Saturday, April 30, 2011

That Summer by Sarah Dessen ♥

So, the title of this blog is also the book I'm currently reading. It's really good so far, it's basically about this 15 year old girl named Haven who's having a difficult time adjusting to her fathers remarriage, her sisters fiancé, and also hear height, 5'11". Sooo then her sisters old boyfriend Sumner Lee comes back and sparks all these different memories. It's really good so far, I just finished chapter eight. I reccomend reading it lol. I think there's a sequel too. Hopefully I'll be able to read that book as well. I've been reading sooooo much lately, it's crazy. Haha Pretty Little Liars, obviously. And L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, that's also a very good series. I'll have to do a blog post especially dedicated to that series, because it's super good and I reccomend reading it. But anyway i've been reading alot lately. And if you watched my Easter haul on YouTube than you know I got this book for Easter. It's reallyyyyy good! Amazing. I just started reading it like, idk, Monday maybe? Hahaha...

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