Saturday, June 30, 2012


Haha remember this? From when I first started my blog...oh gosh that was a long time ago. Ljbaswcu is, let's just blog and see what comes up. And I feel like doing that today because I'm not quite sure what it is I actually want to blog about but I know I said I'd blog so...

When I first started my blog, I had just blogged about whatever, I guess. So  I guess that's what I should do today... because that was always fun and I like blogging about random things because I'm random like that :P

Summer reading. Mrow. I'm taking Honors English next year, which means I have to read THREE books. I chose Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, and The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. Let me just say, I finished Tuesdays With Morrie, although I have yet to even start the worksheet that goes along with it. It's a really good book, but it's also extremely sad. I'm about 60 pages into Nineteen Minutes, which is also very good, surprisingly, I didn't think I would like it. But I do. It's very long though and the font is small so it's going to take me a long time to read but I guess I don't mind. Summer reading isn't all that awful if you like the books, which I do, so far. Oh and then there's summer algebra, which absolutely sucks. Blech.

Summer plans. Gosh I really am blogging all about summer today aren't I. Let's see...there's a few vacations I'm going on (and yes I will hopefully still be blogging even during them) I'm also doing summer band, yay (wow, what a band geek...) oh well. That starts Monday, and I'm excited for that. I miss playing my oboe. My sisters have swim lessons, which leaves one day free each week, in which I'll probably end up going swimming or something, probably at the lake I always go to. I picked blueberries earlier this morning, it was fun and they were really sweet, yum. Hahaa I suppose you could say this summer has been better for me than previous summers, because as you know, I pretty much detest summers. Two months alone with no friends. Yuck.

Summer Favorite: I'm really liking Clinique's Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer. I'm shade 3, and I just recently got this product, which is somewhere, more or less, around $25. It has SPF 15, which is always good, and gives just enough coverage for summer. It doesn't small bad and it doesn't make me look orangey either. I really like it so far, haha I'll have to review it sometime!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Who Is A?! Pretty Little Liars Season 3!

So Pretty Little Liars Season 3 has begun! I must say, I am very excited to see what season 3 has in store, especially after Mona having been revealed as A in the season 2 finale... surprise, surprise, NOT. I kind of wish it had been someone else. Mona wasn't too surprising, because she was also A in the books, and the A on the show was supposed to be different. Anyway, here's my possible list of suspects and why they might possibly be A.

Maya: Maya could have been A. Also, side note: I don't think her death was a murder, I think it was suicide. I think she killed herself, maybe because she felt guilty, possibly for being A, if she was.

Jenna/Garrett: It's so obvious! He had the papers from that night in a previous season, Jenna has a reason to be A - to get back at them for blinding her, and there has to be a reason she's still prtending to be blind, right?

Melissa: Melissa is an interesting character. I definitely would not be surprised if she was A, especially because she had been involved with Garrett, Ian, etc. Also, she has a tendency to lie to Spencer, and has several reasons to get back at her.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry!

Hi loves♥

I'm going to be just talking about my experience with Tiffany & Co., and the Tiffany piece that I have, and just an overall what I think of the brand.

Okay, so first, I would just like to say that my Tiffany & Co. experience has been amazing. The piece I have (and I'll get into that later on the post) is beautiful, and definitely worth all he money it cost me. I actually just got it cleaned and polished at the Tiffany store the other day, and it is so shiny now, it came ou absolutely beautiful. All of the jewelry there is an incredible quality and stunning as well! Everyone working at the Tiffany store is so nice and helpful, they definitely know what they are talking about. The only downside (for me) is that the closest store is about half an hour away :( Also, when you buy a new Tiffany piece, I love how it comes packaged - in a blue jewelry bag inside one of those little blue boxes, tied with a pretty white ribbon. It makes me love Tiffany even more!

The piece that I have? Maybe some of you know that I had been saving for this for quite sometime and I finally got it last November! It's the Return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet in sterling silver, a classic Tiffany piece. The bracelet is currently $275 (subject to change) and is worth every penny. When polished correctly, which I suggest having done at Tiffany's, it is super shiny, just like in the picture. It is very difficult to break. However, since it is sterling silver, it will tarnish, so you will have to get it polished, how often depends on how often you wear it. I wear mine everyday and I like getting it polished after six months. Also, if you don't wear it for a long time, it can also tarnish that way.

However, it is definitely worth it. Polishing/cleaning is $15, and like I said, the bracelet comes out so shiny and pretty. definitely makes me want more :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alternatives to THONGS?!

Yes, you read that title right. So, if me talking about underwear makes you uncomfortable, feel free to either go find another post to read, or exit out of my blog ☺

I hope you guys don't find this post uncomfortable, but I thought I'd do it anyway. Why? Yoga pants and leggings are becoming more and more popular, and unless you actually want those ugly underwear lines, you can't exactly wear regular underwear, now can you? Usually, the solution to this is something like a thong - which comes in many styles and variations, such as the v-string. But what if you aren't allowed to wear such "provocative" underwear? Or what if you don't really think you need to spend the money on new underwear, when the ones you have work perfectly fine? Well, here are some alternatives to thongs that work just as well! By the way, if you wanna learn more about thongs and the benefits of a thong, you should check out this video:

1. The first alternative to a thong is simple. Don't wear underwear. Yeah, you read that right. Not wearing underwear? You won't have to worry about any ugly underwear lines showibng through, and you won'
t have to worry about the line of your underwear showing above the line of your pants or leggings. If you don't mind the feel and you feel comfortable with this, it's a great idea. Besides, no one will know unless you tell them, right? However, maybe you don't so much like this idea. Fortunately another solution is...
2. Yoga underwear! Victoria's Secret Pink makes these, and other brands might too, I'm not sure. These are made of a soft, stretchy material and are designed to be worn under yoga pants or other tight pants. They do help with underwear lines significantly, but are still there. Here's a link to a simple yoga bikini:
3. My personal favorite if you can't wear a thong: lace. For some reason, lace back underwear tend not to show through yoga pants or other tight pants. At first, the lace may be uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to it, but once you do get used to it, it is even more comfortable than a thong, and it of course leaves pretty much no underwear lines when worn under yoga pants. Lace underwear are sold pretty much wherever regualar underwear are sold, bvut my favorite place for lace back underwear (and underwear in general) is Victoria's Secret Pink. These are my favorite lace-backs: 

So, hopefully this helped you figure out how to wear yoga pants or leggings with underwear when you aren't allowed to wear a thong :P If you really want one? Try explainign the benefits of one to your mom: no underwear lines, for some people, can be more comfortable, and you may feel more confident when wearing one. Hope this helps! Remember, a thong is just another piece of fabric :P 

Happy Summer!

Hey! So, it's finally summertime, my school ended on June 18th (a half day on a MONDAY, how pathetic) but anyway, yay and nay for summer, yaybecause I now have a lot more time to blog. When I first made this blog I would blog just about every day. I would just always be blogging, and if I forgot, I would make up for it by doing all of those extra posts on the weekend. Thenb, I soon got very busy with school and pretty much stopped blogging. I would post a few times, maybe once or twice every few weeks, even months, always saying I wopuld start blogging more often. Well, clearly that never happened. But I will be blogging much more often this summer, hopefully two-three posts per week, maybe more or less depending on how much time I have and if I'm going on vacation or if I'm busy with summer reading or, ugh, new this year, summer MATH - yuck. Anyway, back on topic...why don't I like summer?
     For me, summer is just this unsocial two months where I spend all day long doing boring crap and being bored out of my mind. Basically, I don't really hang out with my frieds in the summer. Why? Because if they're on vacation, I'm not, when I'm on vacation, they're not, etc. etc. etc. Plus, they all participate in all these camps andeveryone's just too busy. Gah I hate summer. Plus there's this stupid thing called summer algebra, prepping for algebra next year (btw I'm taking Algebra II Honors...oh god wish me luck with that, hahahaha. Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be a rant on how much I dislike summer so...
     Where have I been? Of course, over the past few months, I've been busy with school and such. Also, I've been a lot busier on other websites (sorry :P) but I am obsessed at the nmoment, with Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and, also, I got a Facebook, how exciting!(: Not only has my other Internet life (hahaha) taken over my time for blogging but also my "life" life. Let's see...I've been hanging out with my friends more and more often. I broke up with my boyfriend. I had a band concert, graduation, graduation dfance (so fun!) among several other things. I'll be going on vacation for two weks total this summer (not saying where or when!) I had my dance recital, practice oboe often, and I joined track. Most of that's over now, which means, I have more time to blog, which I'm super excited about!
     By the way, about my YouTube: Unfortunatel;y I don't really think I'll be posting many videos anymore...I've just gotten too bus to film and edit a video every week, and its just too stressful. Maybe I'll upload a few this summer, like possibly a back to school haul later on, since hauls are my favorite videos to watch and make! Also, a room tour gets requested the most often, so I may or may not do that depending on if I decide to go back to YT or not.
     Speaking of the hauls, I've already started getting back to school clothes because, as you know a lot of stores are having huge sales this time of the VS Semi Annual sale and the redline sales at Hollister/Abercrombie...for example, I got a $49.50 pair of jeggings for $7.74 at Hollister! But I'll discuss that later, haha.
     Anyway, yhe point of this post is this: I'm back for summer and am so very excited to start blogging more like I used to! I stioll have a ton of ideas of things to blog about and certain products I want to review, etc. So, cheers to that! Happy beginning of summer and I'll talk to you all soon:)