Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm tired. And watching My Future Boyfriend. And other things.

I know I said I'd do a post on my vacation, but I felt like doing something more casual-ish, like just a little "What I'm doing at the moment" type thing. Like, an update. And plans for the week. And other stuff like that. So I'm tired lol, I didn't get to bed until midnight last night, and thanks to school, had to wake up at 6:30. So I got 6.5/8 hours of sleep last night. Yeay. Blogging tends to get me in a tired mood for quite strange reasons. I don't know. Ooohhh I know what to blog about! Random I know. And strange. People who know me personally please refrain from reading this. Especially my sister. Jk. Read it if you want. But don't laugh and I'm going to tell you the topic here - boys lol. I like 3 people at the moment hahaha. I'll give you the first letter of each of their names but that is all. Nothing else. So, they would be, N, D, and A. Haha. That's all I wanted to say about boys I guess. Not sure what else to cover, at least for that subject hahaha. Don't ask questions. And oh yeah right now in just lying on this recliner couch thing watching My Future Boyfriend on ABC Family. Well, half watching. Because mainly I'm blogging hehe. I just want to make up for what I've missed... So far, I'm already tired. I think one more post after this will suffice for today. I have the entire rest of the month to catch up now. But what to blog about, hmm that's a toughie. Ooh, I know! My new phone. That will be next...

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