Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Pictures!

So I just got back from vacation yesterday, that's why I've been behind on my blogging lately! Did I mention that in a previous post? I have no idea lol. I took a few pictures only two I think well actually more, but I was in a lot of them, and they showed my face. Whatever lol. I love that beach. Well sorta kinda. See, we went after dinner just for like a walk, it was probably a little before eight. So, the sand was like soft. It was soft and white and oh, it was SOFT! I love soft sand. I loved the sand there. And there were tons of shells and it was so pretty:) See, normally at the beach when I go to swim we go to this creek type thingy but if you walk out about an eighth or so of a mile its the actual ocean but I guess it's protected by some sort of bay? Idk. But this was an actual beachagainst the ocean, like, the ocean like if you swam in a straight horizontal line you'd land yourself in Europe kind of thing. There was a ton of seaweed and gross brown stuff but the water looked so pretty. Plus, it was like, sunset, making it even prettier! So I walk up to the water nd put my feet in and a wave comes in bringing tons of gross brown puke-colored fuzzy thingies in and I'm like EW. So then I ran away lmao. But I still absolutely love that beach it's so breathtakingly pretty oh and did I mention the sand was soft? It's super soft haha(: Anyway, here's my pictures!! Oh and I actually blogged some stuffs while I was there, will maybe try to post that soon along w pics from go-karting! Okay well here's the pics now because I'm sure you're all quite anxious to see them...oh wait and my sister took like over one hundred amazingly awesome pics on her Nintendo DSI...will have to show you those sometime soon because they're freakin amazing! Hehe I couldn't really take as many pics because I was collecting shells for my uncle because he's teaching a class on evolution...well anyway, finally, here are the pictures! Looked way better in person than in the pics, but the pictures are still quite pretty and amazing:)

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