Saturday, March 26, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection - The One That Got Away and Black Shatter ♥

Last Sunday, I was able to go to Ulta and get 2 polishes from OPI's new Katy Perry Collection! I picked The One That Got Away, and obviously, Black Shatter. I posted a review/demo on my YouTube channel, but I thought it would be appropriate to do a little mini review and show you guys some pictures. First of all, these polishes are absolutely amazingly fantastic. The One That Got Away, inspired by Katy's song, is a beautiful hot pinkish purple that appears pinkish red on camera, but in reality is a pinkish purple. This color looks beautiful with or without the shatter over it And because it's higher end OPI nail polish, it doesn't chip easily - I've had mine on since Sunday and barely any flaws so far. Which is amazing. When I went, Ulta also had Last Friday Night and Not Like The Movies, but I did not at all like the swatch of Last Friday Night that was on the display, and Not Like The Movies was a really pretty color, but a little neutral. So I went with The One That Got Away, I'm pretty happy with my decision. I thought The One That Got Away would be your typical hot pink nail polish, but that is not at all the case, It's such an original color! And then there's Black Shatter, This was the polish I was most excited to try. At first, I had actually intended on buying China Glaze Crackle Glaze - and I have to say, there were some realllllly pretty shades of China Glaze, like that gorgeous gold color... but anyway, I settled on the 2 that I did. China Glaze Crackle Glaze was sold out anyway, but OPI Shatter was not - there were like, 20 of them at least. I was soooo happy Ulta had it! I got both polishes for $8.99. Plus tax lol. So anyway, after Ulta I went to my friend's house for a few hours, then as soon as I got home, I painted my nails The One That Got Away, then I ate dinner, then went back and applied the Shatter, because it will not work if either, a) You are not wearing a base coat, or, b) Your base coat is not dry. I shattered immediately after dinner and was sooo impressed with the results - it had worked perfectly, and looked almost exactly like the swatches I'd seen online. It was very matte at first, but a top coat adds immediate shine. It dries very quickly also, and lasts long, I've had this on for almost a week, and almost no chips!

xoxo, Ali

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  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT SOOOO BAD!!!! lololol.