Friday, April 15, 2011

Messy Buns! ♥

Lately, this has been my favorite hairstyle to do, especially because its quick and easy, and, depending on how you do it, can be formal or casual. I've been wearing my hair in a messy bun so much lately, I thought it deserved a post of its own. Well actually, right now, I'm also uploading a how-to video, tested on my sister Joy, or peaceypenguin on YouTube. She also has a blog. But its been months since she blogged, I think she just gave up on the whole idea. But anyway, back to the subject. Messy buns. So like I said, I'm uploading a how-to video on my version of a messy bun. And it's pretty messy. Of course, there are messy buns that aren't so messy. But I like mine loose and messy. Well, not too messy, but pretty messy.And, oh, apparently my video is published now, well you can go watch that right this second haha. Well, finish reading this first... ok, messy buns. Like, everyone is wearing them. They're just a quick easy thing you can do when you're going to be late for school. And you can wear them to gym class, and dance, and softball, and whatever other sport you might do. I actually learned how to do mine at - go check them out, amazing hair styles, including 2 different versions of a messy bun. Well, I love them both, actually haha. There are so many ways to do a messy bun, depending on how tight or loose you want it, or how long you need it to stay in, what products you use, your hair texture, etc. You get the point. This style works on any typw of hair, as long as it's long enough that is. But my hair touches to like, my armpits? Haha that sounds weird. But that amount of hair is plenty, of course the look will vary with different lengths of hair... So, comment with how you do YOUR messy bun, and tweet me a pic! and I will ttyl! xoxo

My version of a messy bun on my little sister ♥

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