Thursday, July 21, 2011

YouTube Video Request List!

So, I have a few videos that people have requested and I'm going to blog a bit about them. I am planning on doing these videos pretty soon. In this post, I will also talk about plans for upcoming videos...1. So I've gotten quite a few requests to do an updated What's In My Bag? video. I've actually done two of these videos so far and I actually do plan on doing one of these soon, I personally love watching these kind of videos. They're like my favorite! I actually just switched over to a Vera Bradley tote, it's actually the one I used for school last year, because I just got a new one for school this year. So, I made last year's a purse, if that makes sense? Lol. Some of the things have stayed the same since my last one, some have changed. But I will definitely try to be doing this video as soon as possible! Look out for this soon!
2. I got a request from someone to do a video showing how to treat your feet and take care of them and make them look good for summer! I may actually do a video like "How to Get Smooth Sexy Summer Legs and Feet" or something along those lines, personally I love watching those kinds of videos as well, because smooth legs are what I absolutely love for summer! I hope to get this one up soon! Prob will film that this weekend! Sounds like a fun video :)

That's pretty much all the requests I've gotten so far, but I am planning a few other videos I'd like to do, aside from the ones above, obviously. I'd like to get in a room tour, an updated makeup collection, a few reviews, comparisons between my Clinique eyeliners, shoe collection, just fun videos like that. If anyone reading this has any more requests, please leave them in a comment below, you can leave a comment on my channel, or you can post a comment on a video! My YouTube is - Please check it out and subscribe :)

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