Saturday, July 16, 2011

IF I DIE YOUNG? This is what you do.

I've found myself having these conversations quite a bit with my friend Annie. If I die young, I have 3 plans, a plan a, plan b, and plan c. Basically I'm just gonna go over the plans w you. And no, I'm not suicidal or depressed, so don't even think of asking. We just discuss these random things for fun:) But seriously, wouldn't you want this to happen to you if you were to die young? I would.
Plan A: So, there's this company, LifeGem. and basically, once you're dead, you take as little as a lock of hair or ashes and send it to the company, and they create a man made diamond, and YES, it's real. So if I die young, then send the entire me to the LifeGem company and have them make as many diamonds out of me as possible. Then, send all the diamond mes to Tiffany & Co. and have them put all the diamond mes onto Tiffany charms, onto a Tiffany charm bracelet...I was thinking, rose gold? Something unique for sure. And make sure after they make the charm bracelets and charms, they would never be allowed to make the same bracelets again, ever. So then, take all the bracelets, ship them to my mother, who will give them out to every single person in my family, and all my friends and their families, and I don't care if they're boys. They will war me on a bracelet with pride, and they had better not lose the bracelet, or I will personally send some demon to go kill them. Hahaha jkjk.

Plan B: This one's simple. It's exactly like the song "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry... "If I die young, bury me in satin, [preferably bright coral OR a pretty turquoise] lay me down in a bed of [red] roses, sink me in the river [one in Fiji, preferably] at dawn, and send me away with the words of a love song [by Taylor Swift, maybe?]" But this had better not be a cheesy event if it were to happen. Oh, and I'd have to hire someone to make sure that no sharks ate the bed of roses.

Plan C: This is a blah plan, and I'm really hoping for Plan A or B, but I suppose this one is still better than the typical funeral. So, I'll make my funeral a party! Not a "Yeay she's dead, let's all celebrate!" kind of thing, but still some kind of party. There would be dancing, karaoke, a DJ, everyone would not be allowed to wear any black whatsoever, and of course, there would have to be all my friends. Actually, just invite my whole grade, their families, all of my family, my teachers (because they're the best ever:) pretty much everyone.For food, red velvet cake by Buddy Valastro, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. For entrees, hot food cooked by Emeril Lagasse andBobby Flay and people like that. Yummm! For drinks, Mountain Dew, Dairy Queen Caramel Lattes, and other various sodas. Yummm! Oh, and there would be a dance floor. This would probably take place at some fancy country club late at night hehehe.  And a disco ball for sure. And a soft plush rug somewhere, and a fountain, and a chocolate fountain, and a swimming pool (indoor with pretty lights) and oh, Lady Antebellum would have to perform. Oh yes.

I still prefer Plan A the most.

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