Thursday, March 31, 2011

YouTube! My channel, my videos, and more!

Okay, so I am sooo obsessed with YouTube, obviously lol. I've had my beauty account on
YouTube since July 14 last year. YouTube is such a fun website to go on with so many video selections to choose from! I personally live the beauty community on YouTube. That's my favorite. I love to watch tutorials, hauls, reviews. I love learning new tips and tricks from other girls in YouTube's beauty community! It's so much fun, and everything is so helpful! There are tips that I never would gave thought of, and simple videos for beginners, to advanced videos for girls who are looking for something harder. The question I get alot, and I mean, alot, whether it be on my channel, on one of my videos, or even through Twitter, is "Why aren't you allowed to show your face?" or, "Can you show you're face?" Well believe me, I'd love to be able to show you guys my face and do some tutorials for you guys. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to for privacy reasons! It's kindof hard to be a beauty girl on YouTube but be unable to show you my face. But I do try my best to attempt to do what I can for you guys. Like I always say, if someone really wants to see a tutorial, request a lip or nail tutorial! But no, I am not allowed to show my face. I know this sets a lot of restrictions. But unfortunately, without me following this rule, I would not be making videos at all. Anyway, I recently redid my channel, my profile picture... I'm definitely trying to keep my page updated and new with the latest new trends, or the latest tricks and tips. My videos - well, I wouldn't say my videos are "great" - they're definitely not as good as they could be if I could show my face. But I try to do hauls, reviews, beauty related tags... I've definitely been getting better though... just compare my newer videos with my first few! Such a big difference!! Personally, I love making videos for the fun of it. And, oh yeah. The partnership. Basically, I was offered a partnership on one of my videos - the summer book video. I went to sign up, but it required an address. Apparently it "smells like a scam" and it sounds way too easy? Well, if anyone reading this is a YouTube partner, message me on YouTube and tell me about it! Thank you! -A

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