Saturday, July 30, 2011

More About MOI

Okay, so I'm almost at my 200th post and I realized, I never told you anything about me, really? I blog about the things I like, and sometimes things I don't like, but aside from likes and dislikes, what can I tell you guys without sharing anything personal, or showing my face? Well let's see. Obviously, if you watch my YouTube videos, you know, my hair is black haha that one's a dead giveaway.Eye color, it starts with a b! (Blue, brown...along those lines :) and this September 2011 I'm going into my last year of middle school. I'm a procrastinator, if you remember from my early blog posts. Definitely a procrastinator, I'm putting off my summer reading right now, actually. I'm supposed to be reading this book about slaves and spies on the British for some war idk it sounds boring in my opinion. Hmmm...I have three sisters (you already may know that) one of them is peaceypenguin on YouTube, she goes by Joy though as she as well cannot give out a real name. Our real names, all four of us, they all start with the same letter though. Let's see... I live in the US, east of let's say, the Rockies. Actually, east of the Mississippi River. What else can I tell hair is naturally wavy/straight it depends how I dry it and what products I use. I'm quite stubborn...haha I usually do get my way in the end:) I'm, oviously, obsessed with beauty and fashion, and I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I love the color coral and the idea of the beach (ocean, not a lake or pond or some fake thing like that) is amazing, I love soft white sand. My birthday is July 23rd, meaning I'm a Leo, I fit the character traits for that about perfectly. I'm myself, clothingwise, more toward the provocative side. Not like super slutty or racy, but I love wearing tank tops and short shorts and finding cute panties and things like that :) I collect pencils, since I was like, seven. I would call myself a perfectionist, I'm trying to get away from that though. I'm one of those abnormal peeps that absolutely loves school, mainly b/c my friends are there. Oh, and about my age, I'll give you a hint, I'm old enough to actually have my own YouTube and not lite about my age at least, meaning I'm at least 13+. I'm super impatient...ask anyone that's ever met me lol! I dance...embarrassingly enough, ballet, and starting this fall, lyric as well. I do an extra art class at my school, and I don't have a lot of common sense, most people say. Like who the h*** is Napoleon? Seriously, idk. And I'm straight A's :) never got lower than an A- this past year! I suck at sports and gym class, I did the mile in like ten minutes. And I failed the push up test with 1 push-up. Somehow I managed an A- in gym this year. I love my friends, and my phone is definitely one of my best ones! I despise one-letter text responses such as K, and I have a very, hmm, I guess what you would call a smart-a** response to it. I'll do that in another post. But mainly, it started out as "Potassium." Well, I have absolutely no muscle lol, and I'm probably like about 5' I'm rather short I know, my friend is 5'5" or 5'6" haha. Let's see...shoe size is a seven. Oh and I love fruity scents! I'm very, what you might say materialized, I love name-brands like Coach. What else can I favorite color is coral, to me it's very relacing. And by that I mean like Patrick Star coral. Ooh, Spongebob is my second fave show, after PLL, obviously. I text a  lot and have a endency to sneak my phone to bed with me :) and I wake up earlier than most peeps my age. I love bling, oh, and I really really want to go to Fiji someday, and also, meet Tyler Seguin, who I find rather attractive :D haha so let's see...this probs will be continued later...I'm getting bored writing about myself :/ haha

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