Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Review: Twisted by Sara Shepard ♥

I'm sure you've heard, on July 5, 2011, Sara Shepard released the ninth book of Pretty Little Liars, which is oh-so-exciting, especially for die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans like me! This ninth book is by far the best one yet, although I say that after every PLL book I read :) They just keep getting better and better! This one takes place one year after the events in Wanted, the eighth book, when Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, are all seniors in high school. Fortunately, I was able to get this book as an early birthday gift the day after it came out, and I'm almost done, I have just two or so chapters left! Luckily, there is a tenth book, Ruthless, but that does not come out until December 6th. That will definitely be on my Christmas list. But anyway, this book is so juicy and good, if you haven't caught on by now hahaha. But seriously, drop everything and go buy this book. Amazing! I'm really bad at describing plots, so I'm gonna let Wikipedia do the talking! And yes, what Wikipedia says, in this case, is absolutely correct, I read through it, and I read the book. So, here it is, copied and pasted directly from Wikipedia! WARNING: There will be spoilers. "The book begins with the girls vacationing in Jamaica and Emily seeing a girl who she believes is Ali. Throughout the rest of the book, details about that fateful vacation emerge. Foggy memories are explained and the girls were attacked by "Ali" (Tabiatha Clark) on top of the hotel in Jamaica and so in an attept to save Hanna Aria shoved "Ali" (Tabitha) off the edge of the building. A year later, Noel, Aria's boyfriend, has an exchange student come to live with him. Instead of being the nerdy boy, Klaudius, that Noel expected, the exchange student turns out to be a gorgeous blonde, Klaudia who Aria believes is attempting to steal Noel. She decieds that she is over reacting and attempts to befriend her. Klaudia explains her horrible attempts to steal Noel and after attacking Aria on the ride up to the hill she was going skiing on, Aria ends up shoving Klaudia, who then slips off the ski lift, breaking her ankle. By that point, Aria and Noel's relationship is shakey and uncertain. Meanwhile, Emily meets a new girl, Chloe, who moves into the Cavanaugh's old house. They immediately become good friends, bonding over Chloe's baby sister, Grace. Eventually, Emily reveals that she had a baby girl over the summer because of her fling with Isaac. After having the baby in Philadelphia (her parents have no knowledge of her pregnancy, but her older sister does), she quit swimming because she wasn't physically or emotionally up to it. Emily has now given up hope of getting a scholarship, her only option for college. Chloe's dad offers to help but also hits on Emily. Chloe walks in on her dad kissing Emily but thinks that it's Emily who is wrecking her family (her father had previously been cheating). Emily didn't tell Chloe (because Chloe has a drinking problem and drinks when she said...and drinks, and drinks, and drinks) making Chloe hate her. The girls start to get messages from a new A, and believe it's Ali and that she somehow survived the fall from the building. Hanna's dad runs for senator of Pennsylvania. Patrick, somebody who's helping out at the set, offers Hanna a modeling job, but he takes some naughty pictures and threatens her with them, saying he will release them to the public and ruin her dads' chances of becoming senator, unless she gives him $10,000. Hanna steals money from her dad and frames Jeremiah, a mean man who is her dad's assistant. Spencer's mom has begun to date Nicolas Pennythistle, the father of snotty Amelia and her brother Zach, in whom Spencer develops a romantic interest. When they go out dancing, she kisses him, only to find out Zach is gay. When the Hastings and Pennythistles travel to New York together, they go out to dinner and Mrs. Hastings and Mr.Pennythistle announce their engagement. Spencer and Zach drunkenly fall asleep in the same bed. During the night, Spencer had kicked off her skirt because she was hot, leaving her in her blouse and underwear. The next morning Mr. Pennythistle wakes Zach by entering the room. Their indecent clothing and close proximity leads Mr. Pennythistle to believe that they had slept together and acts violent towards Zach. Spencer tells him that Zach didn't touch her and that he's gay, hoping to stop Zach's father and her soon to be step father from pounding on his son, but Mr. Pennythistle becomes furious and sends Zach to military school. Zach and Spencer's friendship ends, Zach leaving Spencer with the words "Rot in hell, bitch". Also the book tells that Spencer has a hidden secret that she clawed her way to the top to get accepted into her dream colledge Princeton. It doesn't give any details but it involves a past friend from before Spancer and Ali were friends.In the end of the book, the news turns on and a teenage girl's dead body was found floating in the water in Jamaica. They identify this girl as Tabitha Clark from New Jersey. The cops believe her death was a tragic accident- not a murder. The girls realize they killed an innocent girl." So there's the plot! It's impossibly interesting and I reccomend this book, def, for sure, my new fav! I'm so sad that I'm done with it!

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