Thursday, March 31, 2011

My phone is like, dead!

My phone is offically almost dead. I am ready to pronounce the poor thing dead. Almost. Yes, I'm pretty sure ny phone will be facing death somewhat soon. Unfortunately, my phone has many flaws. I've had my phone, the Samsung Gravity 2 in the color Berry Mauve, for just over 1 year, as I received it for Christmas 2009. Ny phone has received hundreds of calls, sent and received thousands if text messages. And now, it is my poor phone's time to go, I think. Lately my phone has been acting up, since Monday, exactly this past Monday. So I was drying my hair in the bathroom, my fine was sitting on the bathroom counter as I was in the muddle of an important conversation with my friend. Ok, it was an argument about pickles I think. But that's beside the point. So I finish straightening ny hair, then a pick it up, and unlock my phone, and it's all blurry. You know when you're watching TV and you turn to an invalid channel and it goes all fuzzy and grey? That's what happened to the left half of my phone screen. And then it turned mirrored - I didn't even know it did that! It was fine after I took the battery out for a bit, but after a while it just went back that way. So I have to keep taking the battery out. Finally on Wednesday I thought I could officialy pronounce my phone dead - it was discolored, the text was upside down and mirrored. I took the battery out, put it back in, but it wouldn't fix! It eventually did, luckily. So I'm taking it to the T-Mobile store this weekend, hopefully the problem will be diagnosed. And when my phone dies, well RIP little guy! xo, Ali

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