Sunday, March 27, 2011

That thing called Twitter! ♥

Twitter is one of my favorite websites ever! In honor of my Twitter obsession, I figured I'd do a post dedicated to Twitter. So what is Twitter anyway? It's a website, that would be classified as social networking. This website is where you can post what you're doing, what you're up to...anything, in 140 characters or less. Well, there's Twitlonger for when you feel like writing a longer tweet. Oh, yeah. Anything you write on Twitter is known as a "tweet." Twitter is not just on your computer, either. You can tweet from any mobile device via txt, or from an iPod touch with the Twitter app. You can tweet pretty much anywhere from any technology related something. Then, of course there are several ways to tweet from your computer. There's just the mobile web, but then there are several programs you can download to tweet from, like Echofon, and TweetDeck (my personal fav) but you can download a ton of different apps for iPhone and iPod touch as well. You can "follow" people, and their tweets wil show up in your timeline. And, people can follow you. But if you only want certain people to view your tweets, you can "lock" your tweets and make them private, and anyone who tries to follow you, you have to approve it first. So it's quite a fun website. There are also other accounts that are made for a specific purpose. Like, for example, news accounts. My personal favorite would have to be teen quote accounts, which tweet teen quotes and other little things teens can relate to. My personal favs are @TeensInLove, @OMGwhatateen, and @quotesforateen. If you have Twitter, go follow them all :) Btw, I'm currently following 590 people. Lol. Once you start tweeting, you will probably find that it will take over your life and become quite addicting. Twitter is amazing. And an amazing way to keep in touch with other friends who have Twitter as well. It's kind of like, you can stalk them without stalking them? Hahaha. Sooo what else is there to say about Twitter? Well, there are verified accounts so you know who's a real celebrity and who's just pretending to be them. But then again, not all celebs have their accounts verified, so that doesn't help much. Well, it does I guess. And you can decorate your profile page and make it pretty for people to see it. But no, if you're account is locked, people can see your page, but will not be able to view any of your tweets. Which, for privacy reasons and all that, my tweets are locked. But yeaahhh. It's a pretty fun, addicting site....

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