Monday, June 25, 2012

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry!

Hi loves♥

I'm going to be just talking about my experience with Tiffany & Co., and the Tiffany piece that I have, and just an overall what I think of the brand.

Okay, so first, I would just like to say that my Tiffany & Co. experience has been amazing. The piece I have (and I'll get into that later on the post) is beautiful, and definitely worth all he money it cost me. I actually just got it cleaned and polished at the Tiffany store the other day, and it is so shiny now, it came ou absolutely beautiful. All of the jewelry there is an incredible quality and stunning as well! Everyone working at the Tiffany store is so nice and helpful, they definitely know what they are talking about. The only downside (for me) is that the closest store is about half an hour away :( Also, when you buy a new Tiffany piece, I love how it comes packaged - in a blue jewelry bag inside one of those little blue boxes, tied with a pretty white ribbon. It makes me love Tiffany even more!

The piece that I have? Maybe some of you know that I had been saving for this for quite sometime and I finally got it last November! It's the Return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet in sterling silver, a classic Tiffany piece. The bracelet is currently $275 (subject to change) and is worth every penny. When polished correctly, which I suggest having done at Tiffany's, it is super shiny, just like in the picture. It is very difficult to break. However, since it is sterling silver, it will tarnish, so you will have to get it polished, how often depends on how often you wear it. I wear mine everyday and I like getting it polished after six months. Also, if you don't wear it for a long time, it can also tarnish that way.

However, it is definitely worth it. Polishing/cleaning is $15, and like I said, the bracelet comes out so shiny and pretty. definitely makes me want more :D

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