Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a pictureee!

I know this is random, but I'm like running out of ideas for blogging :/ blahhh...I wanted to share this picture with you though...This past year has been the best year of my life so far.Seriously, I've met so many friends this year and had the most amazing teachers:) I've had like the best time since this past September through June! Like I said, so many friends and memories, I love this yearr and would go back to September if I could. I actually looked forward to school every day haha, it's where I saw my friends. I've learned a lot this year, especially in math, btw, my math teacher is the best! And science. And geography. And English. And French. Pretty much all my teachers, I absolutely love them. Like seriously. I met my goals, I got straight A's the whole year through, progress reports on everything. The worst I got was 79 on a final exam, but luckily it was scaled and I got a 94. This year has been the BEST FREAKIN YEAR OF MY LIFE and I really wanna go backto the beginning and start over. Iloveitsofreakinmuch. Oh, and the picture above was taken in the hallway on the last day of school, I'm the one whose hand is on th bottom in the orange nail polish :) I'm also the one holding the camera case.

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