Saturday, July 30, 2011

Upcoming Blog Ideas :)

So, I was on vacation this past week, from tuesday through Friday, and the whole time, I was wondering what I should do for upcoming blog posts! I came up with a few ideas, feel free to comment below with requests, or tweet me your requests, :) But these are the ones I've been thinking of doing, these are in no order. Well, the order in which I thought of them. Look out for these coming soon, if you want me to do a certain one first, or earlier, or you want to read one first, let me know and I'll get working on that! I have nine ideas right now, planning on more fashion ones. I'll have to continue in my back-to-school series, I was thinking a fashion one or makeup one. But that's not on my list. Oh well. If you want to remind me to do a certain post, leave it as a comment, or again, you could tweet me.I'd love to find a way to do makeup tutorials wthout showimg my face as well, leave a comment or tweet me (aain lol) if you have an idea that may work. Okay, so here's my ideas! Let me know what you think, and of course, request more! I'll be open to nlogging about almost anything
1. Personal Questions (Tag)
2. Feather Extensions
3. MAC Eyeshadow - Naked Lunch Review/Swatches
4. First Day of School Outfit Ideas
5. Songs I Recently "Discovered"
6. Lancome Bi-facil vs. Clinique take the Day Off
7. Fashinspirations
8. Country Music
9. Pantene Products

Of course, you could make up a tag for me with questions and I'll do that, or I could do an answers post if you want answers :)

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