Saturday, July 30, 2011

Personal Questions Tag!

Another tag? Yep! This one I saw done by yunging19 on YouTube! Go subscribe to her, (: I personally love her videos. And, I've never really talked about guys and stuff like that on this blog. and when I found this tag I thought it would be perfect for me to do, because it has girly questions (Ex. Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, I think that's all) and there are also questions about boys in here, and then some random ones. I've never had a boyfriend, the answers to these questions are what I think I would want or think if I did, if that makes sense? Haha watch the original video here!  Questions:
1) Is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead?
Like I said, I've never had a boyfriend, so I really don't have much experience with boys. But, probably, the answer would be, yes. This one is PDA-friendly, and age appropriate too, rather than like a full makeuout lol. I think this one would be okay with parents too, it really depends! But it would be cute, I think it's very flirty-looking.
2) Group dates or single dates?
Hmmm... the first few dates when you're just getting to know each other, definitely single dates for the first few times. After that, group dates are okay every once in a while!
3) Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
Oh yes. They should act like themselves all the time. They shouldn't act different just for like, their family, friends, and gf. They shouldn't do that to look all "cool" or whatever.
4) Whats your favorite girly magazine?
This is, hands down, Seventeen magazine!
5) Do you get your nails done?
Occasionally. Like, maybe a few times a year, like for Easter and back-to-school and Christmas and stuff.
6) Small or large purses?
Well, I love both. Small purses are great because they're lighter-weight and not as big and bulky. They're much easier to carry around, I think. And, there's no way to fill them with things you really don't need. Large purses are definitely good if you want it to hold more, but you can fill it up with things you really don't need and it can get full and heavy quickly.
7) What are your PURSE must-haves?
Cell phone, iPod, wallet, lipgloss, tissues, blotting paper, stuff for that *cough* timeofthemonth *cough*
8) What would you do if you got pregnant?
I've never even had a boyfriend and I'm still very young. I haven't even had my first kiss yet, I don't know how I could get pregnant. But let's say I did, and I'm like, 16 or 17 or something. I'd probably keep the baby. I would still go to college and stuff, I'd have to hire like a babysitter? But of course I'd keep it.
9) Heels or flats?
It depends on the situation! But in general, flats are more comfy, heels are good for an fancier event. And, they make you look taller! :)
10) Do you cry during romantic movies?
Oh yes. I'm a sucker for both romance and a happy ending.
11) Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?
I do it all the time. I did today, actually.
12) Do you like preppy boys?
They're too organized and too "perfect" for me I guess. I like a casual, carefree guy that has a great personality. When it comes to guys, I really don't care about looks that much, it really comes down to personality. I suppose I could see myself with a preppy boy though.
13) Do you like skater boys?
14) Do you like to receive flowers?
From who? From like a relative or something, I really don't care, it doesn't matter to me. If it were a guy, for sure! I love the yellow roses that are like orange and the color like you get what I'm saying?
15) Do you like surfer boys?
They've got the body! Definitely attractive looking guys :)
16) On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
Oh, a lot. Probably like a nine. They're so confusing, sometimes it's like they're a whole different species. Seriously, guys confuse me so much.
17) Would you ever date a guy whose shorter then you?
Like I said, as long as he has a great personality. I wouldn't date a guy that's like drastically shorter, but I wouldn't really mind if it's only a matter of a few inches.
18) Do you like to hold hands?
Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. It is an appropriate PDA friendly thing though. So probably yes. Ask me again when I do have a bf :)
19) Whats the youngest you would date?
I'd say, maybe one year younger. But that's unlikely.
20) Whats the oldest you would date?
Like right now, maybe one year older. When I get older, I don't think it'll matter that much, I'll probably be open to like 3 years,
21) Do you freak out when you miss your favorite TV shows?
Pretty Little Liars? Yes. Others? Not as much, but still yes, somewhat.
22) Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
No. If a guy doesn't like what I wear, sucks for him! Lmao.
23) Do you fall in love easily?
I've never been "in love" I don't think. I've had major crushes and stuff, but nothing I would count as in love. They say if you like a guy longer than four months you're in love, I've liked the same one since November. But I wouldn't call it "in love."
24) Do you have cramps right now?
Ha! Not at the moment. Ask me again in a few weeks lol
25) Do you consider yourself pretty?
It's definitely healthy to think of yourself as pretty. I have flaws and tons of things I don't like about myself, I could do a whole blog post on that. But, when I'm weaaring makeup and pretty clothes and my hair's been straightened, yes. I mean, I'm POTI (pretty on the inside) I guess. I'm not sure though. I guess, I do? Idk this one's hard.

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