Thursday, July 21, 2011

What to put in your school bag!

This video is a bit early, but I always love doing these types of posts and reading them and watching these types of videos! I'm going to be blogging about what I think every girl should keep in their school bags, aside from books/lunch/gym clothes, obvious stuff like that! I think you should all keep everything I mention in your bag, it will help you have a great year. I will definitely be keeping all of this in my bag! I did last year, and everything was definitely useful! Oh, and for those of you wondering, I'm going into my last year of middle school this year. I'll be doing more of these back-to-school type blog posts such as decorating lockers and must-have school supplies, things like that! *BONUS* At the end, I'll show you 3 of my favorite bags for back to school! These ones will be roomy and really pretty and practical! Okay, so what you should keep in your school bag...1. Cell phone - This is number one on my list fo a reason! I always have my phone with me, this is useful a lot and it's much better than paying to use a pay phone! Definite must. *Just don't get caught texting in class! Loll.
2. iPod or MP3 Player - Must-have if you ride the bus to or from school. I always listen to my iPod every time I'm on the bus, music helps relax me after a long school day!
3. Book - And not the boring textbook kind! I always have a good book in my bag, it's great to read after tests and quizzes, and for my school, having a "free reading book" is required!
4. Agenda - This will help you so much!b I live by mine! This is where I write down assignments, homework, and upcoming tests and quizzes! Because of this, I never missed a homework last year at all. This is really how I survive.
5. Pen/pencils - Because I don't feel like digging out my pencil case (which is probably in the bottom of my bag) I always keep a few in the pocket of my bag. You'd be surprised how often you need a pen or pencil, especially at the end of the yar when it comes to signing yearbooks.
6. Um, stuff for that, um, time. - No explanation needed. I think you know what I'm talking about. Put this in a cute discreet cosmetic bag. I like to use those free makeup bags I get with a Clinique purchase.
7.Reading glasses - Only if you need them! I don't, but because some people might, I decided to put this on the list!
8. Wallet or lanyard with ID and/or lunch money - This is one that doesn't need much of an explanation either! You need your lunch money for lunch, obv, and at our school, you need your ID for qyuite a few things.
9. Colgate Wisps - Optional! These are perfect for quickly brushing after lunch!
10. Camera - At our school, we can use these any time as long as it's not during class. This is absolutely perfect, you'd be surprised by how many good moments there are that you wanna capture.
11. Calculator - No explanation needed!
12. Gum - "Hey, can I have a piece of gum?" Now, you can say yes! And, perfect for chewing on the bus. I like Trident Layers.
13. Hairbrush - If your hair's looking a little messy, this is just what you need. A hairbrush is like, my go-to thing for bad hair days.
14. Makeup bag that contains...
-Blotting papers
-Mini travel sized mirror
-Lip balm
-Mini hand sanitizer (I like B&BW ones!)
-Body splash or perfume (make sure the scent isnt too strong!)

I live by all of that. Oh, and in my gym bag, I keep gym shorts, an old teeshirt or tank, sneakers, socks (I love B&BW socks!) deodorant, hairbrush, hair elastics, body splash! That's pretty much all that's in there.

Okay, now here are 3 pretty yet practical bags for school that will fit your books, plus all of the above.
1. Victoria's Secret Pink Slouchy Tote - This is actually the one I just got today. I love it - it's plenty big, and it's super cute and definitely girly.
2. Vera Bradley "Vera" - A simple tote that's plenty big and plenty pretty,and it's VB! I like the pattern "Mocha Rouge"
3. Vera Bradley "Laptop Backpack" is a plenty big backpack, and again, it's VB. I love this one. The color in the picture is "Hello Dahlia"


  1. sooooooo...... coool i wish i had all that well i do but not the cute purses like u!!!! but i wish i did!1!!!

  2. so cool wish i had that. well i do just not the bags!the bags are cool!