Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

Happy April Fool's Day! Yes, I was involved in afew pranks. And I was not successfully pranked once, yeay! So, this morning before I went to school I helped my sister put a hair elastic around that sink sprayer thingymajig so that when someone turns on the faucet, it sprays all over them! Haha lame I know but it was in nmy Seventeen issue and I wanted to try it out. So my sis asked my mom for "water" - and the prank worked! Not as well as it could've because the hair elastic wasn't quite wrapped tightly enough, but it still worked! Then at school, well, let the pranks begin. So my friend and a bunch of her other friends went in a half an hour early to school and played a prank on this teacher - he looooves this football team - like, he's obsessed. But where I am, everyone is going against that team, so they flipped the desks upside down and moved everything around, plus they decorated the entire room with stuff supporting that team like streamers and stuff in those colors and signsand shirts... it was definitely a good prank. Then in homeroom, this girl taped my teacher's mouse to his desk so he couldn't lift it up. She duct taped it too. And then, my homeroom teacher happens to be my French teacher, and I have French first today. So this boy takes a whoppee cushion and puts it on my teacher's chair. And my teacher's like, a million bazillion years old, so it was kinda funny. So my teacher comes in the room, sits on it, and, it DOESN'T WORK! Um, dear whoopee cushion company, please improve your products! There wasn't a hole or anything in it eaither! And then m friend took my teacher's glasses. It was definitely funnier than it seems it would be. So next I had English, and whoopee cushion kid is in my English class also. He played the same prank, and the same thing happened! Um, epic failure. Times two. So next I have geography, and so all the boys take everything off my teacher's desk and stuff and dump it on the floor lol,. so he has an empty desk, and then they all hide, except their hiding spots were quite lousy, but still. Like, under desks where they're completely visible lousy. But still. Then I had this engineering technology class thing. And then lunch and stuff. Then science. My science teacher's the best, I think I did a whole post on that class, it starts off with the lyrics to Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" so go check it out. So this kid has the idea to take all my math teacher's stuff and put in the science room. Well my math and science teacher's rooms are next door, and the two totally hate each other. It's more like friendly hate though, if that makes sense. Like, when my science teacher is burning something on the Bunsen burner, he'll make sure whatever it is has a picture of my math teacher's face lol. Haha my math teacher got all mad lol. But she was nice about it. That's like, all the pranks though...sooo I guess I gotta go now... byyyeeee

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