Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok, I just got home, literally, like, 5 minutes ago, from my hair salon, after like, the best haircut in the world lol. It was basically just a normal haircut, wash, cut, blowdry, straighten. I don't kbnow why, but my hair feels sooo healthy and clean and radiant hahaha! I only got 1 inch off, and then 1 and a half inches off my side bangs...hehe but my hair smells reallllllyyyy good, like Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, which, btw, is the best ever. My hair looks really good too, because whatever flatiron was used on my hair, it was clearly a million times better than the plain Zoe hair straightener I have haha, and it didn't even have to go over my hair more than once! Thinking of saving my money for a ghd or CHI now... sigh lol. It kinda took forever though, at least that's what I think. The appointment was at 1:30, but we got there at 12:50 and were there until roughly 3:30. Almost 3 hours! Even though everyone else in my family got their haircut, mine took like, a whole hour hahaha. I love getting my hair cut, but when she washes it haha it ticklessss :) But it's worth it, because my hair smells amazing afterwards! I'd post a pic here, but I don't have permission to show my face... *sigh* lol. Then I also got an eyebrow wax, but tbat's nothing new, because I do that every other week haha. Mainly I just sat there and played on my iPod for two hours. Hehe well I'm planning on doing an Easter haul video tomorrow, and I'll have to show you guys my hair then. Lol I really want to color it like, milk chocolate brown! Wouldn't that be pretty? But I'm not allowed to color my hair yet lol, and my mom doesn't want me to, because she loves my natural color, which is plain boring black. Hahaha, but everyone says that black hair suits me... does it? I don't know lollll...

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