Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's My Birthday! VS Pink Panties, Ben & Jerry's, and More!

Guess what? Today is my birthday! It doesn't feel like my birthday, it feels like it should only be like, January lol. But, since it's my birthday, it also means in 366 days I get to make a Facebook! I mean technically I'm already at the age requirement, it's thirteen, but my parents said I couldn't have one until next year blahhh. I really want a Facebook. So, 366 days, because it's gonna be a leap year, which means that next February will have 29 days rather than 28.So, technically from my parents, I got my bday gift a few days ago when I went shopping, my mom paid for everything I got, and that was her birthday gift to me, and this morning, I also got a card, and a $15 iTunes giftcard, and then we went out for Chinese for lunch (my fav!) and again to the mall, although I only got three things: 2 pairs of underwear (lol) and also a free mini dog! Well actually I only paid $8.50 for everything, because, I had a coupon for one free ruched panty with PINK purchase, so I bought hipsters as my purchase, and got a free ruched front bikini and also, a free mini dog which was also free with purchase, and I think that deal was absolutely wonderful. I actually LOVE the VS Pink underwear and must say, I know they are expensive at $7.50 and up (mine were $8.50) but they are definitely worth the extra few dollars - they're super comfortable, a super low rise, and in pretty colors and patterns, and supposedly they last a really long time. Actually, I should do a whole post reviewing VS Pink panties hahaha! Mine are super cute, I got ruched front bikinis for free, these were neon pink with black polka dots, and then hipsters were pink leopard print, and on the butt it says "GET WILD" in metallic silver letters. Super cheesy yet super cute at the same time! So, aside from underwear haha, this morning for breakfast I had Ben & Jerry's ice cream - Imagine Whirled Peace. This ice cream is described as "Caramel & Sweet Ice Creams Swirled with Fudge Peace Signs & Toffee Cookie Pieces" that sounds so descriptive and yummy, and it definitely is! This one and Americone Dream, which I did a whole review on a few days ago, tie for my favorite ice cream! Sooo yummy:) I'm surprised ice cream can be that goofd lol! But it was! I took pics... my mother actually stuck a candle in my ice cream...haha. It was weird but the ice cream still tasted quite yummy. Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace ice cream is the ultimate breakfast lmao. This ice cream is kind of pricey, I know at Shaw's it's $5.77 per pint, where my mother go it it's $3.79 per pint, and I got two pints. A little more pricey than say, Friendly's or Turkey Hill or Breyer's, but this ice cream is definitely worth the few extra dollars (also like my underwear bwahaha) But seriously, you guys have to try out a Ben & Jerry's SOMETHING! I've been to the restaurant thingy at the mall and I had a smoothie, I think it was the Razzo Mango flavor, something like that? And it was absolutely delicous! I actually watched her make it, it was made using fresh fruit! Yum!:) So anyway, I had an amazing birthdayy:) I'll have to do like a vlog video lol. Okayyy, gotta go showerrr:) byebyeee! Ttfn! (like Tigger says)

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