Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Annie! ♥

Today is March 19th, and guess what that means? it means it's my friend Annie's birthday. She's been asking for a post all about her for quite a while now, so I figured I'd do one on her birthday. We can't give out our ages, unfortunately. But yep, Annie is her real name, because she can give out all that info lol. Go read her blog at and you can tweet her here: - plese wish her a happy birthday for me! She has 2 shared YouTube channels - please go subscribe to them both - and also, - go check them both out. So anyway, Annie is obsessed with pickles. And mustard. 2 things that I hate. Pickles are disgusting. Actually, I'm gonna tell you about the little surprise me and another mutual friend planned for her. Yesterday, the last day of school before Annie's birthday, well Annie didn't want us to acknowledge her birthday whatsoever. Of course, she tells us that, guess what we're gonna do? We're gonna acknowledge her birthday! So, me and a mutual friend wenr up to our math teacher before class, outside the room where Annie couldn't hear us, because we're all in the same math class - yea - but anyway, our other friend said "Can we sing Happy Birthday to Annie?" and our math teacher was like, "Of course we can!" and then I add "Oh yeah, she doesn't want us to acknowledge her birthday at all" so then, being the awesome math teacher that she is, our math teacher says, "We'll be sure to sing loud and proud!" And we did. Then Annie like, killed me lol. Well, at least I didn't tell our principal to give her a birthday shoutout at lunch - that's 10,000 times worse. Because there's like, 350 people at each lunch at our school...anyway, like, the whole floor heard us...giggle. Well currently I am texting her and she just I guess I'll ttyl...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! ♥ xoxo

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