Saturday, July 16, 2011

The best EZRIA moment of Season 2! (So far)

Remember a few weeks back, I blogged about Spoby? Well, now I'm blogging about Ezria, another one of my favorite Pretty Little Liars couples (Haleb is an other fav) but instead of 3 moments, I'm only going to do one, because let's be honest, this second season, there really haven't been too many great Ezria moments, mainly because of that b**** Jackie. But there have been a few, and I'm gonna talk about the best one so far, at least in my opinion. So, in the second episode of the second season, titled, "The Goodbye Look," it is Ezra's last day teaching at the high school. So, Ezra makes a speech about leaving and thanks the class and says bye, then, after everyone has left, Ezra is packing his car, getting ready to leave. Aria then runs back to his room, thinking he's still in there (which he's not) and then looks out the window to see him at his car. So, she runs out of the building, sees Ezra, who gives her a long kiss. It doesn't seem as good as it is, you have to watch it or have seen it to know what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, the song "Please Don't Leave Quite Yet" by Adam Agin plays in the backround, which is a really pretty song:) This is the only video I could find from the Blogger search, but there is a better HD version of the full scene at
 Keep in mind the scene below was probably edited by whoever uploaded this! But basically, this is the kiss<3

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  1. totally agree, that was just amazing <3
    i love aria and ezra, my favourite couple!