and I don't even have half of $245. But anyway, let's get right to my birthday wishlist :)

1. Twisted by Sara Shepard. Now technically I already got this, but yes, it was an early birthday present from my parents, and I got it the day after it came out on July sixth.I actually just finished it last night and it definitely leaves me wanting more! Luckily, there's a new book coming in December. This, as you probably already know, is the ninth book in the Pretty Little Liars series, which just happens to be my absolute favorite. The TV shoe is also amazing!

2.Victoria's Secret Pink Backpack, in "Electric Pink Dots." This backpack is in a super pretty color with my favorite pattern, polka dots, its the perfect size at 11 3/4"L x 5 1/2"W x 17 1/4"H, and it would just be plain nice to have a backpack for a change, rather than a messenger bag or tote bag, which doesn't distribute weight evenly and can cause shoulder pain! This one is really very cute, one of the cutest backpacks I've ever seen, and is definitely affordable at $39.50. In the picture, it's the pink one.
3. Victoria's Secret Pink Scoopneck Favorite Tee - I've always wanted a shirt from here, and I finally found one, and I can finally probably fit into it lol. This one is really pretty and pink - well, it's white, with pretty pink and black lettering. From the model on the website, it looks like I'd really like the fit, too! This would be great for back-to-school!
4. MAC Eyeshadow "Bronze" - I've been searching for a perfect bronze shade, and I finally found one I think I'll like. This bronze shade is called "Bronze" Aside from being a beautiful color o wear on the lid or in the crease, I'd be so excited to finally get something from MAC. I've heard great things about this color and seen amazing pictures! It is a Frost, and one of MAC's online bestsellers!

5. Pantene Straighten and Smooth Creme - Everyone always says my hair is so soft, but actually, I put a ton of heat on it between my blowdryer and flatiron! This product will make my hair even softer and smoother, as well asprevent frizz from too much heat! Definitely a hair must-have :)

Can you tell I'm a girly-girl? Hahaha.

Just a pictureee!

I know this is random, but I'm like running out of ideas for blogging :/ blahhh...I wanted to share this picture with you though...This past year has been the best year of my life so far.Seriously, I've met so many friends this year and had the most amazing teachers:) I've had like the best time since this past September through June! Like I said, so many friends and memories, I love this yearr and would go back to September if I could. I actually looked forward to school every day haha, it's where I saw my friends. I've learned a lot this year, especially in math, btw, my math teacher is the best! And science. And geography. And English. And French. Pretty much all my teachers, I absolutely love them. Like seriously. I met my goals, I got straight A's the whole year through, progress reports on everything. The worst I got was 79 on a final exam, but luckily it was scaled and I got a 94. This year has been the BEST FREAKIN YEAR OF MY LIFE and I really wanna go backto the beginning and start over. Iloveitsofreakinmuch. Oh, and the picture above was taken in the hallway on the last day of school, I'm the one whose hand is on th bottom in the orange nail polish :) I'm also the one holding the camera case.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Check out this Zits comic strip!

This would be the comic strip Zits. This one is from March 11, 2008. Why so far back? I actually just recently saw this. My mother does Zumba, and I saw this hanging there, so I googled it. Ha! This one's pretty good! Lmao, look at Connie's boobs though, the way they're moving! I find that hilarious, and agree with Jeremy: I wouold want to get that image out of my mind too. I just thought I'd share this randomness with you lollll....I love Zits. Best comic strip in the world<3

IF I DIE YOUNG? This is what you do.

I've found myself having these conversations quite a bit with my friend Annie. If I die young, I have 3 plans, a plan a, plan b, and plan c. Basically I'm just gonna go over the plans w you. And no, I'm not suicidal or depressed, so don't even think of asking. We just discuss these random things for fun:) But seriously, wouldn't you want this to happen to you if you were to die young? I would.
Plan A: So, there's this company, LifeGem. and basically, once you're dead, you take as little as a lock of hair or ashes and send it to the company, and they create a man made diamond, and YES, it's real. So if I die young, then send the entire me to the LifeGem company and have them make as many diamonds out of me as possible. Then, send all the diamond mes to Tiffany & Co. and have them put all the diamond mes onto Tiffany charms, onto a Tiffany charm bracelet...I was thinking, rose gold? Something unique for sure. And make sure after they make the charm bracelets and charms, they would never be allowed to make the same bracelets again, ever. So then, take all the bracelets, ship them to my mother, who will give them out to every single person in my family, and all my friends and their families, and I don't care if they're boys. They will war me on a bracelet with pride, and they had better not lose the bracelet, or I will personally send some demon to go kill them. Hahaha jkjk.

Plan B: This one's simple. It's exactly like the song "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry... "If I die young, bury me in satin, [preferably bright coral OR a pretty turquoise] lay me down in a bed of [red] roses, sink me in the river [one in Fiji, preferably] at dawn, and send me away with the words of a love song [by Taylor Swift, maybe?]" But this had better not be a cheesy event if it were to happen. Oh, and I'd have to hire someone to make sure that no sharks ate the bed of roses.

Plan C: This is a blah plan, and I'm really hoping for Plan A or B, but I suppose this one is still better than the typical funeral. So, I'll make my funeral a party! Not a "Yeay she's dead, let's all celebrate!" kind of thing, but still some kind of party. There would be dancing, karaoke, a DJ, everyone would not be allowed to wear any black whatsoever, and of course, there would have to be all my friends. Actually, just invite my whole grade, their families, all of my family, my teachers (because they're the best ever:) pretty much everyone.For food, red velvet cake by Buddy Valastro, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. For entrees, hot food cooked by Emeril Lagasse andBobby Flay and people like that. Yummm! For drinks, Mountain Dew, Dairy Queen Caramel Lattes, and other various sodas. Yummm! Oh, and there would be a dance floor. This would probably take place at some fancy country club late at night hehehe.  And a disco ball for sure. And a soft plush rug somewhere, and a fountain, and a chocolate fountain, and a swimming pool (indoor with pretty lights) and oh, Lady Antebellum would have to perform. Oh yes.

I still prefer Plan A the most.

Book Review: Twisted by Sara Shepard ♥

I'm sure you've heard, on July 5, 2011, Sara Shepard released the ninth book of Pretty Little Liars, which is oh-so-exciting, especially for die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans like me! This ninth book is by far the best one yet, although I say that after every PLL book I read :) They just keep getting better and better! This one takes place one year after the events in Wanted, the eighth book, when Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, are all seniors in high school. Fortunately, I was able to get this book as an early birthday gift the day after it came out, and I'm almost done, I have just two or so chapters left! Luckily, there is a tenth book, Ruthless, but that does not come out until December 6th. That will definitely be on my Christmas list. But anyway, this book is so juicy and good, if you haven't caught on by now hahaha. But seriously, drop everything and go buy this book. Amazing! I'm really bad at describing plots, so I'm gonna let Wikipedia do the talking! And yes, what Wikipedia says, in this case, is absolutely correct, I read through it, and I read the book. So, here it is, copied and pasted directly from Wikipedia! WARNING: There will be spoilers. "The book begins with the girls vacationing in Jamaica and Emily seeing a girl who she believes is Ali. Throughout the rest of the book, details about that fateful vacation emerge. Foggy memories are explained and the girls were attacked by "Ali" (Tabiatha Clark) on top of the hotel in Jamaica and so in an attept to save Hanna Aria shoved "Ali" (Tabitha) off the edge of the building. A year later, Noel, Aria's boyfriend, has an exchange student come to live with him. Instead of being the nerdy boy, Klaudius, that Noel expected, the exchange student turns out to be a gorgeous blonde, Klaudia who Aria believes is attempting to steal Noel. She decieds that she is over reacting and attempts to befriend her. Klaudia explains her horrible attempts to steal Noel and after attacking Aria on the ride up to the hill she was going skiing on, Aria ends up shoving Klaudia, who then slips off the ski lift, breaking her ankle. By that point, Aria and Noel's relationship is shakey and uncertain. Meanwhile, Emily meets a new girl, Chloe, who moves into the Cavanaugh's old house. They immediately become good friends, bonding over Chloe's baby sister, Grace. Eventually, Emily reveals that she had a baby girl over the summer because of her fling with Isaac. After having the baby in Philadelphia (her parents have no knowledge of her pregnancy, but her older sister does), she quit swimming because she wasn't physically or emotionally up to it. Emily has now given up hope of getting a scholarship, her only option for college. Chloe's dad offers to help but also hits on Emily. Chloe walks in on her dad kissing Emily but thinks that it's Emily who is wrecking her family (her father had previously been cheating). Emily didn't tell Chloe (because Chloe has a drinking problem and drinks when she said...and drinks, and drinks, and drinks) making Chloe hate her. The girls start to get messages from a new A, and believe it's Ali and that she somehow survived the fall from the building. Hanna's dad runs for senator of Pennsylvania. Patrick, somebody who's helping out at the set, offers Hanna a modeling job, but he takes some naughty pictures and threatens her with them, saying he will release them to the public and ruin her dads' chances of becoming senator, unless she gives him $10,000. Hanna steals money from her dad and frames Jeremiah, a mean man who is her dad's assistant. Spencer's mom has begun to date Nicolas Pennythistle, the father of snotty Amelia and her brother Zach, in whom Spencer develops a romantic interest. When they go out dancing, she kisses him, only to find out Zach is gay. When the Hastings and Pennythistles travel to New York together, they go out to dinner and Mrs. Hastings and Mr.Pennythistle announce their engagement. Spencer and Zach drunkenly fall asleep in the same bed. During the night, Spencer had kicked off her skirt because she was hot, leaving her in her blouse and underwear. The next morning Mr. Pennythistle wakes Zach by entering the room. Their indecent clothing and close proximity leads Mr. Pennythistle to believe that they had slept together and acts violent towards Zach. Spencer tells him that Zach didn't touch her and that he's gay, hoping to stop Zach's father and her soon to be step father from pounding on his son, but Mr. Pennythistle becomes furious and sends Zach to military school. Zach and Spencer's friendship ends, Zach leaving Spencer with the words "Rot in hell, bitch". Also the book tells that Spencer has a hidden secret that she clawed her way to the top to get accepted into her dream colledge Princeton. It doesn't give any details but it involves a past friend from before Spancer and Ali were friends.In the end of the book, the news turns on and a teenage girl's dead body was found floating in the water in Jamaica. They identify this girl as Tabitha Clark from New Jersey. The cops believe her death was a tragic accident- not a murder. The girls realize they killed an innocent girl." So there's the plot! It's impossibly interesting and I reccomend this book, def, for sure, my new fav! I'm so sad that I'm done with it!

What I Love About YOU! (A YouTube tag, blog style)

There's a tag on YouTube called "What I Love About YOU!" There are seventeen questions in this tag, and it's basically some of your favorite people on YouTube! This seems like a fun tag, and missglamorazzi tagged everyone, so I decided to do it blog style! I tag whoever wants to do this! Go subscribe to everyone I mention :)

1. Who would you trade hair with on YouTube?
Easy. aka Ingrid - her hair is so long and healthy and smooth and shiny and it's such a pretty color!
2. Who is someone whose videos are a "first watch?" aka Savannah - she's an amazing singer :)
3. Who has amazing style to you?
Easy... aka Bethany! She always wears the prettiest clothes and has amazing makeup and hair! Plus, she has a pretty awesome bedroom!
4. A favorite guru who lives in a different country than you!
This would be aka Fleur. I love her videos!
5. Who is someone you feel like you can rely on?
Hmmm... aka Sam and Lexie... Sam's one of my bffs in real life:)
6. Who do you think has great confidence? aka Megan & Liz! They sing so confidently!
7. If you could be best friends with someone on YouTube, who would it be?
I have to say, aka Elle - Yes she's older than me, but if we were the same age we could so be bffs :)
8. Who has the cutest username? aka Liz has a super cute username, and does super cute nail tutorials too!
9. Who is the most down to earth? aka Erin is really nice and down to earth!
10. Who would you love to go shopping with?
I'd love to go shopping with everyone! But if I had to pick one, aka Jenny has really cute clothes.
11. Who is someone you have watched "from the beginning?"
I feel like the answer would have to be aka Vanessa I've watched her videos for a while, even before I made my YouTube!
12. Who do you relate to/is most similar to you?
Well, they closed their account, but aka Annie is one of my best friendssss!
13. Who has the prettiest smile?
Hmmm....probably aka Kandee - her teeth are so white!
14. Who has the prettiest room?
this one's tough...probably aka Allie - her room is amazing!
15. Who would you want as a big sister? aka Lora, she's so nice!
16. Who do you always learn something from? aka Michelle always knows the best tips and tricks!
17. Who makes the most creative videos?
Easy! Caitlin or - she has amazing video ideas!

BCBG MaxAzria Cocktail Dresses ♥

I have been loving BCBG MaxAzria cocktail dresses. No, I don't own one haha, they're quite expensive, but they're very pretty and I wanted to share some with you!:) They're absolutely stunning! The link to all cocktail dresses from BCBG is Check out the dresses on sale here...

1. Palais One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress with Twist Detail $248.00

2. Metal Taffeta Cocktail Dress $368.00
The color of this one is very pretty as well, I love the neckline, and it looks like it has a cool texture :)

3. Jaquier Tiered-Tulle Dress $348.00

4. Elba Draped-Tulle Sequin Dress $196.80 (on sale)

5. Quinby One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress with Floral Applique $238.80 (on sale)
I've been eyeing this one for a while now! I love the detailing and the way it moves!

Cutout Tops - Perfect for summer!

It's July sixteenth, and it feels like this summer is flying by! So so so fast! But there's still another month left, and I think I found the perfect trend to wear this August! Although still very very hot outside, it is gradually getting cooler, and these will be perfect for cooler August days, or even will work as a cover up at the beach! They would be... CUTOUT TOPS! There are several different styles, but in this post, I will show you two of them and explain why I like them and why I think they'd be perfect! The ones I chose are a bit on the expensive side, but may be worth it! I'm sure you could easily find one much more affordable if you checked out Target, maybe? Anyway, here we go...

1. Victoria's Secret
When I do fashion videos like these, I find myself showing you products from Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret PINk quite a bit! They're clothes look so cute and so comfy! Like this cutout top, which comes in six different colors! These colors would work well for back-to-school too. This top is a bit pricey, on sale for $34.50, but it is definitely very cute and perfect if you wanna show some shoulder without being too obvious. This, in white, would be super cute as a cover up for the beach also! Definitely a cute option for a cut-out top, if you're looking for a simple and basic, solidcolored one.

2. Charlotte Russe
this cute top is definitely unique. From the front, this looks like any normal tee, but when you turn around, ta-da! Cute cut-outs! This one has a really girly design in super girly colors, and is $18.99. it's definitely bold and bright, with gold sequins on the front. This one is definitely very very summer-y, but would be good to wear in Sepetember as well. And, perfect for next spring! This one comes in only one color, but is still very pretty! Check out the small picture in the corner for a view of the back :)

The best EZRIA moment of Season 2! (So far)

Remember a few weeks back, I blogged about Spoby? Well, now I'm blogging about Ezria, another one of my favorite Pretty Little Liars couples (Haleb is an other fav) but instead of 3 moments, I'm only going to do one, because let's be honest, this second season, there really haven't been too many great Ezria moments, mainly because of that b**** Jackie. But there have been a few, and I'm gonna talk about the best one so far, at least in my opinion. So, in the second episode of the second season, titled, "The Goodbye Look," it is Ezra's last day teaching at the high school. So, Ezra makes a speech about leaving and thanks the class and says bye, then, after everyone has left, Ezra is packing his car, getting ready to leave. Aria then runs back to his room, thinking he's still in there (which he's not) and then looks out the window to see him at his car. So, she runs out of the building, sees Ezra, who gives her a long kiss. It doesn't seem as good as it is, you have to watch it or have seen it to know what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, the song "Please Don't Leave Quite Yet" by Adam Agin plays in the backround, which is a really pretty song:) This is the only video I could find from the Blogger search, but there is a better HD version of the full scene at
 Keep in mind the scene below was probably edited by whoever uploaded this! But basically, this is the kiss<3

I'm backkk :)

I know the last time I wrote on this blog was July 3rd, that's 13 days ago! I definitely have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to blogging, and also, YouTube. I know I had said before that because it was summer, I would be able to log on to my blog and YouTube more, but that is definitely not the case. I have been extremely busy lately, I don't exactly know how, but I just never found a time to log on to this blog or YouTube, or even my Twitter, which  do update every once in a while from my phone via text. Let's see what's happened in the past few weeks... well, let's see, there's a really long story from this past week, which I'm not gonna explain on this blog, I went on vacation one week, I've been catching up on all the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars, I've been reading, alot, mainly the new book in the PLL series, Twisted, which is the best book by far, and oh, yes, summer reading, which is required and it absolutely sucks. Yesterday was my sister's birthday, which means a huge party with a ton of seven year olds. And of course I had to warch the new Spongebob special :) And I saw Mr. Popper's Penguins, which was a really good movie, maybe I'll do a movie review on this blog! Oh, and I really have to see the Winnie the Pooh movie! My birthday is actually just one week from today, and I'm still not sure what I'll do for that...I was thinking lunch w a friend then shopping after! Another vacay in a few weeks too, this summer is an extrememly busy one for me, and I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long! I'm back now though, and will be catching up, or trying to, at least, hahaha, so keep checking back on this blog for new posts to read! My next one will probably be a fashion one, I was thinking, cutout tops? I've seen a lot lately and they all look so cute! And then, maybge some about some iPod touch/iPhone apps? Let me know what you want to see on this blog! And also on YouTube, no, I did not forget about my 1 year anniversary, I remembered two days ago, and was actually cunting down since about a week ago! Okay, as Tigger says (I think, it's been a loooonnnnggg time) but, TTFN! ♥

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2 Cute Little White Dresses!

Okay, today's post will be about fashion again - little white dresses! These are becoming more and more popular! Little white dresses are so cute and summery and perfect for summer, and perfect for the fourth of July with red and blue jewelry. I've found two super cute LWDs, one perfect for if you want to splurge a little more, and another,l which is a little more affordable! The first one is from Abercrombie & Fitch, and is definitely a super cute option!

Okay, so this is a supersoft cotton dress with a sweetheart neckline, with scalloped lace detailing and pretty floral embellishments on the waist. This is a definite must for any summer wardrobe, and would look even better paired with bright jewelry. Or maybe, leather jewelry? Either way, this is absolutely adorable! So feminine, soft, pretty, and casual! Online, this dress is $78, and there are other LWDs from Abercrombie & Fitch as well.

The second option is a more afforable one, from Forever 21. This one is only $22.80.  
This style of LWD is definitely unique - it has a pale grey floral pattern across it, and ruffles on top give it the perfect girly touch. Super cute and definitely perfect for Fourth of July (I know this post is kindof late, as the 4th is tmrw, sorry lol) but this would definitely by a cute last-minute option that would look like you spent hours working on your outfit, if paired with red and blue jewelry...

***BONUS*** Statement Jewelry! I'm going to show you three pieces of jewelry that are super cute and perfect to wear with an LWD!

2. Okay, check out this amazuing necklace from Forever 21. This one is, really big haha! It's available in two other colors as well, but I think the black would go best with the white of the dress! This is only $7.80!  
3. This cool ring from Forever 21! This does not make as mjuch of a statement, but I thought it would be perfect for tmrw :) Only $3.80 at F21!

Okay, that's it! So let me know if you guys like these fashion posts, and don't be afraid to request any type of blog post! :) Have a happy (and safe) Fourth of July! xoxoxo ♥

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tyler Seguin #19

This blog post will be different than my normal posts, because this one is, surprisingly, about SPORTS. To be specific, ice hockey. The Boston Bruins. Tyler Seguin! Why this will be diffrent...I usually hate sports and never talk about them, but this is different. So, why am I talking about Tyler Seguin? You could say he's my new... "celebrity" crsuh. Ha. But he's just so cute and he has amazing biceps and great abs - better than Taylor Lautner's! Tyler Seguin is number nineteen in the Boston Bruins and he plays forward. And, he's only nineteen years old. So, to be honest, I've never exactly seen a Bruins game - hahaha. But at those game thingies where they one the Stanley Cup, he made three goals. Go Tyler! He is, in one word, sexy. Ha. But seriously, he has amazing brown hair and eyes...giggle. Yes, he's hotter than Justin Bieber lol. Tyler is amazing :) he's really cute...have I mentioned that already? Lol. Well, here's Tyler's profile thingy on the official NHL website... and if you're thinking he's not cute, well, HE'S CUTE! I SWEAR! LET ME FIND A BETTER PICTURE! Lmao. Well, here's a better picture:
I have to admit, this is actually the wallpaper on my computer. And my phone hahaha. This picture isn't the greatest either. I have one pic of him with his biceps and abs...giggle that one's not on my computer though so blah. But here's Tyler, looking all cute:) Hehehe.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Unusual Food Combo #1: Seasoned Fries and Homemade Whipped Cream

I don't really feel like talking about food right now, because it's 6:07, and I just finished dinner. And I'm so full. I feel unhealthy lol. For lunch I had a Sprite, and McDonald's, and for dinner, I had two slices of four-cheese pizza, seasoned fries, sparkling pink lemonade (YUM!) and then for dessert, an I've cream sandwich, and of course, seasoned fries, dipped in homemade whipped cream. First off let me just say, the fries/whipped cream combo isn't nearly as bad as you'd think. And, it's way filling. I only had like ten or so fries and they completely filled me. I had just seasoned fried from some store-brand in this bag, just called "Seasoned Fries" then I just had this homemade whipped cream my mother made earlier. I think it was like heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and sugar? Something like that. But when you put seasoned fries, slightly spicy yet oh so delicious, with homemade whipped cream, sweet creamy goodness, you get a food-lover's heaven. It is absolutely delicious! It tastes like a mix if both, so it's sweet and spicy at the same time. Because the fries and the whipped cream are like total opposites, right? You have heavy, greasy, spicy French fries, with light, fluffy, sweet, creamy whipped cream. Oh so amazing! You have to try it out! And then you have to post a comment telling me how you liked it! I absolutely love that combo! It's so good! Of course, you don't have to use homemade whipped cream, you could just get some ReddiWhip or CoolWhip or whatever, but I personally prefer homemade, because it tastes the best. This combo? It's amazing and totally worth it. ♥