Thursday, March 31, 2011

YouTube! My channel, my videos, and more!

Okay, so I am sooo obsessed with YouTube, obviously lol. I've had my beauty account on
YouTube since July 14 last year. YouTube is such a fun website to go on with so many video selections to choose from! I personally live the beauty community on YouTube. That's my favorite. I love to watch tutorials, hauls, reviews. I love learning new tips and tricks from other girls in YouTube's beauty community! It's so much fun, and everything is so helpful! There are tips that I never would gave thought of, and simple videos for beginners, to advanced videos for girls who are looking for something harder. The question I get alot, and I mean, alot, whether it be on my channel, on one of my videos, or even through Twitter, is "Why aren't you allowed to show your face?" or, "Can you show you're face?" Well believe me, I'd love to be able to show you guys my face and do some tutorials for you guys. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to for privacy reasons! It's kindof hard to be a beauty girl on YouTube but be unable to show you my face. But I do try my best to attempt to do what I can for you guys. Like I always say, if someone really wants to see a tutorial, request a lip or nail tutorial! But no, I am not allowed to show my face. I know this sets a lot of restrictions. But unfortunately, without me following this rule, I would not be making videos at all. Anyway, I recently redid my channel, my profile picture... I'm definitely trying to keep my page updated and new with the latest new trends, or the latest tricks and tips. My videos - well, I wouldn't say my videos are "great" - they're definitely not as good as they could be if I could show my face. But I try to do hauls, reviews, beauty related tags... I've definitely been getting better though... just compare my newer videos with my first few! Such a big difference!! Personally, I love making videos for the fun of it. And, oh yeah. The partnership. Basically, I was offered a partnership on one of my videos - the summer book video. I went to sign up, but it required an address. Apparently it "smells like a scam" and it sounds way too easy? Well, if anyone reading this is a YouTube partner, message me on YouTube and tell me about it! Thank you! -A

My phone is like, dead!

My phone is offically almost dead. I am ready to pronounce the poor thing dead. Almost. Yes, I'm pretty sure ny phone will be facing death somewhat soon. Unfortunately, my phone has many flaws. I've had my phone, the Samsung Gravity 2 in the color Berry Mauve, for just over 1 year, as I received it for Christmas 2009. Ny phone has received hundreds of calls, sent and received thousands if text messages. And now, it is my poor phone's time to go, I think. Lately my phone has been acting up, since Monday, exactly this past Monday. So I was drying my hair in the bathroom, my fine was sitting on the bathroom counter as I was in the muddle of an important conversation with my friend. Ok, it was an argument about pickles I think. But that's beside the point. So I finish straightening ny hair, then a pick it up, and unlock my phone, and it's all blurry. You know when you're watching TV and you turn to an invalid channel and it goes all fuzzy and grey? That's what happened to the left half of my phone screen. And then it turned mirrored - I didn't even know it did that! It was fine after I took the battery out for a bit, but after a while it just went back that way. So I have to keep taking the battery out. Finally on Wednesday I thought I could officialy pronounce my phone dead - it was discolored, the text was upside down and mirrored. I took the battery out, put it back in, but it wouldn't fix! It eventually did, luckily. So I'm taking it to the T-Mobile store this weekend, hopefully the problem will be diagnosed. And when my phone dies, well RIP little guy! xo, Ali

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homework, YouTube, and Easter Egg Hunts!

Right now, I'm sitting here blogging and tweeting, although technically, I'm supposed to be doing my homework lol. My little sisters have some of their friends over. So I'm supposed to be doing my homework - that is, typing up my poem, copying my definitions for some engineering thing in this really boring class, completing some questions in my science book... all kindof boring assignments that I don't really wanna do. My original plan was to make a video for you guys, a lip tutorial because I got the chance to now, but for some reason I cannot find my camera, so that lip tutorial will be coming on Friday most likely. It was actually a tutorial for frosted pink lips, what I've been wearing a lot lately. Anyway, my camera has disappeared from its usual spot, but I'll hopefully find it soon. Meanwhile, my sisters are out doing this Easter Egg hunt. Me and peaceypenguin got to hide the eggs lol! Yeayyy! Haha and I think they may be riding bikes and scooters tooooo... I know this was a short post, but unfortunately I gtg do homework...ttyl! Byebyeee :)

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

Before I begin, I'd like to state that the following is NOT written by me. I found it on the Spongebob wiki! This is just a simple plot summary! And btw, this is my FAVORITE movie ever <3

The film begins with a live action credit sequence, in which a group of pirates retrieve tickets to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. The pirates then sing the SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song. The pirates enter a movie theater and raid it, and sit down to watch the movie.
The movie properly begins with an emergency situation at the Krusty Krab, complete with police helicopters and news reporters. Eugene H. Krabs, SpongeBob's boss, explains to the reporters that a customer ordered a Krabby Patty with cheese, but found no cheese. Suddenly, SpongeBob SquarePants, "the manager", arrives in a sleek sports car. He enters the Krusty Krab, he takes a piece of cheese from a suitcase full of high-tech equipment, and slowly puts the cheese in the Krabby Patty. The day is saved, the crowd starts cheering for SpongeBob. Their cheering soon degenerates to the sound of SpongeBob's alarm clock, and he wakes up, revealing the opening scene to be a dream.
SpongeBob is extremely excited, as today is the grand opening of "The Krusty Krab 2" and he boasts to his snail Gary that he'll be the manager since he was Employee of the Month 374 times in a row. After preparing himself for his day, and greeting his neighbors Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star, SpongeBob goes off to the Krusty Krab. Then we see a news flash about the Krusty Krab 2. Plankton is watching it all from a telescope. He is jealous. He is this way because he never had a customer. He envies Mr. Krabs, and states tried every plan in his cabinet from "A to Y". There are actually 26 letters of the alphabet, and Plankton doesn't notice it at first, but Karen tells him. Plankton finds "Plan Z" in the back of the drawer. He smells it. It's lemon-scented. He goes outside, only to be stepped on by SpongeBob. He pulls Plankton off his shoe, then runs off again. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is preparing the grand opening ceremony of the Krusty Krab 2, which is an exact replica of the original and is located directly next-door to it, the only difference being a giant glowing "2" sign. SpongeBob rushes up to the stage to accept his promotion, but Mr. Krabs announces that Squidward is the new manager instead, much to SpongeBob's shock. Mr. Krabs tells a heartbroken SpongeBob that he is too immature and childlike to handle the task, and SpongeBob sulks away, saying "I'm ready...depression." Patrick suddenly flies by, naked, with a spongebob pennant in his butt, and crashes into the set, causing a fire.
Meanwhile, Plankton flies towards King Neptune's castle, as part of "Plan Z". Inside, Neptune is attempting to punish his royal crown polisher for touching his crown, but is stopped by his intelligent daughter, Mindy. The brutish and tyrannical king tries to explain to his daughter that he must enforce his power as king in order to be respected, and that she will have to do the same when she is Queen. He begins to explain the importance of his crown, and as he talks, Plankton arrives and steals it. Neptune, who is bald, is horrified to discover that his crown is missing, Plankton having stolen it.
Meanwhile, SpongeBob is at Goofy Goober's brooding over his loss. He tells himself to get it together, and does, until Patrick arrives and mentions the new manager, and SpongeBob starts crying again. He tells Patrick that Mr. Krabs called him a kid and didn't give SpongeBob the job. SpongeBob starts to leave but then Patrick gets a Triple Gooberberry Sunrise, and SpongeBob comes back. They begin to eat dozens of bowls of ice cream. The two become "drunk" from all the ice cream, and SpongeBob falls asleep in the restaurant, experiencing hangover-like symptoms the morning afterwards.
Meanwhile, Neptune arrives at the Krusty Krab after receiving evidence planted by Plankton of Mr. Krabs stealing his crown, with the intention of executing Mr. Krabs. Krabs denies stealing the crown, but a message then plays on the phone of a man thanking Mr. Krabs for giving him the crown and saying that he sold it to Shell City. This call is actually from Plankton. Neptune asks if anyone has anything to say to defend Mr. Krabs, and a "drunken" SpongeBob arrives and insults Mr. Krabs out of spite, but upon realizing the severity of the situation returns to his normal self and stops Neptune from killing him. Mindy convinces her father to give SpongeBob a chance to prove Krab's innocence, and he and Patrick agree to travel to the dreaded Shell City, and return with the crown. Before departing, Mr. Krabs is frozen solid and Mindy, who Patrick develops a crush on, gives the duo a magical bag of winds to return home with.
With six days to retrieve the crown (there were originally ten until King Neptune and Patrick argued it down to six), SpongeBob and Patrick take the "Patty Wagon", a car shaped like a Krabby Patty. They soon reach a gas station located on the county line, where the hillbilly owners laugh at them, finding the duo and their vehicle stupid. They tell SpongeBob and Patrick that they wouldn't last for 10 seconds over the county line. When SpongeBob and Patrick cross the line, their car is immediately stolen by a thug. SpongeBob and Patrick then realize that they lasted for 12 seconds, and begin laughing at the hillbillies, who are dumbfounded by their idiocy, as they continue on foot. Later, they find their car parked at the "Thug Tug", a bar for tough, muscular fish. SpongeBob has Patrick distract the thugs so he can get the key. He is unsuccessful, and gets his hands dirty in the process. SpongeBob heads for the bathroom to wash his hands, and when he uses the soap dispenser, it produces bubbles. SpongeBob and Patrick begin having a "Bubble Party", but one bubble floats over to the leader of the "Thug Tug", who reminds the other bar patrons of the policy that all "Bubble Blowing Babies" will be severely beaten. The leader goes on a "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt" by turning on the Goofy Goober Theme song, where the first person to start singing is determined to be the culprit. SpongeBob and Patrick struggle not to start singing, then the owner starts singing it to SpongeBob and Patrick, causing SpongeBob's eyes to water and Patrick to start melting, and they are only saved when Siamese Twins burst out in song. The other thugs begin beating them, allowing SpongeBob and Patrick to steal the key amidst the confusion and depart.
By the following day, Plankton, with Mr. Krabs incapacitated, has been able to obtain the Krabby Patty secret formula and begins serving Krabby Patties at the Chum Bucket.He stole the formula by sneaking by Mr. Krabs while he was frozen, went into his office, enter the safe code and stole the formula. Mr. Krabs was upset but you can not tell because he was frozen in a pose. But if this was a episode, he wouldn't get the formula with Mr.Krabs unfrozen, because Mr. Krabs would step on Plankton. Plankton starts sealing Krabby Patties at the Chum Bucket, along with free bucket helmet. He has also learned about SpongeBob and Patrick are trying to get the crown back and hired a professional hitman named Dennis to ensure that SpongeBob and Patrick do not reach Shell City. The next day, Squidward sees that everyone is wearing helmet buckets and after a woman tells him that Plankton is giving them free with the Krabby patties, he goes to confront Plankton, telling him that he was the one who stole King Neptune's the crown to get the Krabby Patties formula and decides to report him to King Neptune but before he leaves the chum bucket, Plankton activates a mind-control device, revealing that the bucket helmets are mind controlling helmets. Squidward tries to escape but the slaved citizens corner and capture him, taking down the last oppositor of Plankton in Bikini Bottom and transforms the city into "Planktopolis". SpongeBob and Patrick are traveling through a field of skulls, laughing over their victory at the Thug Tug. They see an Ice Cream Stand, but when SpongeBob goes to order, the old lady running the stand is revealed to be the tongue of a monstrous Frogfish using the Ice Cream Stand as bait. SpongeBob and Patrick are chased by a large sea monster, eventually driving off a cliff and getting out of the car just in time. The Frogfish is lured off the edge, and subsequently is eaten by an even larger beast that appears from the trench. Unable to pass through a monster-filled trench, SpongeBob decides to give up and accepts the fact that he and Patrick are just children. However, Mindy arrives and shows them what has happened to Bikini Bottom while they were gone, and gives them fake mustaches in the form of seaweed, convincing them that they are now men. SpongeBob and Patrick pass through the trench without fear (singing "Now That We're Men"), but meet up with Dennis on the other side. He rips off their fake mustaches and explains to them that they are not really men, and prepares to kill them by crushing them under his boot. However, before he can do so, Dennis himself is crushed by a gigantic boot, belonging to a monsterous scuba diver named "The Cyclops", who abducts SpongeBob and Patrick to the surface.
SpongeBob and Patrick wake up in a goldfish bowl filled with freshwater and sedimentary pebbles. They see the Cyclops making "knick-knacks" from dead sea creatures, much to their horror, and are soon taken out of the bowl and put on a table under a heat lamp, and start to dry up. Soon, SpongeBob laments that they have failed, and that Bikini Bottom will remain under Plankton's mind control, Mr. Krabs will be executed, and they too will die. Patrick points out a sign reading "Shell City: Marine Gifts and Sundries". SpongeBob realizes that they are in Shell City, which is in fact a gift shop. They see the crown, which is on display for nine dollars. SpongeBob then realizes that they did at least make it to Shell City, and did pretty well for "a couple of goofballs." They both shed a tear and begin singing the Goofy Goober song, just as they shrivel up. Back in the movie theater, the pirates mourn the loss of SpongeBob and Patrick, when a parrot advises them to keep watching the film. The "Tear of the Goofy Goober" slides down a wire into the power outlet, causing it to short circuit and let out smoke, which rises up and activates the sprinkler system, causing all the sea creatures to reanimate. As they beat up the monster, SpongeBob and Patrick grab the crown and carry it out to the beach. There, SpongeBob reads the manual of the Bag of Winds, and Patrick accidentally releases it, leaving them stranded on the beach. However, David Hasselhoff arrives and carries them across the ocean on his back. On the way back home, the big boot belonging to the same diver that kidnapped them rises up from the water, and an angry Dennis emerges from below it, who again attempts to crush SpongeBob and Patrick with his boot, but is knocked into the ocean by a floating sailboat. As the duo arrive over Bikini Bottom, King Neptune is about to execute Mr. Krabs, but is being stalled by Mindy. Hasselhoff opens his pectoral muscles and shoots the duo down into Bikini Bottom, where they crash through the roof of the Krusty Krab, the crown deflecting the trident blast that nearly kills Mr. Krabs, and ends up burning Hasselhoff. During their victory celebration, Plankton dumps a King-sized Chum Bucket Helmet on Neptune, also putting him under his control. As Plankton's hypnotized minions surround the heroes, SpongeBob makes a speech about being who you are, before transforming in a wizard and breaking out into a bizarre rock version of the Goofy Goober theme song. (based on the Twister Sister's I Wanna Rock) using his guitar's laser beams to destroy all the brain-control buckets with.
Plankton is trampled before he can escape, and the cops put him in a little cage and take him away. Neptune reaches an understanding not only with Mr. Krabs but also with his daughter, and thanks SpongeBob and Patrick. Squidward suggests to SpongeBob that he has learned that he doesn't really need to be the manager of the Krusty Krab 2, but SpongeBob eagerly takes the position anyway. Images shown throughout the end credits shown the sole two differences between the job of manager and fry-cook is that there is a giant hat with the word manager imprinted on it and an extra cent in his paycheque. Nonetheless, SpongeBob takes on the role of manager of the Krusty Krab 2 with great pride, as the film signifies the conclusion of the franchises's story...
Back in the theater, the usher tells the pirates to leave the theater so she can clean up.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

That thing called Twitter! ♥

Twitter is one of my favorite websites ever! In honor of my Twitter obsession, I figured I'd do a post dedicated to Twitter. So what is Twitter anyway? It's a website, that would be classified as social networking. This website is where you can post what you're doing, what you're up to...anything, in 140 characters or less. Well, there's Twitlonger for when you feel like writing a longer tweet. Oh, yeah. Anything you write on Twitter is known as a "tweet." Twitter is not just on your computer, either. You can tweet from any mobile device via txt, or from an iPod touch with the Twitter app. You can tweet pretty much anywhere from any technology related something. Then, of course there are several ways to tweet from your computer. There's just the mobile web, but then there are several programs you can download to tweet from, like Echofon, and TweetDeck (my personal fav) but you can download a ton of different apps for iPhone and iPod touch as well. You can "follow" people, and their tweets wil show up in your timeline. And, people can follow you. But if you only want certain people to view your tweets, you can "lock" your tweets and make them private, and anyone who tries to follow you, you have to approve it first. So it's quite a fun website. There are also other accounts that are made for a specific purpose. Like, for example, news accounts. My personal favorite would have to be teen quote accounts, which tweet teen quotes and other little things teens can relate to. My personal favs are @TeensInLove, @OMGwhatateen, and @quotesforateen. If you have Twitter, go follow them all :) Btw, I'm currently following 590 people. Lol. Once you start tweeting, you will probably find that it will take over your life and become quite addicting. Twitter is amazing. And an amazing way to keep in touch with other friends who have Twitter as well. It's kind of like, you can stalk them without stalking them? Hahaha. Sooo what else is there to say about Twitter? Well, there are verified accounts so you know who's a real celebrity and who's just pretending to be them. But then again, not all celebs have their accounts verified, so that doesn't help much. Well, it does I guess. And you can decorate your profile page and make it pretty for people to see it. But no, if you're account is locked, people can see your page, but will not be able to view any of your tweets. Which, for privacy reasons and all that, my tweets are locked. But yeaahhh. It's a pretty fun, addicting site....

MAC Makeup ♥

I knwo it's kinda crazy to say MAC is my favorite brand of makeup because I've never tried anything from there before, but it probably is. I mean, I can ell that I'll looove MAC products because a) Their website, b) The many great reviews on YouTube c) They have so many different colors available d) They're one of the more inexpensive brands of higher end makeup e) There aren't a lot of parabens f) I've been to the MAC counter before... and it was like a DREAM!!! Lastly, g) They're known for having amazing quality products, and overall for a good value. Ok, yes, I've been to the MAC counter before and seen some of MAC's amazing products in person before. And, they are amazing. I told this story already in a previous post, but I had gone to MAC originally to buy MAC's Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation, but of course, it was sold out. :'( but the lady behind the counter was not only super nice, but she showed me the sample gloss, and it was the prettiest lipglass I've ever seen. I've been dying to try out MAC for quite some time now, and there's definitely a MAC giftcard on my birthday wishlist. (Btw, MAC's official website is but anyway, when I went, there were rows and rows of eyesadows, mascaras, blushes, bronzers, eyeliners,b rushes, lipglasses, dazzleglasses, plushglazzes, lustreglasses... that place was like a dream. A dream I tell you. And their website is sooo organized...I really wish I had a MAC store near me... Yes, MAC is a little pricey for people who are used to drugstore makeup, but compared to brands like Chanel and Lancome, the price of MAC makeup is almost nothing. And, MAC is high end, obviously. I definitely want to try this seemingly amazing brand out. I've watched numerous brand overviews on YouTube, and everyone is in love with MAC makeup. What I also really like about MAC is that they come out with a new collection about every month, so there's always something new to dream about. Hahaha. I really want to try out one of their lipglosses first. Well, as they refer to them, glass. Or an eyeshadow, because hahaha I don't have a lot of lipgloss or eyeshadows. Or a blush? Hmmm... then there's always the option of a paint pot, because I don't have an eye primer. Lol there are way too many options, and so many colors to choose from which I like. Personally, I like Clinique makeup, but there just aren't enough color choices. MAC offers hundreds. Lol. I'm actually on the MAC website right now... looking at the different eyeshadow shades...I like Brule as a highlight color. And perhaps Sweet Lust on the inner half of the lid, woodwinked on the outer half, Embark in the crease, and Gesso on the inner corner? It would create kind of a "Strawberry Fudge with Caramel" type This website is really addicting, so I guess I'd better stop talking about MAC I should probably end this post. Sooo with that being said, byyyyeee (:
xoxo, Ali

My origami obsession...

Origami is kind of an obsession for me. I used to enjoy doing it when I was like, 8 and 10 and stuff like that, but one of my guy friends reintroduced it to me this year and I've been kindof obsessed ever since. My personal favorite is the origami rose (and not the one from a tissue) but the good kind. And I love my friend's little inflatable bunnies - those are quite cute. But anyway, I'm kindof obsessed with making my origami roses, I probably will end up selling them at my town's local craft fair this year. The best thing about these roses is that they look incredibly realistic, especially when you do them in color, which I do do. (Do do hahaha) But they're eally fun to make, the only thing is that if you screw up and make one wrong fold or one thing isn't lined up exact, then the whole thing is ruined. Before using the colored paper, I used just plain white computer paper to avoid wasting trees, and I definitely must say it takes a lot of time and practice. I'm definitely getting better with each rose I make, I will say. These cannot be rushed either, I've noticed big improvements between roses I made in a hurry and ones I took time with. These roses take me anywahere from 10-20 minutes to complete, and I am getting faster at it. This origami thing is definitely a fun hobby that I enjoy. These roses are also great for "competing" with. The friend that reintroduced me to origami makes roses as well, but he makes the easy ones that tajke about 5 seconds out of tissues, and when we have like, a mutual friend judge them, mine always winds. If you do this correctly, they come out amazing, and are perfect for a gift, especially for Valentine's Day. Sadly, I did not get the hang of making these until after Valentine's Day. It took me quite a few tries before to finally get it right. The thing about origami is, once you know how to make something, it's hard to forget how to do it if you make them consistently. I try to make 10 or more roses a week, and most times I reach my goal of 10. The thing I have trouble with is that the bottom of the rose won't stay togther after you open up the petals, so I find myself taping the botom closed and also taping the rose to it's stem. If you guys wanna  try this out, go to and watch his origami rose videos - there are 2 parts. Good luck! Tweet me a picture if you decide to try it out! xoxo, Ali

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then your no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down (aka Science the Musical)

My science class is the best. Hahaha. I guess it's kind of cheesy to blog about science class? But it's what I'm blogging about. So person who thinks this is cheesy, deal with it. Lmao. Anyway, I suppose you could change the name of my science class from "Science" to "Science the Musical" - there's always some sort of singing going on - whether it's Hot N Cold by Katy Perry, Friday by Rebecca Black, 867-5309 (Jenny) by Tommy Tutone, or that "Now that we're men..." song from the Spongebob movie. Like, the other day, our science teacher started singing Hot N Cold in the middle of class because we're doing a unit on heat energy at the moment. Then, once on a test, the bonus question was what was the number in that song (867-5309 was both the song and the answer) so it's pretty cool. So our science teacher is like, "This should be called science the musical!" and we all agreed with him hahaha. Our science class is not normal at all. It's just, not normal. But in a good way. Like my friend Annie ( was in this play thing we were doing to show heat traveling (conduction, convection, radiation) and she played the french fry (curly fry) so our teacher had her lay down on his desk thingy, and from underneath, he took a giant salt shaker. Like, legit, it was a salt shaker. With real salt inside. So he shook it all over her. It was kinda hilarious. Then she had salt all in her hair for the rest of the day haha. And he plays with fire. Like, he took a dollar bill from this boy in our class, dunked it in this alcohol and water mixture thing, then lit it on fire. And surprisingly it was good as new. Ad he makes things the best. Science is the best. Hahaha. Best class of the day - there's always some kind of demonstration...

Picky Eaters and Red Velvet Cake!

So I know I've only done a few othe rposts on the category food, but it's something that personally, I LOVE! It's also one of the three things people need to stay alive - food, water, and shelter. Food to me is one of the biggest things. Food. Yum. I've been called a picky eater before. Because there are quite a few foods I don't like. I'm not just gonna sit down and write about every single food I hate and why, because that might be kind of boring. But I don't like many foods that a lot of people like. For example, salad. Ew. I cannot stand salad, and if I tell someone "I hate salad!" then they're like, "What?! How could you hate salad??" But I do. Simple as that, I cannot stand salad. There are alot of foods like salad that I can't stand and most people like. I'm not THE most picky eater ont his planet though...just take a look at one of my sisters! Because there are a lot of foods I like but other people can't stand, too. Like hot dogs. They're not my fav food ever, and they're not the most healthiest, but a lot of my friends don't like them. And then there's those foods that seemingly everyone hates. Brocoli. Brussel sprouts. Spinach. All ewwies. I'd say of all the possible foods there are in this world, I like about 60% of them. So I'm not uber picky, but I'm not not picky, either. So I guess I'm about half and half. There are drinks that alot of people love that I hate, like root beer. Ew. I cannot stand root beer! Then, I know some people don't like lattes and all that coffee related stuff, but personally, I looove it. Not actual coffee, that's certainly not a personal fav, but I mean the things like cappucinos, lattes, mochas...yum. My personal fav is Dairy Queen's Cappucino MooLatte. Delicious! And then, there's gross things like vegetable juice that I can;t stand to look at. And then, there's red velvet cake. My FAVORITE food on this planet. I kind of have an obsession! Haha I don't know what it is about red velvet that makes it so delicious. It just is. A lot of people say it's just chocolate cake dyed red, but no, it's not. Because I don't like chocolate cake, but I lloooove red velvet, and I'm sure red food dye can't make a big taste difference. Does food dye even have a taste? I don't think so. But red velvet cake, and red velvet cupcakes, are amazing. I know most people have red velvet with cream cheese icing, but I prefer vanilla buttercream. No, I don't hate cream cheese icing, I just prefer vanilla buttercream. Haha all this cake talk is making me want red velvet now... lol. But seriously, if you haven't tried red velvet, you have nooo idea what you're missing out on. Because it's one of the best things you'll ever taste  ♥

I've been behind on my blogging...

I try to blog at 1x a day, so for example if there are say, 28 days in February, I like to have a total of 28 posts at the end of February, and if I miss 1, I usually make up for it. I've been really behind on my blogging lately, however, I am trying my best to make up for those times when I did not blog, or I forgot to blog, etc. And lately, that's been often. I've been really busy lately lol...I've had tests all week.... MCAS, ugh. But it's over now, and I should be returning to my usual blogging schedule. You guys should give me some ideas to blog about. My favorite stores was one thing that was suggested, that will probably be my next blog post. And then, I thought of the brilliant idea of doing a blog entry on the best 10 apps, or 5 apps, on the iPhone, or in my case, iPod touch. There are a lot of ideas. Pretty Little Liars, obviously. I kindof talk about that one too much. I'm kind of obsessed.

OPI Katy Perry Collection - The One That Got Away and Black Shatter ♥

Last Sunday, I was able to go to Ulta and get 2 polishes from OPI's new Katy Perry Collection! I picked The One That Got Away, and obviously, Black Shatter. I posted a review/demo on my YouTube channel, but I thought it would be appropriate to do a little mini review and show you guys some pictures. First of all, these polishes are absolutely amazingly fantastic. The One That Got Away, inspired by Katy's song, is a beautiful hot pinkish purple that appears pinkish red on camera, but in reality is a pinkish purple. This color looks beautiful with or without the shatter over it And because it's higher end OPI nail polish, it doesn't chip easily - I've had mine on since Sunday and barely any flaws so far. Which is amazing. When I went, Ulta also had Last Friday Night and Not Like The Movies, but I did not at all like the swatch of Last Friday Night that was on the display, and Not Like The Movies was a really pretty color, but a little neutral. So I went with The One That Got Away, I'm pretty happy with my decision. I thought The One That Got Away would be your typical hot pink nail polish, but that is not at all the case, It's such an original color! And then there's Black Shatter, This was the polish I was most excited to try. At first, I had actually intended on buying China Glaze Crackle Glaze - and I have to say, there were some realllllly pretty shades of China Glaze, like that gorgeous gold color... but anyway, I settled on the 2 that I did. China Glaze Crackle Glaze was sold out anyway, but OPI Shatter was not - there were like, 20 of them at least. I was soooo happy Ulta had it! I got both polishes for $8.99. Plus tax lol. So anyway, after Ulta I went to my friend's house for a few hours, then as soon as I got home, I painted my nails The One That Got Away, then I ate dinner, then went back and applied the Shatter, because it will not work if either, a) You are not wearing a base coat, or, b) Your base coat is not dry. I shattered immediately after dinner and was sooo impressed with the results - it had worked perfectly, and looked almost exactly like the swatches I'd seen online. It was very matte at first, but a top coat adds immediate shine. It dries very quickly also, and lasts long, I've had this on for almost a week, and almost no chips!

xoxo, Ali

Pretty Little Liars 1x22 Season Finale - For Whom The Bells Toll ♥

OMG. Last Monday's episode was soooo intense!!! There will be a lot, a lot of spoilers following this little warning, so if you haven't gotten a chance to see the episode for yourself and/or you don't want to spoil this for yourself, please do not read the following! So anyway, you know how every episode, when it begins, it starts off with a little recap of the past few episodes? Well this episode did the same, but being the season finale, showed a little recap of the entire season, from the first ever episode "Pilot" to the 21st episode, "Monsters In The End" - it was definitely cool to go back and review the entire season. So when the actual episode begins, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are reviewing the videos Alison had left for them. So I'm remembering this off the top of my head and have only seen the episode once so far, so I may forget a detail here or there... but anyway, when Aria is in her kitchen with her parents, she turns on her phone to reveal about ten text messgaes from Ezra saying things like, "Call me now please" and "A cop was here" - freaked out, Aria leaves for school, and sees Ezra, who tells her he turned in his resignation and is no longer her teacher!!! Awww - the things you'll do for love... lol. Next, Hanna is shown at her house before breakfast with her mother in their kitchen. Ashley Marin talks to Hanna about going to school, and is able to convince Hanna to go. She also asks what the letter Caleb had written to her had said, but Hanna doesn't know what she's talking about, because she never got the letter - Mona had never shown it to her. Next, Spencer, Melissa, Ian, and Veronica are in the Hastings' kitchen, and Melissa and Ian are talking about going to the church to begin to plan their baby's christening. Spencer jokes around by asking if the baby will be born a human, leaving Melissa angry, and their mother Veronica disappointed. Next, Emily is in her bedroom emailing Samara, when her mother comes in asking to talk about something. Emily assumes something has happened to her father, but actually, his assignment has been extended, so he would like Emily and her mother to come to Texas - not for a short visit, but for... a year. Emily begins to refuse, but her mother says that a a 16 year old girl, she belongs with her family. Then, Aria is talking on her phone with Ezra, who, upon seeing Ezra in person, hangs up, and tells Aria he lost his resignation. Aria punches Ezra in the chest, but then Ezra tells Aria that the police didn't know about him and Aria, they were instead asking about Spencer and the trophy. Ezra also says that he will no longer be her English teacher, and Aria apologizes for hitting him. Ezra also announces that he'll be attending the faculty mixer at Aria's house, and Aria tells him that she'll show him her room. Next, we see Hanna and Mona talking in the hallway by the lockers, and Hanna asks Mona about the letter. Mona simply lies and says whether he sent her a letter or not, he still broke her heart and was a jerk. Then, Hanna asks Lucas if he'll be mad at her forever, and Lucas says "Probably." Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna confront Jenna about the video. A flashback scene is shown, Ali visited Jenna on her way home from Hilton Head, showing her the video of her and Toby. She said that if Jenna told anyone about The Jenna Thing, Ali would show the videos of Jenna and Toby. Ali also said Jenna could not come back to Rosewood. The four Liars than talk about how happy Ali was after the trip to Hilton head - it was because for her, The Jenna Thing was over. Now the Liars are eating lunch, and Spencer uses a pre-paid phone to text Ian telling him she has his videos. Ian replies, and Hanna tells him to bring $10,000 to the middle of the woods later that night. Mona comes to the table, sits down, then all the Liars, including Hanna, leave the table. Hanna left her phone their however, and receives a call from Caleb. Mona picks up, and lies to Caleb, saying  she gave Hanna his letter and she threw it in the trash. She also mentions that he should lose her number, because she already lost his - which, is a lie, because she didn't. Lucas overhears the call and talks to Mona. Next, jenna is shown at her house, sitting on her bed, and she receives a call from - gasp! - Ian.He tells her not toworry and that he will take care of the video.Garrett then runs into Emily and tells her that he is on her side. Then Emily goes over and sits with Hanna while Emily's mother is packing boxes for Texas. Now, Toby is reading and Spencer is doing homework, the two of them in Spencer's bedroom. Spencer is on her bed and Toby is sitting in a chair by Spencer's window. Spencer admits she likes having Toby there, and Toby says he likes being there. Toby tells Spencer to "come here" then he turns the chair around so it faces the window, opens the window, and Spencer snuggles in his arms. Then, jenna is in her bedroom talking about Alison - and - GARRETT is there with her, who kisses Jenna. Um, Garrett and Jenna? NOT a good match. Next there's the faculty mixer at Aria's house. An unexpected guest arrives - Ezra's ex-fiancee, Jackie Molina! Back in Spencer's bedroom, Spencer receives a text from Melissa saying that Ian didn't show up and she needs a ride to the church. Toby says he will always be there for her, and Spencer says he loves knowing that. The two share a kiss! ♥ Meanwhile, Hanna is debating on whether or not to delete Caleb's number from her phone. She ends up deleting it. Lucas and Caleb are in a car, driving to what may or may not be Hanna's house (haha) and Caleb asks Lucas why they're doing this and Lucas says that Hanna deserves to be happy. Spencer and Melissa are in the car - and - oh, crap, Melissa forgot her phone at the church. Spencer offers to go back to the church and get it, but, they are hit by a car. Now in the woods, are Hanna, Emily, and Aria. Now in the hospital, Spencer is ok, as is Melissa, but it's too early to detect the trauma of Melissa's baby. Back in the woods, Aria receives a message from A. In the hospital, Spencer agrees to go back to the church to get Melissa's phone, because Melissa won't relax without Ian. Spencer's purse is recovered from her vehicle, and she turns on her phone to find 3 new messages from Aria. Spencer calls Aria. In the woods, Garrett has arrived, after Emily called him. At the church, Spencer goes to find Melissa's phone. The doors slam behind her. In the woods,  car is coming, and Hanna, Emily, and Aria are told to stay out of sight. The person driving was a messenger - Logan - who was sent by Ian and paid. In the church, Ian has arrived! They talk for a moment, and Ian tells Spencer he will "take are of her" - as a distraction, Spencer throws the videos, and then runs up to the top of the bell tower, where Ian attempts to kill her. The Liars are listening in because Spencer had called Emily's phone (and then dropped it) - Ian almost manages to kill Spencer, but luckily, A omes in and kills Ian instead, wearing all black. The Liars arrive at the church, to find Ian Thomas dead. The police arrive at the scene, but, IAN'S BODY IS NO LONGER THERE. This could only mean one of two things - either A took his body, or, Ian's not really dead...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Annie! ♥

Today is March 19th, and guess what that means? it means it's my friend Annie's birthday. She's been asking for a post all about her for quite a while now, so I figured I'd do one on her birthday. We can't give out our ages, unfortunately. But yep, Annie is her real name, because she can give out all that info lol. Go read her blog at and you can tweet her here: - plese wish her a happy birthday for me! She has 2 shared YouTube channels - please go subscribe to them both - and also, - go check them both out. So anyway, Annie is obsessed with pickles. And mustard. 2 things that I hate. Pickles are disgusting. Actually, I'm gonna tell you about the little surprise me and another mutual friend planned for her. Yesterday, the last day of school before Annie's birthday, well Annie didn't want us to acknowledge her birthday whatsoever. Of course, she tells us that, guess what we're gonna do? We're gonna acknowledge her birthday! So, me and a mutual friend wenr up to our math teacher before class, outside the room where Annie couldn't hear us, because we're all in the same math class - yea - but anyway, our other friend said "Can we sing Happy Birthday to Annie?" and our math teacher was like, "Of course we can!" and then I add "Oh yeah, she doesn't want us to acknowledge her birthday at all" so then, being the awesome math teacher that she is, our math teacher says, "We'll be sure to sing loud and proud!" And we did. Then Annie like, killed me lol. Well, at least I didn't tell our principal to give her a birthday shoutout at lunch - that's 10,000 times worse. Because there's like, 350 people at each lunch at our school...anyway, like, the whole floor heard us...giggle. Well currently I am texting her and she just I guess I'll ttyl...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! ♥ xoxo

Pretty Little Liars 1x21 Monsters In the End

Best. Episode. So. Far. Well, I say that about most episodes lol. But seriously, one of the best for sure. Here's a list of the main events that happened to each girl... Aria: Goes to Ezra's, but on his laptop, sees a picture of him and a girl - Jackie Molina, wearing an engagement ring. Aria makes a fake account and friends Jackie with Hanna's help, only to later remove Jackie from her list of friends. Aria decides to confront Ezra herself. She learns that at one point Ezra was engaged, but Jackie had broken off the engagement. Aria is upset because she and Ezra can't take a couple picture like that together. So Aria draws faces on 2 paper bags, she and Ezra put them on and take their picture. However, soon after, Aria receives a text from Emily saying that she found the key Jenna had been looking for. So, when Aria leaves, a police - Garrett - sees her, and he confronts Ezra and tells him what he saw. While at Ezra's appartment, Garrett sees the disguises Aria had used to take their couple picture. Next up, Hanna. Hanna is still heartbroken over Caleb. When she goes to the festival to help out with Mona, Caleb goes to the Marins' house and tells Mrs. Marin he's leaving Rosewood and would like Hanna to know. Mrs. Marin is given a letter, but she tells Caleb to go to the festival and deliver it to Hanna himself. So he does, but when Mona sees him, Hanna hides behind the tent, and Caleb gives Mona the letter, telling her to give it to Hanna. Mona reads the letter than rips it up and throws it in the trash, pouring a red juice drink on top. We do, however, see that the last line of the letter says "I love you Hanna" - Hanna never receives this letter, but does find out Caleb is leaving Rosewood and going to Arizona. Next, there's Emily, who is tired of being Paige's "secret" - she plans to go to a meeting for other girls like her with Paige, but Paige never shows. Emily befriends the girl there, and later when Emily is with Paige at the festival, Em runs into the girl, and buys some earrings. It seems as if Paige is jealous, and she threatens the girl. It seems as if Emily and Paige broke up. Emily also finds the key Jenna was looking for, in a snowglobe Ali had given her after Ali had gotten back from vacation. Lastly, best for last is Spencer, Spencer is still a person of intterest. Her mother wants her to refrain from being in any contact with Toby. Spencer talks to Toby however, and they agree to meet up at the festival. At the festival, Spencer gets a text from "Toby" saying that his phone died and he is inside. Spencer goes inside the funhouse and gets trapped - A uses a crowbar to trap her inside, and luckily Ian saves her. After, her mother says they should take a shortcut on leave, but then Spencer sees Toby. Her mother tells Spencer to come the other way with her, and at first she does, but then she runs back to Toby and kisses him. So that was my little list Obviously, Spencer and Toby are my favorite couple, and Aria and Ezra. It's definitely looking like Ezra will get arrested in the next episode, which, btw, is the season finale... I really hope Spencer and Toby will become an actual "couple" - Hanna and Caleb - I want Caleb to come back. I love Hanna and Caleb together, and luckily during an interview, it was said that Haleb won't be going away all this soon. But Spencer and Toby have so much chemistry together...these two need to stay together, like forever. Surprisingly, Toby commited suicide in the second Pretty Little Liars book, Flawless, so that would mean no relationship between Toby and Spencer in the books...haha I realize this is mostly about Toby and Spencer, but, hey, they're my favorite couple of like, all time in this show. Sooo amazing. Toby is actually my favorite male character, Spencer my favorite female. And, Pretty Little Liars is the best show ever. I can't wait to see the season finale... see if Spencer and Toby bcome a thing... and of course how Spencer's mother reacts. I don't think it will be good..
Hahaha. Byeeeeeee - and I will probably be doing a whole post on the finale as well, since it is, well, the season 1 finale. Season 2 starts June 6th though, yeayyy :)

My Top 8 Favorite Songs ♥

Okay, as I'm typing this, the song Fireflies by Owl City is playing. Not that that makes this list. Because it doesn't. But I'm not on my computer right now. Trust me, I have way more music and much better songs on my computer. No offense to Owl City, because Fireflies isn't a horrible song. My least favorite song... well, most music before the 80s kinda is super bad. Not that I like 80s, but I've heard way better than 80s. But anyway, here's my list of the top 5 on my list. By the way, I added a little playlist on this blog, so scroll down to listen to my playlist. No, I don't think all my favorite songs are on there...I can't remember exacrly what's on there off the top of my head. No, the following songs are not in any order whatsoever. P.S. I'm now listening to one of my favorite songs - Perfect by P!nk - thanks, ! So here goes...
1. Perfect by P!nk. So technically this song is called F**kin' Perfect, but, there's a clean version, luckily, or I probably wouldn't technically be allowed to listen to it lol. But this song is so catchy and amazing, like most of P!nk's songs. GO LISTEN! The clean version is on my playlist - just scroll down a bit and it's in the sidebar :) Sooooo amazinggg! I guess you could say it's my favorite song, but I don't technically have one specific favorite song...there are too many amazing songs out there. But this is definitely one of them!!!
2. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry - this song is one of my favorites also, obviously, or it wouldn't be on this list like it is, and you wouldn't be reading about it. This song is also in my playlist - go check it out NOW! Pure amazingness...sooo catchy. The music vid is really good as well. Both are amazinggg... but anyway, go check it out. Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers...this is one of my fav songs by her...
3. Glitter In the Air by P!nk - not only was the song featured in my favorite TV show of all time, Pretty Little Liars, but it was also featured in my favorite show of all time - Pretty Little Liars. Hahaha This is one of the few slower songs on my list. Yep, this is on my playlist as well - go listen, you will love it. And it suits the scene in Pretty Little Liars very well. It's in Episode 19 of Season 1 - A Person of Interest. Either way, fantastic song, in Pretty Little Liars or not. Go listennnn (:
4. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz - I know this song is kindof old...but anyway, I still love it haha. Yea, it's on my playlist as well.  One of Taio Cruz's first bigger hits, I'm pretty sure... it's actually the song that's playing right now. Lol. It's a really good songggg....I don't listen to it often, but this song definitely deserves to be on my list of favs hahaha.
5. Sober by P!nk - I just recently discovered this song, although it came out in like, 2008 lol, but I looove it. I don't think this is on my playlist, but it's on if you want to go check it out. Definitely worth it. It's a fun, catchy song...
6.  Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood - this is another slower sonng on my list, but it's still good. I looove Carrie Underwood, and this song. It's so's about a wedding....go listen, it's pretty good. No, not on my playlist, but is on - lol I talk about that website all the time. But hey, you can listen to music for free - what's better?
7. Booty Call by Ke$ha - this again is not on the playlist on this blog, but go to Playlist and it's there. I don't think it's on iTunes, either. But it's catchy and it's a song that's fun to listen to...this song would be good for a party, definitely...really good.
8. Enchanted by Taylor Swift - another slower song, but still amazing, This is on my blog playlist, so scroll down and check it out!!! The beginning is kinda boring, I will admit, but gets much better as the song goes on, I promise. Definitely worth listening to.Haha that completes my list!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Georgetown Cupcakes (DC Cupcakes)

So there's this show called DC Cupcakes on TLC, which most of you have probably watched. It's about 2 sisters, Sophie and Katherine, who ditched their corporate jobs to follow their dream and own a bakery. They're cupcakes are pretty much THE cupcakes. THE best cupcakes. I never had a chance to try them. Until today, that is. When I got home from school, there were 2 dozen DC Cupcakes waiting at my house. Yum. The cupcakes were absolutely delish. And sent to my mom for her birthday, which is today. I had 1 and 1/4 of a cupcake... 1 vanilla cupcake, and one that I don't know what the flavor is called, but it's insanely good. The cake looked vanilla, but it had some kind of chocolate cookie candies inside, and a yummy cream cheese icing topped with those same chocolate cookie candies. I'm still waiting to try the red velvet later, which is my personal fav. Although, the vanilla and the unnamed one were absolutely fantastic. Actually, if you go on the website and click "Menu", the exact one that I had, same frosting, same decoration...the exact one was called the "Vanilla & Chocolate" - personally, I describe it as a moist golden cake, with a rich chocolate icing and beautiful pink fondant flower. On the website, the cupcake is described as
"Classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting topped with a fondant flower" hahaha I have no idea what that means. Let's see if I can find the other cupcake I had... ooh here it is! Toffee Crunch! It was amazing. The description from the website... "Toffee cupcake with a toffee-infused vanilla frosting topped with crushed heath bar" yum! Sure tasted a lot like cream cheese icing though... and the cupcakes look EXACTLY as they do on the website, no joke. They're. So. Good. And they come in pretty boxes, wrapped with a pretty black and white Georgetown Cupcake ribbon. Amazingness. These cupcakes are like, my new favorite food! Amazingness hahaha. Well, here are pictures of the cupcakes I tried, and also a picture taken from my phone :)

By the way, the website is and don't forget to check out the show on TLC. :) xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There is no point to rounding your numbers.

What is the point in rounding your numbers to the tens place, hundredths, thoudandth, tens, etc.? There is none. I think it's better just to leave the number alone if it's not repeating or irrational, or just put one of those bar notation thingies on top if it's a repeating decimal. I always forget to round my numbers, mostly to the tenth place. I think it's better to leave it as it's actuall number. Personally, for example I like the number "12.14" alot better than I like "12.1" it's just more exact. I like exact numbers. I don't like rounding, I cannot stand it! And I have a habit of not rounding my numbers, just leaving them the way the naturally are. Actually, I hate the whole concept of decimals. I thin I'll numbers should just be positive whole numbers. Yep, no negative numbers either. Oh, and no number should be greater than 1,000, and all numbers are divisible by all other numbers. But that's not reality, is it? No. Sadly. Like, math is my favorite class, mainly because my favorite teacher teaches math... but anyway, math itself is not something I enjoy. Too many numbers. Yeah, I have an A+ in math, so it's not like I don't know how to do any of that mathematical stuff, but it's just annoying. Kindof like a little sibling. I hate big numbers, I guess. And division. Unless its something divisible like 42/6 or somthing. But not crazed numbers like 7,927/18 or anything like that. Although, if I was being forced to do that problem, I would have no problem leaving it with whatever digits come after the decimal, not taking em all away and rounding. Because a) I feel bad for the numbers that have to be taken away lol and b) I just prefer to leave a number naturally the way it is supposed to be.
And that is all I wanted to get across.
xo, ali

Monday, March 14, 2011

OPI Black Shatter vs. China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Black Mesh

So, despite the much longer name, China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Black Mash is actually very similar to OPI Black Shatter. Both are black nail polishes that leave a "crackle" or "shatter affect on your nails. China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Black Mesh is a product I just recelently learned about. I was watching a review on YouTube by luxuriousnails - go subscribe if you haven't already! Not only does China Glaze Crackle Glaze come in black, but also other colors pink and purple, which makes it even better. On the Ulta website, this product is only $8. The last time I checked, OPI Black Shatter wasn't even on the website. What I can tell you, is that China Glaze Crackle Glaze is definitely on my wishlist! I am definitely planning on going to Ulta soon to pick up this amazing product, or perhaps OPI Black Shatter. I am a nail polish addict, personally. I love OPI, but have not tried out any China Glaze. I have heard great things about this product! On the review by luxuriousnails, there was a side by side comparison of OPI Black Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze in the color "Black Mesh" and honestly you could tell no difference. So if I happen to see China Glaze when shopping, I will definitely be picking it up, and doing a review/swatches. Like I said before, China Glaze Crackle Glaze comes in various colors - white, pink, purple, black obviously, and a few more that I can't remember from the top of my head. I love how this polish comes I'm more than one color - it would definitely make your nails look a little more fun! Post a comment if you've tried it before and let me know how you liked it - I'll try to get my hands on one ASAP (:
xoxo, Ali

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Hair Routine! Feat. Zoe Flatiron

Straight hair is like my signature look. Every once in a while I'll braid it wet for long waves/curls or sometimes I'll put it up in a messy bun or fishtail braid, etc. but 9 days out of 10, my hair is stick straight. I, unfortunately am not allowed to show my face, but I will have a picture at the end of this blog entry of my hair, not my face. Okay, I try to shower every day, usually it's every other day, which is actually healthier for your hair. Usually, my showers take 20-30 min max. Okay, so I do my hair in quite a few steps... the first step, obviously, would be shampooing my hair. Sometimes I'll double-poo (lol) but usually I just shampoo once. The shampoo I use varies with what happens to be in the shower, usually it's something by either Herbal Essences, Pantene, or Garnier Fructis. All are amazing products, the one I'm using at the moment is Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship - amazing scent, btw. Red raspberries and silk! Then I''ll condition my hair, I don't condition my scalp, I find that it leaves it unneccesarily greasy looking. The conditioner I am currently using, and have been using for the past several months, is Pantene Nature Fusion, and I am in love. It smells so nice and is overall an amazing product that hydrates my hair very well, which is important because I use a lot of heat on my thick, kind of frizzy hair. When I get out of the shower, I simply brush out my hair (yeah I know you're supposed to use a wide tooth comb but I find it easier just to use a regular hairbrush) and wrap it up in a towel to soak up some of the excess water, that way I won't have to apply as much heat. Sometimes I'll let my hair airdry, but most tuimes I blowdry - I use a Conair blowdryer - not sure of the exact model, but it's black and dries my hair within a reasonable amount of time. Oh, before blowdrying, I spray my hair with TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, which, btw, is an excellent product. I can see what a difference it makes in my hair! When I'm done blowdrying, I like to use a straightener, just to tame my frizz and make my hair smoother and straighter. I use a Zoe Flatiron, which was $30 at Ulta. The description from the official Ulta website is... "The Zoe Styling Iron features 1" tourmaline ceramic straightening plates that help to seal moisture into the hairstrand for smoother, shinier and more manageable hair. Model features 410 degree maximum heat, 9-foot swivel cord, and a thermal pouch." This flatiron is overall an amazing product and has many pros to it, such as how quickly it heats up and easy it is to straighten my hair  however I do think it could do a little bit better if it got a tiny bit hotter and had different heat settings. I have a slightly tough time geting my ends to stay straight also, they're slightly curled. Zoe, however, is a great place to start if you're looking for your first flatiron. I do have to go over my hair 2x sometimes, but it does an amazing job!
This is actually the exact sraightener I have! It has a really pretty pattern on it :)

My's not exactly the best picture, I took this with my 2 megapixel phone! No, I'm not allowed to show you guys my face either, as you can tell. Lol.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

I finished Perfect!

I never told you guys.... I finished Perfect! I'm not gonna sit here and do a complete plot and review, because I think I'bve talked so much about Pretty Little Liars on this blog, it's not even funny. Ok it is. I guess I'll just do thereview of this book and leave the plot part out. Beware: thre will be some spilers, so those of you who don't want to read and spoil this for yourselves, please don't read the following. So I finished Perfect 2 or 3 days ago, the book was, like any book written by Sara Shepard, amazing. It got even more suspenseful! The A notes keep threatening the liars more and more. Personally, I was kindof upset with the events thathappened in the book. Emily's getting sent  to Iowa? Ezra's been arrested? Hanna's been hit by a car? Spencer cheated and won a Golden Orchid for her plaigerized work? Bad things are happening to all 4 liars. Let's start with what I think of Emily and Iowa. Emily's parents are overreacting here. Big time. I'm really hoping Emily will stay in Rosewood!!! Ezra? Arrested? In the same sentence? Stupid Sean. Stupid A. A sent Aria's boyfriend, Sean, a picture of Aria and Ezra kissing on school property - Ezra's office, actually. Sean shows the pic to the police, who come to Ezra's apartment and arrest Ezra! NOOOOO! And oh, yeah, I never mentioned the whole Toby suicide thing....Toby is gone. And he wasn't even A. See, this is what A does to you. I liked Toby, actually. Not in the books as much as in the TV series, but still, Toby was definitely an interesting character. So, Hanna. Hanna figures out who A is, then is hit by a car! Talk about unfair. I'm thinking in the next book the other liars will learn that Mona is A as well. For sures. Last but not least, Spencer. She plagiarized Melissa's essay, and her teacher "Sqidward" nominated her for a Golden Orchid! She makes the finals, but guess what? A sends Spencer's winnign essay  to melissa, who recognizes it as her own work. Goodbye, the bond between Melissa and Spencer. And they were just starting to get over the whole Wren thing. Stupid A. Personally, this was my least favorite book in the series so far, but it still deserves a solid 9m out of 10 stars. Or, 4.5 out of 5. Still absolutely amazing book, like I said, and I really want to read Unbelievable....

What to blog about...???

Ok, a tragedy has happened. It's called, I have no idea what I wanna make this blog post about. I'm just gonna say this: submit your ideas and interests! Please post a comment on this entry telling mewhat you'd like to see more of on this blog! Pretty Little Liars? Shopping? Makeup? Random questions? Leave me ideas! Thank you! -Ali

Elle's 15 Question Tag - Blog Style!

Elle, or allthatglitters21 on YouTube, recently made up her own little tag. I filmed a video and put it up on YouTube - - but I was just watching it and I realized I wanted to change and edit some of my answers. I've decided to do the tag again, blog style! Here is the original tag! there are a ton of video responses out there - yesterday when I made mine a video response there were 49, not counting mine, now there are 54. Here are the questions and my answers :)
1. What do you think you can do but can't?
-I think I can sing, and I think I can play volleyball. But I can't do either one. I totally suck at volleyball, and I can only sing some songs ok, still not that great though. And I think I can not study for a test and still get a good grade, but no, I can't. Well, only for certain subjects - math and French. Everything else I have to study for, or I'm probably gonna bomb it.
2. What's a difficult word for you to pronounce?
-I can't pronounce the words "reoccuring", "guru", and "reciprocate" - they're really tough words for me to pronounce. And I can't really pronounce scientific terms for things - like those scientific terms for animals and stuff like that.
3. What is a favorite TV show from your childhood?
-Dora the explorer I loved until I was like, 5. And I've always loved Spongebob. I still do, actually.
4. What are your virtues and vices?
-My virtues - loyalty is definitely one. And hardworking - but only if it's something I want to be doing. Like in a piece of art, I'll work hard to achioeve what I want. But when it comes to something like cleaning - um, no, not nearly as hardworking! Hahaha. My vices - I procastinate so so much. I'll wai the day before something;s due to start it lol. And I'm impatient. I cannot wait. I hate that haha. And then, I'm a perfectionist. I guess it's not that bad, but it's kind of annoying when it has to be absolutely perfect - it kindof reminds me when in like 1st and 2nd grade we had to cut out differnt things along the dotted line and I was always last because it had to be perfect.
5. What's more important: love, fame, power, or money?
-I'm gonna have to say love. You can live without the othger 3, but love. Really, what would life be without love?
6. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?
-I'm gonna have to go to the future. There'll be all that new technology, those new fashions...I can't wait til time travel is invented...hopefully sometime in my lifetime!
7. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?
-I'm gonna pick Forever 21 and VS PINK. Forever 21 because they have the cutest clothes for any occasion at an affordable price, plus tons of cute accesories. And VS PINK because the clothes are cute, cozy, and comfortable.
8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?
-Today is March 12. I have NO IDEA what I was doing March 12, 2010! Today is Saturday, last year it was Friday, I assume I just went to school like any day lol.
9. Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain?
-Not that I can think of, no. Most of my dreams happen 1nce then never come back.
10. What's your horoscope?
-I'm a Leo. Yep. I was born July 23.
11. What does your dream bedroom look like?
-My dream bedroom! Definitely mirrored walls on three of four walls, I think I'd have to go with a modern, trendy wallpaper on the fourth. I don't know about other Forever21s, but in mine, its white marble floor. Solid white. With glitter. So pretty. And my room would need a circular bed. With blue and sand color accents, beach inspired. Ans seashells and candles, with crystal chandeleir, and tray ceilings :)
12. What position do you sleep in?
-I'm a side sleeper 95% of the time, but sometimes depends. Mostly side though. I never sleep on my back.
13. Who is your favorite vampire of all time?
-I have to pick Alice Cullen. She's stylish, quirky, and fun - what more could you ask for in a VAMPIRE?!
14. What are you currently wearing on your feet?
-I'm wearing socks - they're like a light heather grey with pink, red, and orange polka dots!!!
15. Do you have neat handwriting? Show us!
-Yes, I'd say my handwriting is neat!!! Here's a pic!!!
And my sockssss....

Ok, that was all the  questions!!! Haha, do this tag blog style if you'd like :) Heart you! -A

Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate - My Thoughts so Far ♥

So yesterday I began reading the book Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate - and it's an amazing book so far. I've read 9 chapters so far and the book is fantastic. It's funny and a great summer book.  think I'll have to save Tan Lines, the second book, to read by the pool or on the beach! The writing of this book is super detailed - it's amazing how much happens in the first 9 chapters. Here's a basic plot - not as nearly detailed as the writing itself is though. So, in the first chapter the main character Summer Smith is hating her life because her crush Sean isn't noticing her - Summer insists that Sean doesn't even know she exists. She's mad because Sean offered another girl a ride home, but Summer is stuck walking in the bad weather. When she arrives home, her mother says her aunt called and was wondering if she'd like to stay with her aunt and cousin in the Florida Keys for the summer. Summer says, "You mean... You mean, she's asking if I want to spend the summer on the beach, in the sun, swimming and... and being warm and lying out in the sun and getting tan... and going to beach parties and getting windsurfing lessons from sensitive guys with excellent bodies? She wamts to know if I'd like that?" So obviously, Summer ends up going. In the second chapter, Summer is on the plane and sees a boy named Seth. Summer think's hes beautiful and hot. Summer receives a free tarot reading from a woman on the plane, and the woman says she will meet 3 different guys during the summer. The woman says each will be very different. "One will seem to be a mystery. One will seem to represent danger. One will seem to be the right one." The first one she meets getting off the plane - Seth. Chapter 3 - In the airport, Summer finds herself heading the same way as Seth. Her Aunt Mallory and cousin Diana are late. They end up kissing in a photo booth. Then, Mallory and Diana arrive at the airport, late. Diana sees Summer as a very pretty girl who could be a threat to her social life, and begins plotting ways to get rid of her. In the end of chapter 3, Mallory and Diana end up giving Seth arrive, and Summer learns Seth has a girlfriend, Lianne. However, they just recently broke up. Mallory actually leaves on another flight, and Diana is left to show Summer around and keep her company. In chapter 4, they arrive at Mallory's home - a mansion just steps from the water. Mallory had originally had a room ready fro Summer to stay, however, Diana feels thretened and gives Summer the treehouse wayyy outside. It's complete with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but has pelican droppings and is very old. Chapter 5 is simply a video blog to Summer's best friend back home, Jennifer. Chapter 6, Summer learns that someone else is staying on her aunt's property in the same treehouse she is staying in. He's been living in the treehouse for 6 months, and his name is Diver. At the end of the chapter, Diver says he'll talk to Frank about the situation, Frank is actually the brown pelican whose droppings are all over the house. In chapter 7, Diana is finally beginning to start to like Summer, the two chat about food, boyfriends, etc. It is revealed Summer has never had a boyfriend before. Summer then goes for a walk around the town, searching for a job, and meets Maria Esmeralda Marquez, who goes by Marquez. Marquez offers to get Summer a job at a local restaurant, the Crab 'n' Conch. In chapter 8, Summer gets the job. Marquez invites Summer to Adam Merrick's party, and Summer agrees to go. Diana, meanwhile, is showing little kids dolphins as her job. Diana becomes even more jealous of Summer. In chapter 9, Summer realizes the boy she met in the treehouse in the middle of the night is real. Marquez and Summer go jet-skiing, and the gas is empty while they're jet-skiing. So that's all I read. So far, excellent summer book, perfect to read poolside or on the beach. The book is actually really long - it's 721 pages. Amazing book, though, Post a comment if you've read this book and let me know what you think.
xo, A

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tiffany & Co.

Okay, so I've been eyeing this bracelet for quite some time now. It is currently $230, which is quite a bit for a charm bracelet. However, this isn't just any bracelet - this is a Tiffany & Co. bracelet. I love Tiffany & Co. I don't have anything from Tiffany, but I already am in love after looking at their website and watching hundreds of videos on YouTube. The bracelet I want is just a simple heart tag charm bracelet, I'm pretty sure its the most affordable bracelet on the site. It comes with one charm, a sterling silver heart shape charm that reads "Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York" This bracelet is like, the most stunning bracelet around - the entire thing is sterling silver. This charm has what Tiffany & Co. describes as a "spring clasp" that allows easy attachment to a necklace or a bracelet. Actually, the full description of the bracelet from the official website is... "Return to Tiffany™ heart tag charm. Sterling silver. On 7.5" round link bracelet. Charm and bracelet available separately. Spring clasp allows easy attachment to necklace or bracelet." I've been looking at this bracelet for about 2 years now. Currently, I'm saving my money to buy this bracelet, but it's a little hard when you're a shopaholic lol. I definitely think the bracelet is worth it though...well, maybe some MAC Anyway, this bracelet, like I said, is sterling silver, so it won't rust if it's wet or anything. Considering it's $230 and a Tiffany, I'm sure this bracelet is very good quality and would not be likely to fall apart, unlike previous charm bracelets I have owned. The bracelet and charm are actually available seperately as well, the bracelet for $150 and the charm for $80. If I were to buy this bracelet I'd keep collecting charms for it - Tiffany & Co. makes all sorts of charms for many occasions. A Tiffany & Co. bracelet is what many people consider very valuable. The picture on the website shows everything in great detail  - like mentioned, this bracelet is gorgeous. OMG. So pretty. And it comes in that signature robin's egg blue box also. Tiffany is my new best friend :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So, I finished reading Flawless!

Today I finished reading Flawless, the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series, which is a series I am absolutely obsessed with. This book was definitely good. I prefer the first book over this one but still really good and something I didn't want to put down. I started this book a few days ago and have finished it, obviously. What I noticed was almost NO EZRA! Ahhh I'm gonna die. Ezra and Aria are my second fav PLL couple, after Toby and Spencer. Which brings up another thing. In the book, toward the end, Toby's body is found behind Emily Fields' house, dead. Like, Toby was suicidal. However, on the TV show, Toby is still alive. I have observed several differences. In this book I've noticed Hanna is alot more naughty than in the TV show, there's less Ezra, and Aria and Sean are dating?!?! Yeah they are. Very interesting to compare the two. Book was still excellent though. Surprisingly, Spencer and Wren continue to date however Wren breaks up with Spencer to date Melissa who breaks up with Wren. Confusing, huh? Thought so. The notes from A get worse and worse. Supposedly Mona is A, and it's starting to seem kindof like it. I can see how she would know the stuff about Hanna, but the thing is how would she know stuff about Aria, Emily, and Spencer? These things A is taunting then with are only things Ali knew. Yes, I know Ali is also A, but what, is Mona Hanna's A and Ali is A for all the others?? The pieces are just beginning to fall into place I think. A is becoming more of a threat in this book. Like, (s)he told Ella about Byron and Meredith, made Hanna tell Naomi and Riley about her breakup with Sean. A keeps taunting these liars. The things is, I'm wondering, Alisons still alive, where is she? She has to be somewhere... So I was flipping through the 3rd book, Perfect, and I read one scene where Sean, Aria's boyfriend, gets sent a pic of Aria and Ezra kissing by A. He informs the cops who arrest Ezra, but he's in his boxers which have bacon and eggs on them and on the waistband says "Tasty breakfast" now how hilarious is that?!?! Lol. Let's talk about the latest episode. To be honest, it wasn't that great compared to the one before. Hanna - well, Caleb shouldn't have done that after Hanna trusted him. Jenna definitely deserved that slap. Aria - OMG no Ezra! This episode kind of sucked w/o him. And that text? Jeez, Aria, check who you're sending your messages to! Luckily Byron didn't see what was in that book. Spencer - loved that seen between her and Toby when they talked about running away. The best part of the ep. Emily - I was surprised when Paige accepted Sean's asking her out. Personally, I don't like Paige. I prefer Maya...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's Shopping Experience: MAC, Forever 21, Target

Yeayyyy I went shopping today! I wish I could've said I had fun. I only ended up getting 3 things - a swimsuit, and a cute, flowy tank. My mall opens at 11:00 AM. So it was 10:53 when I got there, I just decided to wait out the 7 minutes. So at 11, I went to Macy's looking for MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation. This was actually my first time at the MAC counter, usually I go to Clinique, but I've been hearing a ton about MAC, so I knew I just had to try it out. The Wonder Woman lipglass was what I wanted, in Emancipation. So I get to the MAC counter, and it's like a dream. I ask for MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation, so the lady behind the counter goes to get it, but guess what? It's SOLD OUT! I have a giftcard to Macy's, so I checked the Macy's website, of course they're sold out of Emancipation as well. I'd buy it from the MAC website, but see, the giftcard I have is to MACY's. I probably will end up ordering it from the MAC website lol. Besides, I have a promo code for free shipping! The lady did show me the sample one, and it was a beautiful color, and the tube was jumbo sized! I did check out some of the Dazzleglass, I almost bought, and I must say I'm very glad I didn't. I was on the official MAC website. There's 1.92 grams in the Dazzleglass for $18.50, and 10.5 grams of product in the Wonder Woman Lipglass for only $1.50 more. So I will probably order it off of the official MAC website within the next few days. Next stop was Forever21. I had wanted to get a really cute necklace that my friend Annie had gotten there, but it wasn't open yet! Macy's is the only store open at 11AM on Sundays, everything else doesn't open til 12. Oh, well what a perfectly good waste of a trip to the mall. Yeay. Last stop was Target, I had come to get a new swimsuit, as well as sandals. I ended up getting a really cute swimsuit as well as a cute tank I absolutely LOVE! The swimsuit I got is 2-piece, a tankini. It's strapless with a sweetheart neckline, the entire thing is blue and white stripes. It's ruched as well, which I love. The top is kind of like a bandeau, but it's a tankini. It's sooo pretty. I tried on one I liked better but apparently it was too "skimpy" lol. I still love the one I ended up getting. I also got a really cute tank. It's black and racerback style. It has pretty ruffles on one of it's straps, and it's long and flowy, and absolutely gorgeous. I loooove it! Sooo that was pretty much what I did today... lol. Here are some pics!

Yes, the tank I got was black, but I could not find it in black on the website.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass - Emancipation

As of right now, I've decided to stick with MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipaton. Although this lipglass is $20, and the most expensive option, it also contains the most product at 10.5 grams or 0.37 US oz. MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation, I would describe as a pretty baby pink that would match anything. I may go to the mall tomorrow, and will probably be picking up this beautiful shade. This would be my first MAC product, I am very excited to try it out. Thebest part about this lipglass is that it is 100% PARABEN FREE! Yeay! In my opinion, definitely worth the $$$. Amazing colour, absolutely beautiful, paraben free. a ton of product as compared to other MAC lipglass...what could be better? The description on the official website is - "Lasso lips with a power-pop of pure lush colour, limited-edition jumbo-sized Lipglass! With our heroine's sense of bravado, this M∙A∙C favourite flaunts its superhero status via a glossy red cap, a screened WW logo on the vial and comic book-style carton." I've read tons of reviews on this lipglass, all are very positive, and it seems as if, on the beauty community on YouTube, everyone is loving this lipglass. Yes, like I said, $20 may sound expensive for just 1 lipglass, however, definitely worth it to me. I have found a blog with an excellent review of this product, as well as pictures, ingredients, swatches... this blog is absolutely amazing, this is where I learn about a lot of makeup before buying. Here's the link to the review of MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass! --> Go follow this blog! The reviews, as I mentioned, are excellent. Macbarbie07 on YouTube, or, Bethany, showed this lipglass in her haul video, and I have to say, the tube was almost 2x the size of a regular MAC Lipglass. so definitely worth the $20. I am now going to post some pix - I am getting all of these pictures from the blog that I mentioned above, I do not own any of these pictures whatsoever :)
These are the 4 MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses. From left to right: Emancipation, Athena's Kiss, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

This is the packaging for MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass. How cool is this?!?!

I'm so excited that these glosses have no parabens!!!

These are just the names of the glosses.

These MAC Wonder Woman glosses have a big doe-foot applicator!

The official picture of MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass - Emancipation, taken from the official MAC website. The link is... ---> Go take a look at all of the great reviews on this lipglass!

So tomorrow after I get home from the mall, I will probably do a haul here on my blog with pictures of what I purchased! Can't wait :) If anyone has tried out this lipglass and loved/hated it leave a comment and tell me why you liked/disliked it! How is it? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! xoxo, Ali

Friday, March 4, 2011

Battle of the Lipgloss!

Ok, so I may go shopping on Sunday, and definitely need a new lipgloss! I have narrowed it down to a few different options! Leave a comment w what you think I should get. Okay... here goes. The first one I'm thinking of getting is MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass. It's $14 and a really pretty pink color with a blue tint. This color is amazing, and inspired by Lady Gaga, one of my favorite singers ever. Unfortunately, this contains parabens, but all the ones I've picked out do, sadly. That would be the first option. The second is another MAC product. It would be... MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation. This color is very similar to MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass, however a bit lighter, which I like. This is also limited edition lipglass. It's $20 but you get a lot of product and the tube is almost double the size of a regular MAC lipstick, which I think is amazing. The applicator is really big as well, and I think this shade would flatter my skintone well. I think this is probably what I'll end up going with, but I'm not quite positive yet. The third option is Lancôme Juicy Tubes Smoothies in Spring Fling. This product I've tried before and loved! This lipgloss is $18 and contains quite a bit of product compared to most MAC lipglasses. Then again, I've really wanted to try out MAC lipglass, but Juicy Tubes was definitely a great lipgloss. The only con is that it was a tad bit sticky, but it's not too sticky for my taste. My fourth option isn't technically a lipgloss, but a lip smoothie. Clinique Lip Smoothie in Pear-Fection. This color is a coral color and comes in the form of a skinny tube that reminds me somewhat of an eyeliner. However, after reading reviews, I've come to realize there is not much product for $18. If i'm going to be spending quite a bit if money on a lipgloss, I'd like it to be worth it. Then again, I could always go with MAC Tinted Lipglass. I'm not sure what color quite yet as I loved quite a few of them, however, for $14, it doesn't seem as if there's a lot of product in such a tiny tube of lipglass. Then there's MAC Dazzleglass, Clinique Superbalm, MAC Kissable Lipcolour... I had originally wanted MAC Kissable Lipcolor, which has no parabens, but the color I wanted, Enchantée, is no longer available. I think if I chose this, I'd end up going with "So Vain" which is described as a muted dirty coral. I think it may be a bit too red for me though, I like pink lips and pink lips only, most times. Of course, Bath & Body Works Liplicious is an affordable option, but like I said, I prefer high end lipgloss because personally, I find that it's a lot better quality. I've tried Chanel lipgloss before, and I loved it, but is very expensive for not a lot of product. So, please tell me what you think in the comments below! What would you get? Or is there another product you reccomend, preferably paraben-free? Please let me know by Sunday, March 6th 2011! I'll let you guys know what I decide as soon as I know myself lol. xoxo, Ali