Monday, April 18, 2011

My MINI Vera Bradley Bag ☺

So, yesterfay was April 17, and I just then realized it was officialy Spring hahaha. Which means, I get to move all my stuff in my winter Coach bag, which has appeared in my YouTube videos numerous times, to my summer/spring bag. See, when it comes to spring/summer bags, I have 2 options - the Vera Bradley "Libby" in Peacock, which I got a few birthdays ago, and is plenty big, or, the bag I just got for Christmas - the Vera Bradley Frill Tippy Tie in Make Me Blush - I've been using this little Tippy Tie since last night lol, and although it is very small, it manages to fit all of the stuff that was in my other bag, and I love it! It's just so cute lol! Ijust went to the Vera Bradley website, and am quite surprised the bag is still on there! Haha but here's the link if you're interested - - mine is in the color "Make Me Blush" and I absolutely love it. And then, the inside lining is the non-Frill version of this pattern - it's sooo cute hah! I really need to get the matching wallet - I'm using my VB wallet in Peacock lol, but oh well :) Well, here's the website description, the bag, btw, is $14.99, but here's the description - "Knot your average handbag, the Tippy Tie is gushing with personality! A fun knot makes it easy to hold on to and perfect for showing off. The gathered detail around the bag’s opening stretches wide or snaps closed with a hidden magnetic closure, while the logo charm is proudly displayed." See, the description is definitely accurate - the bag is gushing with it's own personality! The handle is my favorite part, it's a little knot. Well, a huge knot. It's smaller in the picture than in real life, at least that's what I think lol. And the colors aren't exactly accurate, but overall it's pretty close :) Haha I looove it so muchhhh <3 Hehe here's a pic for you:

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