Monday, April 18, 2011

Pwetty picturesssssss ♥

Like I said in an earlier post, I went on vacay, and to the beach, and thus, I drew stuff in the sand with my finger and took pics and the sun was set and it was soooo pretty! I don't have those pictures on my computer right now, I'll have to tweet them haha because they are on my iPod and phone, but not on my computer yet. But I have found other pictures that I love, haha they're a thousand times better than the ones I took with my somewhat crappy camera phone, but hey, mine aren't half bad :) Anyway, I found these pictures online, and am absolutely in love with them! Haha so here goes...I guess I'll start with my favorite pic right nowwww... keep in mind not all of these are the beach, I just thought they were all very pwetty <3

Okay, this is picture #1, which is my favorite! It's sooo amazingly pretty!!!! I love that color of that water...soooo amazing... whoever took this in real life, well you're sooo lucky! I'd love to have been there in real life when this picture was taken, wouldn't you?!?!

I also thought this picture was very pretty, I love the color of this amazingly beautiful flower, it reminds me of my origami rose, which is almost the exact same color... I love this picture, it reminds me so much of spring hahaha <3

The picture says "I love you", I say I love this picture. Haha I love this sooo much, a definite fav. It's actually my Twitter icon right now lol. And this definitely must've been hard to capture, when I was at the beach taking pics, the water kept washing away my messages lol

This is a picture I actually took myself on my camera phone, but this one isn't from this year, this was from last year. Same beach though. Isn't the sunset beautiful? And how the water is splashing onto the shore.... sooo pretttttyyyyy :) Love itttt!

This is the fifth and final pic of this bloggy post. But this picture is one of my favs, too, it actually has a story behind it...... sooo, I'm in this extra art class thing at my school, and I can do/paint anything I want, and this is the picture I chose to paint! 2 of my favorite things - beach, penguins - combined into 1!

Well I guess I'll have to do another 1 of these in the future because I loved typing this out! Haha I love sharing some of the random pics on my computer! Giggle :) xoxo

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