Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 1x21 Monsters In the End

Best. Episode. So. Far. Well, I say that about most episodes lol. But seriously, one of the best for sure. Here's a list of the main events that happened to each girl... Aria: Goes to Ezra's, but on his laptop, sees a picture of him and a girl - Jackie Molina, wearing an engagement ring. Aria makes a fake account and friends Jackie with Hanna's help, only to later remove Jackie from her list of friends. Aria decides to confront Ezra herself. She learns that at one point Ezra was engaged, but Jackie had broken off the engagement. Aria is upset because she and Ezra can't take a couple picture like that together. So Aria draws faces on 2 paper bags, she and Ezra put them on and take their picture. However, soon after, Aria receives a text from Emily saying that she found the key Jenna had been looking for. So, when Aria leaves, a police - Garrett - sees her, and he confronts Ezra and tells him what he saw. While at Ezra's appartment, Garrett sees the disguises Aria had used to take their couple picture. Next up, Hanna. Hanna is still heartbroken over Caleb. When she goes to the festival to help out with Mona, Caleb goes to the Marins' house and tells Mrs. Marin he's leaving Rosewood and would like Hanna to know. Mrs. Marin is given a letter, but she tells Caleb to go to the festival and deliver it to Hanna himself. So he does, but when Mona sees him, Hanna hides behind the tent, and Caleb gives Mona the letter, telling her to give it to Hanna. Mona reads the letter than rips it up and throws it in the trash, pouring a red juice drink on top. We do, however, see that the last line of the letter says "I love you Hanna" - Hanna never receives this letter, but does find out Caleb is leaving Rosewood and going to Arizona. Next, there's Emily, who is tired of being Paige's "secret" - she plans to go to a meeting for other girls like her with Paige, but Paige never shows. Emily befriends the girl there, and later when Emily is with Paige at the festival, Em runs into the girl, and buys some earrings. It seems as if Paige is jealous, and she threatens the girl. It seems as if Emily and Paige broke up. Emily also finds the key Jenna was looking for, in a snowglobe Ali had given her after Ali had gotten back from vacation. Lastly, best for last is Spencer, Spencer is still a person of intterest. Her mother wants her to refrain from being in any contact with Toby. Spencer talks to Toby however, and they agree to meet up at the festival. At the festival, Spencer gets a text from "Toby" saying that his phone died and he is inside. Spencer goes inside the funhouse and gets trapped - A uses a crowbar to trap her inside, and luckily Ian saves her. After, her mother says they should take a shortcut on leave, but then Spencer sees Toby. Her mother tells Spencer to come the other way with her, and at first she does, but then she runs back to Toby and kisses him. So that was my little list Obviously, Spencer and Toby are my favorite couple, and Aria and Ezra. It's definitely looking like Ezra will get arrested in the next episode, which, btw, is the season finale... I really hope Spencer and Toby will become an actual "couple" - Hanna and Caleb - I want Caleb to come back. I love Hanna and Caleb together, and luckily during an interview, it was said that Haleb won't be going away all this soon. But Spencer and Toby have so much chemistry together...these two need to stay together, like forever. Surprisingly, Toby commited suicide in the second Pretty Little Liars book, Flawless, so that would mean no relationship between Toby and Spencer in the books...haha I realize this is mostly about Toby and Spencer, but, hey, they're my favorite couple of like, all time in this show. Sooo amazing. Toby is actually my favorite male character, Spencer my favorite female. And, Pretty Little Liars is the best show ever. I can't wait to see the season finale... see if Spencer and Toby bcome a thing... and of course how Spencer's mother reacts. I don't think it will be good..
Hahaha. Byeeeeeee - and I will probably be doing a whole post on the finale as well, since it is, well, the season 1 finale. Season 2 starts June 6th though, yeayyy :)

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