Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tyler Seguin #19

This blog post will be different than my normal posts, because this one is, surprisingly, about SPORTS. To be specific, ice hockey. The Boston Bruins. Tyler Seguin! Why this will be diffrent...I usually hate sports and never talk about them, but this is different. So, why am I talking about Tyler Seguin? You could say he's my new... "celebrity" crsuh. Ha. But he's just so cute and he has amazing biceps and great abs - better than Taylor Lautner's! Tyler Seguin is number nineteen in the Boston Bruins and he plays forward. And, he's only nineteen years old. So, to be honest, I've never exactly seen a Bruins game - hahaha. But at those game thingies where they one the Stanley Cup, he made three goals. Go Tyler! He is, in one word, sexy. Ha. But seriously, he has amazing brown hair and eyes...giggle. Yes, he's hotter than Justin Bieber lol. Tyler is amazing :) he's really cute...have I mentioned that already? Lol. Well, here's Tyler's profile thingy on the official NHL website... and if you're thinking he's not cute, well, HE'S CUTE! I SWEAR! LET ME FIND A BETTER PICTURE! Lmao. Well, here's a better picture:
I have to admit, this is actually the wallpaper on my computer. And my phone hahaha. This picture isn't the greatest either. I have one pic of him with his biceps and abs...giggle that one's not on my computer though so blah. But here's Tyler, looking all cute:) Hehehe.

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