Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So, I finished reading Flawless!

Today I finished reading Flawless, the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series, which is a series I am absolutely obsessed with. This book was definitely good. I prefer the first book over this one but still really good and something I didn't want to put down. I started this book a few days ago and have finished it, obviously. What I noticed was almost NO EZRA! Ahhh I'm gonna die. Ezra and Aria are my second fav PLL couple, after Toby and Spencer. Which brings up another thing. In the book, toward the end, Toby's body is found behind Emily Fields' house, dead. Like, Toby was suicidal. However, on the TV show, Toby is still alive. I have observed several differences. In this book I've noticed Hanna is alot more naughty than in the TV show, there's less Ezra, and Aria and Sean are dating?!?! Yeah they are. Very interesting to compare the two. Book was still excellent though. Surprisingly, Spencer and Wren continue to date however Wren breaks up with Spencer to date Melissa who breaks up with Wren. Confusing, huh? Thought so. The notes from A get worse and worse. Supposedly Mona is A, and it's starting to seem kindof like it. I can see how she would know the stuff about Hanna, but the thing is how would she know stuff about Aria, Emily, and Spencer? These things A is taunting then with are only things Ali knew. Yes, I know Ali is also A, but what, is Mona Hanna's A and Ali is A for all the others?? The pieces are just beginning to fall into place I think. A is becoming more of a threat in this book. Like, (s)he told Ella about Byron and Meredith, made Hanna tell Naomi and Riley about her breakup with Sean. A keeps taunting these liars. The things is, I'm wondering, Alisons still alive, where is she? She has to be somewhere... So I was flipping through the 3rd book, Perfect, and I read one scene where Sean, Aria's boyfriend, gets sent a pic of Aria and Ezra kissing by A. He informs the cops who arrest Ezra, but he's in his boxers which have bacon and eggs on them and on the waistband says "Tasty breakfast" now how hilarious is that?!?! Lol. Let's talk about the latest episode. To be honest, it wasn't that great compared to the one before. Hanna - well, Caleb shouldn't have done that after Hanna trusted him. Jenna definitely deserved that slap. Aria - OMG no Ezra! This episode kind of sucked w/o him. And that text? Jeez, Aria, check who you're sending your messages to! Luckily Byron didn't see what was in that book. Spencer - loved that seen between her and Toby when they talked about running away. The best part of the ep. Emily - I was surprised when Paige accepted Sean's asking her out. Personally, I don't like Paige. I prefer Maya...

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