Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alternatives to THONGS?!

Yes, you read that title right. So, if me talking about underwear makes you uncomfortable, feel free to either go find another post to read, or exit out of my blog ☺

I hope you guys don't find this post uncomfortable, but I thought I'd do it anyway. Why? Yoga pants and leggings are becoming more and more popular, and unless you actually want those ugly underwear lines, you can't exactly wear regular underwear, now can you? Usually, the solution to this is something like a thong - which comes in many styles and variations, such as the v-string. But what if you aren't allowed to wear such "provocative" underwear? Or what if you don't really think you need to spend the money on new underwear, when the ones you have work perfectly fine? Well, here are some alternatives to thongs that work just as well! By the way, if you wanna learn more about thongs and the benefits of a thong, you should check out this video:

1. The first alternative to a thong is simple. Don't wear underwear. Yeah, you read that right. Not wearing underwear? You won't have to worry about any ugly underwear lines showibng through, and you won'
t have to worry about the line of your underwear showing above the line of your pants or leggings. If you don't mind the feel and you feel comfortable with this, it's a great idea. Besides, no one will know unless you tell them, right? However, maybe you don't so much like this idea. Fortunately another solution is...
2. Yoga underwear! Victoria's Secret Pink makes these, and other brands might too, I'm not sure. These are made of a soft, stretchy material and are designed to be worn under yoga pants or other tight pants. They do help with underwear lines significantly, but are still there. Here's a link to a simple yoga bikini:
3. My personal favorite if you can't wear a thong: lace. For some reason, lace back underwear tend not to show through yoga pants or other tight pants. At first, the lace may be uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to it, but once you do get used to it, it is even more comfortable than a thong, and it of course leaves pretty much no underwear lines when worn under yoga pants. Lace underwear are sold pretty much wherever regualar underwear are sold, bvut my favorite place for lace back underwear (and underwear in general) is Victoria's Secret Pink. These are my favorite lace-backs: 

So, hopefully this helped you figure out how to wear yoga pants or leggings with underwear when you aren't allowed to wear a thong :P If you really want one? Try explainign the benefits of one to your mom: no underwear lines, for some people, can be more comfortable, and you may feel more confident when wearing one. Hope this helps! Remember, a thong is just another piece of fabric :P 

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