Saturday, April 30, 2011

That Summer by Sarah Dessen ♥

So, the title of this blog is also the book I'm currently reading. It's really good so far, it's basically about this 15 year old girl named Haven who's having a difficult time adjusting to her fathers remarriage, her sisters fiancé, and also hear height, 5'11". Sooo then her sisters old boyfriend Sumner Lee comes back and sparks all these different memories. It's really good so far, I just finished chapter eight. I reccomend reading it lol. I think there's a sequel too. Hopefully I'll be able to read that book as well. I've been reading sooooo much lately, it's crazy. Haha Pretty Little Liars, obviously. And L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, that's also a very good series. I'll have to do a blog post especially dedicated to that series, because it's super good and I reccomend reading it. But anyway i've been reading alot lately. And if you watched my Easter haul on YouTube than you know I got this book for Easter. It's reallyyyyy good! Amazing. I just started reading it like, idk, Monday maybe? Hahaha...

What color nail polishhhh

What color should I paint my nails? Comment below please? I was thinking Shatter or maybe just plain ole The One That Got Away, I'm not sure. Ooh, maybe my DelSol one! The one that changes color in the sun! So cool haha. Or, Essie Lady Godiva? OPI Take the Stage? Not sure!

Randomness from this past week

It's been a while since I blogged so I figured I'd tell about this past week. I didn't do much Monday and Tuesday. Normal school day, nothing special after school. Well, I filmed a video Monday and uploaded it - my Easter haul video lol. I had planned to film it Sunday, but that never happened hahaha. But I filmed it Monday. Nothing happened Tuesday. On Wednesday, I skipped dance to go to this event at my school. Had dance Thursday though. Nothing really happened Friday at all lol. Then today is Saturday... *sigh* so bored. Just sitting here watching Drake & Josh, and blogging obviously lol. I have nothing else to do or blog about... Hmmm...

What to blog about...?

Idk. You tell me (:

I'm so bored

I'm so bored. It's a Saturday afternoon and I have, like, nothing to do. Well I have homework. But since I'm a procrastinator I'll wait til tomorrow. Haha.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I love my water!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

If there's one thing I cannot live without, it's my flavored water. My Aquafina Raspberry Flavor Splash. Not only is it beyond amazing, but it is a necessity. Water is one of the 3 main things people need to stay alive! And flavored water is just an added bonus! Especially Aquafina Raspberry Flavored Water! Only the best water for the best blogger :P hahaha jk. Bt seriously. Best. Water. Ever. It's the one thing I'm always craving. My flavored water. I could never live without it. I don't know how I did before discovering it! It'slike, sooo much better than regular water! Flavored water makes regular water seem, like, well, sewer water or something. No offense. That's just a simile. :) But seriously, gom try it NOW! Because you won't regret it. I am absolutely obsessed. I really need to make a video all about it. And it's not like me to make a video about something like water. But it changes your life! Right now there is no flavored water in the house. I think I'm gonna die. Lucky for me my school sells it, but still! I'm in love with the stuff! It's an addiction. I love raspberries, and water is a necessity! Put em together and what do you get? Flavored water! Duh! Go to this website NOW: Well, finish reading this post first... flavored water is da bom! Go try it, if you dare... ♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

HoPpY eAsTeR!

HoPpY eAsTeR, to those who celebrate it! So, obviously, today is Easter, and I wanted to write a basic blog post :) So this morning my sister and I woke up at like, 6 ish, went downstairs at 6:30, collected eggs, opened baskets, etc. Btw, I'll be doing an Easter haul probably later today and will upload it ASAP! But anyway, I went to church at 9:30, just got back. My grandparents are coming later today, so that's pretty much my Easter. Another thing: I got this face scrub in my Easter basket, I tried it out and I love it! It does what it says it will. A review on it will be coming soon, it's St. Ive's Apricot Scrub. It also smells amazing :) So I guess that's all I wanted to say, was to wish you guys a happy Easter if you celebrate it! I'll try to film a haul video later today, but for now, ttfn!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok, I just got home, literally, like, 5 minutes ago, from my hair salon, after like, the best haircut in the world lol. It was basically just a normal haircut, wash, cut, blowdry, straighten. I don't kbnow why, but my hair feels sooo healthy and clean and radiant hahaha! I only got 1 inch off, and then 1 and a half inches off my side bangs...hehe but my hair smells reallllllyyyy good, like Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, which, btw, is the best ever. My hair looks really good too, because whatever flatiron was used on my hair, it was clearly a million times better than the plain Zoe hair straightener I have haha, and it didn't even have to go over my hair more than once! Thinking of saving my money for a ghd or CHI now... sigh lol. It kinda took forever though, at least that's what I think. The appointment was at 1:30, but we got there at 12:50 and were there until roughly 3:30. Almost 3 hours! Even though everyone else in my family got their haircut, mine took like, a whole hour hahaha. I love getting my hair cut, but when she washes it haha it ticklessss :) But it's worth it, because my hair smells amazing afterwards! I'd post a pic here, but I don't have permission to show my face... *sigh* lol. Then I also got an eyebrow wax, but tbat's nothing new, because I do that every other week haha. Mainly I just sat there and played on my iPod for two hours. Hehe well I'm planning on doing an Easter haul video tomorrow, and I'll have to show you guys my hair then. Lol I really want to color it like, milk chocolate brown! Wouldn't that be pretty? But I'm not allowed to color my hair yet lol, and my mom doesn't want me to, because she loves my natural color, which is plain boring black. Hahaha, but everyone says that black hair suits me... does it? I don't know lollll...

Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Amazing "Slow" Songs ♥

It has been quite a while since I last did a post about music, so I figured it was time to do a music post. My favorite song at the moment is actually a "slower" song, so I figured this would be the perfect topic to write this entry about! Haha yes, slower songs can be boring, but some are actually decent lol. Btw, yes, these are in order - the last one is my fav :) All of these can be listened to for free at with the exception of number 5!
5. To Find Perfect by Alyssa Shouse - Although this song and artist are not very popular, the song is absolutely fantastic. It's just amazingness, and Alyssa herself made a lyric video for it on YouTube! Go check her out: :) You'll love her songs and music, such a good voice. Definitely worth listening to, personally this is my favorite song by her!
4. Halo by Beyonce - my all-time favorite Beyonce song! Insanely catchy with a good message, I find myself singing it alot. Gets stuck in your head sooo easily lol! My sister and I find ourselves singing this song all the time. It's a great song, and one of Beyonce's best, for sure! Go listen to it!
3. F**kin' Perfect by P!nk - I've featured this song in several blog posts before. I love this one, it is my favorite song by P!nk! Personally, I think it has a good message, and is a very catchy tune! Luckily, there is also a clean version lol. This song is tempting to sing in the shower :) lol. I love it, personally, definitely some of P!nk's best work, I'd love to see more songs like this. It's definitely one of my favs.
2. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum - This song isn't really "slow" but it's slow enough to be in this blog post :) I just recently discovered this song also, when Lady Antebellum was nominated for some award at the Kids Choice Awards. I've heard this song many times before, but I never could figure out who sang it. I'm so happy I did, because this is one of the most amazing songs in like, the whole world. It has a good message. And this song is good for long, boring car trips. It's slow, but still has a nice rhythm to it and is very well wirtten.
1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol - best song ever, at least right now. This song, and also this group, is not very popular, but they definitely deserve recognition. This song is amazingly good, I discovered it when my geography teacher played it during a test. The lyrics are nice, and the song is sooo amazing. I like to listen to it during long car rides, and when I can't sleep lol. It's awesome  - I find that it's often on repeat on my iPod :D

Haha that was my list :) xoxo

New video ideas?

Okay, guys, do you have any video ideas for me? I'm kindof out of video ideas. I'm definitely planning on doing an Easter Haul on Sunday, and an updated makeup collection video sson, possibly another updated what's in my bag video, and possibly a nail tutorial, or another hair tutorial. I haven't done a review in a while, definitely thinking about making a review video for like, a makeup remover or something. What I want to know is, do you guys have any ideas for me? Like, do you want to ee more lyric videos? I've made one lyric vid before btw. Do you want to see some craft videos? Lol I actually made one but somejhow it went missing on my computer... Do you want bloopers? Cooking videos? Tell me what kind of videos you guys want to see on my channel, and I'd be more than happy to film them for you! Please don't be afraid to request a specific video, either! I want to be making more videos that I know you guys will want to watch and will be able to enjoy! Please leave a comment below, or stop by my channel and comment! Thanks! xoxo

No, I'm not allowed to show my face!

If there's one question I get asked the most, it's "Why aren't you allowed to show your face?" or, "Can you show your face?"Well, I've answered this question sooo many times! I just wanted to address the issue "formally" - blog style lol! No, I'm not allowed to show my face, it's my parents' rule, and without following it , I wouldn't be making videos at all. I don't know why I'm not allowed to, I'm just not. If I was allowed to, I totally would, and I would be able to do tutorials and a ton more videos that I can't do now. I'm also not allowed to tell you guys my name/age... Well, Ali, is actually an alibi lol, just because I didn't want to be nameless haha. It was inspired by the TV show Pretty Little Liars... well, no duh, I'm kinda obsessed. And my age? I'll give you this: I'm a few years older than 10. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

An acrostic poem by me.

So boring it's deadly.
Cool! NOT.
Obviously assigned to bore us to death
Obviously requires to much effort
Lame and unnecessary

Really stupid
Oh so boring
Just the worst thing that could ever happen
Every second spent on it is a second of life wasted
Calming...hahaha, if only.
Terrible experience
Soooo idiotic

I detest school projects.

I hate school projects sooo much. Right now I am actually supposed to be typing a brief summary, as well as writing a script, for my upcoming presentation on Marie and Pierre Curie. It's. So. Boring. I'm starting to think I should've picked somthing more interesting, like Coco Chanel. But of course I thought of that idea after I told my French teacher I had wanted to do Marie and Pierre Curie. Truth is, Marie and Pierre may have been amazing scientists/chemists, but they are awful people to do a school project on. This is horrible, I absolutely detest the whole thing.This script is so hard. Well, not really, it's more boring than hard. Not that I don't like science, I just think physics and chemistry isn't really interesting, and I have to prepare a 5 minute presentation for me and this other kid in my class to do. Why do I have to do this dumb thing? It's all very stupid, if you ask me. Because I am never, ever, ever, going to become a scientist, I don't think! So the point of this is, well, there is no point, really. There just isn't. I think the point is to bore us to death, that's what. Because that's exactly what this is doing to me. Boring me to death. Of course I would've changed my subject to Coco Chanel or Christian Dior, but I'm working with this boy, and I have a feeling he wouldn't be too thrilled with the whole idea lol. Who could've thought one could hate a project so much??? Because I do. Truth be told, school projects SUCK.

And I have to dress up as Marie. What hideous clothes that woman wore. *Sigh*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maria or Manya Sklodowska?!?!

So I have this project thing for French, where I have to do a project on something or someone, or in my case, someones, related to France. I'm working with this other kid, who should be at my house in like 15 minutes to work on the project with me. Our topic? Marie and Pierre Curie. My sister actually recently did a project on Marie Curie, she had to do a book report. I am not doing a book report, just a 5 minute presentation thing. So, in the book she was assigned, it was stated that Marie Curie was born Manya Sklodowska, however, in every single internet source, plus 1 book source I've read, it says that she was born Maria Sklodowska. Which is right? Manya, or Maria? I think Maria, because I've gotten it from several trustworthy sources, including the official Nobel Prize website. But why would a published book have the wrong information? Especially a published book in an elementary school library??? That makes no sense to me. I'd say she was born Maria but some sources say Manya, but I've just gotten it from too many sources. The thing is, no one ever called her Maria, her family and friends all called her Manya, since, like, the day she was born. Book, I think you need to get your facts right. Also, every website and/or book that said she was born Maria mentioned that she was called Manya. See, I don't get this. All of the info in a nonfiction biography book technically are supposed to be correct!!! But in this case it's not? I don't know. This makes no sense to me. Books should have the right information in them, that's what I know. So for now, I will continue to think Maria, although my little sister and my mom think otherwise. Let me know what you think. Ta ta! -Ali

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life without Pretty Little Liars?!?!

Of course I would never allow that to happen. I'm sure everyone reading this knows my obsession over Pretty Little Liars! But it's been a while since I blogged about it! And that's because the season finale was quite a while ago, and it ended with a shocking cliffhanger! Which of course did nothing but make you want more lol. But Pretty littlwe LIars is never not in my life. I'm reading the books at the moment haha, I actually just finished Wicked, the 5th book in the series, next is Killer lol. Pretty Little Liars is like, the best thing since sliced bread, at least in my opinion lol. But seriously. I've went over the plot several times on this blog already, so I won't go over it again and waste time blogging about things I've already went over. Lol. Anyway, of course I found a way to incorporate PLL into my life even while the TV show isn't on. Haha the first season is on DVD in June I think I definitely will be asking for that for my bday. I can't wait for the second season to come out on June 22nd... sigh, I hate waiting. Pretty little Liars is an obsession for me. Each juicy detail... sigh lol. Sounds cheesy lol.... I could never live without Pretty Little Liars, I don't know what I did for entertainment before PLL haha. Well there is always Twilight, but, yeah, PLL is a hndred bazillion million times better. Everything about it is just more interesting for me.

That awesome lil' yellow guy.

Yeah, that's right. Spongebob Squarepants! Lol I have been obsessed with this show for quire a long time now - it's absolutely amazingness!!! The lil' yellow sponge goes on so many adventures... my personal fav would have to be when he and his best friend Patrick Star go to Shell Cty to get the crown and save the day! Aka The Spongebob Squarepants movie... the whole story is just so sweet, I love it! Hehe I'm almost as obsessed with Spongebob as I am Pretty Little Liars... I'm over-obsessed with both :) Haha Spongebob is just an amazing show that's been going strong for over 10 years! That's right, 10 years! And not many shows go on for ten years! But this show is SPECIAL! And watch-worthy. Definitely a watch-worthy show that you like, totally HAVE to check out, because it is overly-amazing. Who could of thought someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea could have such an interesting life?!?! Or that little sea star named Patrick who lives under a rock? And who could've thought someone could love their job as much as Spongebob loves his? But ok, yeah, flipping Krabby Patties DOES sound like a dream job... hehe I'd love to do it. So happy that Spongebob is on like, every day now. Look, I know it's probably supposed to be  a little kid show for like, 5 year olds, I'm kind of obsessed, even at my age (which I'm not allowed to give out, unfortunately) but let's just say some people would consider me too old to be watching Spongebob Squarepants... but haha no. I still am in love with the show, it's my second favorite for suressss... giggle :)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!?!

Oh yeahhhh, 2 best friends! Patrick is my favorite character on the show lol

Pwetty picturesssssss ♥

Like I said in an earlier post, I went on vacay, and to the beach, and thus, I drew stuff in the sand with my finger and took pics and the sun was set and it was soooo pretty! I don't have those pictures on my computer right now, I'll have to tweet them haha because they are on my iPod and phone, but not on my computer yet. But I have found other pictures that I love, haha they're a thousand times better than the ones I took with my somewhat crappy camera phone, but hey, mine aren't half bad :) Anyway, I found these pictures online, and am absolutely in love with them! Haha so here goes...I guess I'll start with my favorite pic right nowwww... keep in mind not all of these are the beach, I just thought they were all very pwetty <3

Okay, this is picture #1, which is my favorite! It's sooo amazingly pretty!!!! I love that color of that water...soooo amazing... whoever took this in real life, well you're sooo lucky! I'd love to have been there in real life when this picture was taken, wouldn't you?!?!

I also thought this picture was very pretty, I love the color of this amazingly beautiful flower, it reminds me of my origami rose, which is almost the exact same color... I love this picture, it reminds me so much of spring hahaha <3

The picture says "I love you", I say I love this picture. Haha I love this sooo much, a definite fav. It's actually my Twitter icon right now lol. And this definitely must've been hard to capture, when I was at the beach taking pics, the water kept washing away my messages lol

This is a picture I actually took myself on my camera phone, but this one isn't from this year, this was from last year. Same beach though. Isn't the sunset beautiful? And how the water is splashing onto the shore.... sooo pretttttyyyyy :) Love itttt!

This is the fifth and final pic of this bloggy post. But this picture is one of my favs, too, it actually has a story behind it...... sooo, I'm in this extra art class thing at my school, and I can do/paint anything I want, and this is the picture I chose to paint! 2 of my favorite things - beach, penguins - combined into 1!

Well I guess I'll have to do another 1 of these in the future because I loved typing this out! Haha I love sharing some of the random pics on my computer! Giggle :) xoxo

My MINI Vera Bradley Bag ☺

So, yesterfay was April 17, and I just then realized it was officialy Spring hahaha. Which means, I get to move all my stuff in my winter Coach bag, which has appeared in my YouTube videos numerous times, to my summer/spring bag. See, when it comes to spring/summer bags, I have 2 options - the Vera Bradley "Libby" in Peacock, which I got a few birthdays ago, and is plenty big, or, the bag I just got for Christmas - the Vera Bradley Frill Tippy Tie in Make Me Blush - I've been using this little Tippy Tie since last night lol, and although it is very small, it manages to fit all of the stuff that was in my other bag, and I love it! It's just so cute lol! Ijust went to the Vera Bradley website, and am quite surprised the bag is still on there! Haha but here's the link if you're interested - - mine is in the color "Make Me Blush" and I absolutely love it. And then, the inside lining is the non-Frill version of this pattern - it's sooo cute hah! I really need to get the matching wallet - I'm using my VB wallet in Peacock lol, but oh well :) Well, here's the website description, the bag, btw, is $14.99, but here's the description - "Knot your average handbag, the Tippy Tie is gushing with personality! A fun knot makes it easy to hold on to and perfect for showing off. The gathered detail around the bag’s opening stretches wide or snaps closed with a hidden magnetic closure, while the logo charm is proudly displayed." See, the description is definitely accurate - the bag is gushing with it's own personality! The handle is my favorite part, it's a little knot. Well, a huge knot. It's smaller in the picture than in real life, at least that's what I think lol. And the colors aren't exactly accurate, but overall it's pretty close :) Haha I looove it so muchhhh <3 Hehe here's a pic for you:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monte Carlo ♥

Is the movie I want to see. I got my Seventeen magazine for the month of May 2011 yesterday, and that movie was in the magazine. It looked good, I could tell from the picture that was there, then I looked up trailers and plots about the movie. It looks amazing, comes out July 1st of this year, and is definitely something I want to go see. From what I know so far, based on the trailer, it is aboyut 3 girls who travel to Paris, and while escaping from their "luxury" hotel, one of them, Grace (Selena Gomez) is mistaken for a wealthy heiress? It sounds amazing lol and would be just the kind of movie that I would want to go see.. Haha I should do that for my birthday, go with a group of friends to see this movie...its starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy, I think those are their names, I'm just remembering this off the top of my head lol. But I really want to see this...haha Ive always wanted to go to Paris myself....I'mkind of mad that this movie doesn't come out until July, because I don't think I can wait that long lol

Alyssa Shouse ♥

Just go check her out. lol I'm kind of obsessed with her music, especially her song "To Find Perfect" because it is an amazing song... <3 haha it's so catchy and fun to listen to... personally I love it and it is my new favvvvv haha! That right there would be the link to he official song, and you sooo have to go listen to it - it's definitely amazing, I'm surprised she's not more popular than she is! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How fast can you type?!?!

I love typing lol. Idk why, I just do. I'd say I type pretty fast, I have no idea how many words per minute, but overall pretty fast. And although I usually don't, I can type without looking at the keyboard, although I do tend to make quite a few mistakes that way haha. I don't exactl type in that stupid traditional way, I never have. I type just whatever is easiest and wherever the keys are on the keyboard. Hahaha. See, I get most of my practice from my phone, I text alot, good thing I have unlimited texting lol. I hate typing the stupid traditional way though, I'm way too slow that way lol. I text on my phone alot, obviously with the QWERTY keyboard. Haha what else is there to say about this topic...??? Idk lol.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Messy Buns! ♥

Lately, this has been my favorite hairstyle to do, especially because its quick and easy, and, depending on how you do it, can be formal or casual. I've been wearing my hair in a messy bun so much lately, I thought it deserved a post of its own. Well actually, right now, I'm also uploading a how-to video, tested on my sister Joy, or peaceypenguin on YouTube. She also has a blog. But its been months since she blogged, I think she just gave up on the whole idea. But anyway, back to the subject. Messy buns. So like I said, I'm uploading a how-to video on my version of a messy bun. And it's pretty messy. Of course, there are messy buns that aren't so messy. But I like mine loose and messy. Well, not too messy, but pretty messy.And, oh, apparently my video is published now, well you can go watch that right this second haha. Well, finish reading this first... ok, messy buns. Like, everyone is wearing them. They're just a quick easy thing you can do when you're going to be late for school. And you can wear them to gym class, and dance, and softball, and whatever other sport you might do. I actually learned how to do mine at - go check them out, amazing hair styles, including 2 different versions of a messy bun. Well, I love them both, actually haha. There are so many ways to do a messy bun, depending on how tight or loose you want it, or how long you need it to stay in, what products you use, your hair texture, etc. You get the point. This style works on any typw of hair, as long as it's long enough that is. But my hair touches to like, my armpits? Haha that sounds weird. But that amount of hair is plenty, of course the look will vary with different lengths of hair... So, comment with how you do YOUR messy bun, and tweet me a pic! and I will ttyl! xoxo

My version of a messy bun on my little sister ♥

A list of movies I want to see.

1. Something Borrowed2. Prom
3. Something Borrowed
4. Something Borrowed
5. Something Borrowed

Haha I've seen that trailer on TV sooo many times and it just seems like suchhhh a good movie. I HAVE to see it. And then, of course, I must blog about it. Unfortunately, no one else in my family wants to see that, so I have to watch Hop. Well who knows. Maybe it will be good. Or maybe not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yeay for a new cell phone!

I got a new phone. It happened last Monday. I got the Samsung Gravity 3 - my last one was the Samsung Gravity 2, so this new phone is basically the updated version of my old phone. This is my 3rd cell phone, my first being the Motorola Rizr 2 years ago. Well, a little more than that. But anyway. This new phone has several new features that I like, such as the Faves thing. And the ability to store tons more photos. And the bigger screen. And the layout of the QWERTY keyboard, which isn't quite bad once you get used to it. I preferred the coor of my old phone but the color of this one is still nice - it's blue. Kind of bright, but decent. I like it. I had originally wanted the Samsung Gravity Touch because it has always been my dream to own a phone with both a touch screen AND a QWERTY keyboard. And it didn't require a web service. But this post isn't about that it's about the Gravity 3. What else is there to say? I guess there isn't a lot of difference from my old phone. The keyboard layout is different and there is quite a bit of space between the buttons, but this phone isn't bad once I got used to it, which took just a few days. Even though both this and the Gravity 2 had a 2 megapixel camera, it seems as if this one has much better quality. I find that quite strange. But ok, whatever. Also, this came with preinstalled games, such as The Sims 3 Demo, Guitar Hero 5 Demo, and Bubble Bash 2. Plus a ton more. I mean it's taken quite a while to get used to this new phone, but I'm happy with it. If only it had that touch screen... Hahaha. I need to get a case for it still. I wad thinking one of those hard cases from those stations in the mall. Like the pretty bedazzled ones, or with animal print...not quite sure yet lol. And now I'm not sure. Did I already blog about this topic already? Sorry, my brain is kind of asleep hahaha...

I'm tired. And watching My Future Boyfriend. And other things.

I know I said I'd do a post on my vacation, but I felt like doing something more casual-ish, like just a little "What I'm doing at the moment" type thing. Like, an update. And plans for the week. And other stuff like that. So I'm tired lol, I didn't get to bed until midnight last night, and thanks to school, had to wake up at 6:30. So I got 6.5/8 hours of sleep last night. Yeay. Blogging tends to get me in a tired mood for quite strange reasons. I don't know. Ooohhh I know what to blog about! Random I know. And strange. People who know me personally please refrain from reading this. Especially my sister. Jk. Read it if you want. But don't laugh and I'm going to tell you the topic here - boys lol. I like 3 people at the moment hahaha. I'll give you the first letter of each of their names but that is all. Nothing else. So, they would be, N, D, and A. Haha. That's all I wanted to say about boys I guess. Not sure what else to cover, at least for that subject hahaha. Don't ask questions. And oh yeah right now in just lying on this recliner couch thing watching My Future Boyfriend on ABC Family. Well, half watching. Because mainly I'm blogging hehe. I just want to make up for what I've missed... So far, I'm already tired. I think one more post after this will suffice for today. I have the entire rest of the month to catch up now. But what to blog about, hmm that's a toughie. Ooh, I know! My new phone. That will be next...

Where have I been?

Where have I been for the past 8 days? Not blogging, obviously. Yes, that's right, it's been 8 days since I last posted a real post, 5 minutes ago I posted a mini post just saying I'm back and all that. But ok, my story begins. Mostly, I just haven't had the time to blog, i've had several tests and quizzes lately. And quite a bit of homework. And I, as you know, tend to procastinate quite often, so that is my main excuse. Next, dance. Yep, I dance lol and as our dance recital nears, what does that mean? It means a lot more practice, and more hard work and effort, leaving me tired and not in a bloggy mood. But I still try. Normall I blog from my iPod, but there will be days when I blog from my computer. Today is one of those blog from my iPod days. Not that that has anything to do with this. But yeah. Then, I went on a mini vacation - I'm not going to tell you where, because then you could guess where I lived. So let's just say it was on the coast, I guess you could say that. The drive was about an hour and a half, and I didn't have either computer access or wifi, so no blogging there. Unfortunately. I'll post all about that trip probably next. Not positive next, dont hold me to that. But it was alot of fun, I just got back yesterday... So, it's been a pretty hectic, crazed week. I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule relatively soon. And YouTube. It's been quite a while since I last posted a video, and I really wanted to make one, I'm not quite sure what I should make one on. Maybe an update? Just photos from my vacation if the beach, at night? Hmmm... Leave me suggestions, s'il vous plaît! Thanks, Ali

I'm back!

So, I'm back! It's been 8 days since I last blogged - 8 whole days! My next post will tell you where I've been and why it's taken me so long to blog again and why I'm so busy and all that fun stuff. But I'm just letting you know that I'm back, and will try as hard as I can to catch up with the days I have missed - and I will try to blog as many times as possible. But anyway, I'm going to end this post and get on with why I was gone for 8 consecutive days. -Ali

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Those cool things called cell phones ♥

Those cool things called cell phones - they've definitely changed the course of history. With a cell phone, you can call, text, take photos, and on some, even browse the web, plus a ton more. Where would we be today without cell phones? Nowhere, exactly! When one's cell phone dies, what happens? Well, mine is near its death, at the young age of just over 1 years - in fact, the exact number would be 1 year, 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days today.And my phone is slowly beginning to become more and more lifeless each day - with its fuzzy screen, upside down and mirrored text, and almost constant freezing. My poor Samsung Gravity 2, in the color Berry Mauve, was given to me by my parents for Christmas 2009. And it has had a very successful life - it's probably sent at least 100,000 texts, probably at least a full 24 hours of calls... has held a few hundred photos, several videos... it has accomplished quite a bit. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to this phone. But the time will be coming soon. Last Monday, I noticed these problems with my phone, and I went to the T-Mobile store earlier today, just after lunch, with my dad. And my phone cannot be saved. He's hanging by his last lil' string. Which is very unfortunate. I'm going to try to make this one of my longest posts yet, because I definitely think my phone deserves that. He was a very special phone. He was my second cell phone (My first was the Motorola Rizr) but that's beside the point. This phone, still, even now, holds almost 100 photos, all worth 1,000 words each... like the time I went to the beach at sunset. And the time I saw the penguins. And Christmas morning this past year. This phone is not something that could be replaced easily. I know it's a bit silly, a PHONE being this important. But believe me, it is. This lil' guy has suffered through several drops, being a tad bit wet...he's been with me for over a year.  This phone, btw, is a slide out QWERTY keyboard phone, and the keypad light is this super pretty pale pink color. It's beyond amazing. The back of the phone itself is a pinkish purplish reddish maroon color, as with the front of thephone. When you slide the keyboard out, the back of the phone is a super pretty pale pink. And the space surrounding the camera is that same color. It's really a beautiful, unique, phone. Even though this phone does hve its flaws, it's definitely been very helpful and easy to use. Like, how, on the keypad, each letter is spaced out exactly right, makes it sooo easy to type messages on. They're the perfect size, too. The phone itself is quite fast. The camera's good quality, even though it's just 2.0 megapixels. It plays music. Has games. A GPS. I could technically access web if I wanted to, even though I don't have the plan. It's really an amazing phone. Btw, I'm actually texting my friend Annie right now as I type this ( but yeah. Actually, my phone's on silent, too. I'm pretty sure all phones do this, but I love the fact that I can silent my phone, for texting secretly in bed (shhhh :) but it's quite useful. The battery life of this phone is overall well too. Unfortunately, they no longer sell this phone, so I will have to go with something different. I love the Samsung Gravity family, so I think I'm gonna go with the Samsung Gravity T. But that's beside the point, because this entry is about the Gravity 2, not the Gravity T, which, T stands for Touch btw. Well, back to this phone. It is a very "strong" phone, I would say. I've had this phone out numerous times in snow and pouring rain, and dropped it several times on hard surfaces also. And it doesn't even have a protective case on it! I probably should've gotten one though, this phone definitely deserves one. A pretty one, maybe those awesome ones that are all it called like, Lux or something? I have no idea. But AI should've gotten one for my lovely lil' friend here. My phone has sent thousands of messages - little, trivial ones like "lol" and "haha" and "lmao" to ones about like, who I like, with the guy I kinda like...hahaha. This phone is definitely special to me. My phone, you will never be forgotten ♥

Saturday, April 2, 2011

That obsession of mine called Pretty Little Liars ♥

That obsession of mine called Pretty Little Liars has been an obsession now for quite a while. I first got hooked after watching a few episodes of the TV show, and clips on my iPod on YouTube. Then I became obsessed. Like, soooo obsessed. It's pretty much all I can talk about on this hahaha. But it's sooo amazing, how could I not be obsessed? And when one of my friends is like "What is PLL?" I'm like, freaking out. FYI, PLL is only the best thing since sliced bread. And I kindof mean that, too. Like, it's dramatic, romantic, and mysterious all in one. What's not to love? Besides, you just have to keep on watching or reading, because you really can't walk away without finding out what happened to Alison, and who A is. You just can't. Well, you could, but the mystery probably would kill you. See, this is why this has been my obsession for sooo long. Right now, I've seen most of the episodes, and I just started the fourth book, Unbelievable, yesterday, and am now on chapter 7. Yes, this book and all the rest will make those who hate reading WANT to read. The cool thing is, at my school, EVERYONE is into PLL, almost, even the boys, so really, it's quite hard not to find something to start a conversation with. Like, who do you think is A? Or did you see that last episode? Or did you see that kiss/chemistry between ___ and ___? (Btw, my favorite couple is Toby and Spencer) Another great thing about Pretty Little Liars is the fact that the books are totally different than the TV show, so you can get ahead in th books and not worry about spoiling the TV show for yourself. But there are MAJOR differences. Like in the second book, Flawless, Toby Cavanaugh commited suicide, bur currently on the TV show, he and Spencer are in a relationship, perfectly happy. There are tons more, also. I'm addicted to the whole concept, as you guys can tell, obviously I think Sara Shepard is the greatest thing since Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Jk lol. I'm kindof a science nerd. But yeahhhh. See, when you start reading Pretty Little Liars, or watching the TV show, it's not something that you can walk away from, that is, if you understand what's going on. Like my sister started watching when it was like halfway through the season, and she had no idea what was going on. But that's beside the point right now. But seriously, there are so many horrifying twists and surprising romances in this series that you just HAVE to see what ciomes next. I guess the main point of this blog post was to tell those of you who haven't read or watched Pretty Little Liars before: GO WATCH AND OR READ IT. NOW.
xoxo, A (Hahaha)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

Happy April Fool's Day! Yes, I was involved in afew pranks. And I was not successfully pranked once, yeay! So, this morning before I went to school I helped my sister put a hair elastic around that sink sprayer thingymajig so that when someone turns on the faucet, it sprays all over them! Haha lame I know but it was in nmy Seventeen issue and I wanted to try it out. So my sis asked my mom for "water" - and the prank worked! Not as well as it could've because the hair elastic wasn't quite wrapped tightly enough, but it still worked! Then at school, well, let the pranks begin. So my friend and a bunch of her other friends went in a half an hour early to school and played a prank on this teacher - he looooves this football team - like, he's obsessed. But where I am, everyone is going against that team, so they flipped the desks upside down and moved everything around, plus they decorated the entire room with stuff supporting that team like streamers and stuff in those colors and signsand shirts... it was definitely a good prank. Then in homeroom, this girl taped my teacher's mouse to his desk so he couldn't lift it up. She duct taped it too. And then, my homeroom teacher happens to be my French teacher, and I have French first today. So this boy takes a whoppee cushion and puts it on my teacher's chair. And my teacher's like, a million bazillion years old, so it was kinda funny. So my teacher comes in the room, sits on it, and, it DOESN'T WORK! Um, dear whoopee cushion company, please improve your products! There wasn't a hole or anything in it eaither! And then m friend took my teacher's glasses. It was definitely funnier than it seems it would be. So next I had English, and whoopee cushion kid is in my English class also. He played the same prank, and the same thing happened! Um, epic failure. Times two. So next I have geography, and so all the boys take everything off my teacher's desk and stuff and dump it on the floor lol,. so he has an empty desk, and then they all hide, except their hiding spots were quite lousy, but still. Like, under desks where they're completely visible lousy. But still. Then I had this engineering technology class thing. And then lunch and stuff. Then science. My science teacher's the best, I think I did a whole post on that class, it starts off with the lyrics to Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" so go check it out. So this kid has the idea to take all my math teacher's stuff and put in the science room. Well my math and science teacher's rooms are next door, and the two totally hate each other. It's more like friendly hate though, if that makes sense. Like, when my science teacher is burning something on the Bunsen burner, he'll make sure whatever it is has a picture of my math teacher's face lol. Haha my math teacher got all mad lol. But she was nice about it. That's like, all the pranks though...sooo I guess I gotta go now... byyyeeee