Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tooth Extractions :'(

Today, at 10AM, I got my last 3 baby teeth out, yeayyyy! Lollll stupid tooth extractions! It was actually kinda fun and pain free....I got a funny strawberry scented nose thingy haha. And the whole process literally took less than 5 minutes...well, I have no idea, because I was half asleep, it felt way too much like a dream. My lip was numb and it was really annoying me! I think he put on a lil too much jelly numbing stuff, but I guess that's better than not enough and me actually feeling it, right? The dentist who did it was really nice. He's just like, "Open big please" I probably was half asleep for a moment or two, then he was done, and he gave me my teeth in pink and purple tooth chest thingys!!! Hahah And there was this funny tingly thingy on my finger for heart ratre and stuff and it was cool to watch the numbers change it was all weird...then I went to Barnes & Noble yeayyy, and then this grocery store that I hate. It's actually awesome, I just think all grocery stores are boring. Technically I couldv'e gone back to school if I had wanted to but I had a big science quiz about energy that I didn't really study for so I decided I'll just get me an extra day of studying and make it up tomorrow instead. Anyway, back to teeth, I had to put these gross cotton thingys in my mouth and then when I took em out they were all bloody. But I'm fine now, no more numb. And I can eat somewhat normal, I've already eatin vanilla soft serve ice cream from McDonalds and hash browns from Dunkin Donuts w no problem lol. They kindof look disturbing. Like mushrooms kinda. Hahaha I'm gonna go blog 2 more entries to make up for the days I missed. Ttyl and xoxo!

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