Sunday, April 3, 2011

Those cool things called cell phones ♥

Those cool things called cell phones - they've definitely changed the course of history. With a cell phone, you can call, text, take photos, and on some, even browse the web, plus a ton more. Where would we be today without cell phones? Nowhere, exactly! When one's cell phone dies, what happens? Well, mine is near its death, at the young age of just over 1 years - in fact, the exact number would be 1 year, 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days today.And my phone is slowly beginning to become more and more lifeless each day - with its fuzzy screen, upside down and mirrored text, and almost constant freezing. My poor Samsung Gravity 2, in the color Berry Mauve, was given to me by my parents for Christmas 2009. And it has had a very successful life - it's probably sent at least 100,000 texts, probably at least a full 24 hours of calls... has held a few hundred photos, several videos... it has accomplished quite a bit. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to this phone. But the time will be coming soon. Last Monday, I noticed these problems with my phone, and I went to the T-Mobile store earlier today, just after lunch, with my dad. And my phone cannot be saved. He's hanging by his last lil' string. Which is very unfortunate. I'm going to try to make this one of my longest posts yet, because I definitely think my phone deserves that. He was a very special phone. He was my second cell phone (My first was the Motorola Rizr) but that's beside the point. This phone, still, even now, holds almost 100 photos, all worth 1,000 words each... like the time I went to the beach at sunset. And the time I saw the penguins. And Christmas morning this past year. This phone is not something that could be replaced easily. I know it's a bit silly, a PHONE being this important. But believe me, it is. This lil' guy has suffered through several drops, being a tad bit wet...he's been with me for over a year.  This phone, btw, is a slide out QWERTY keyboard phone, and the keypad light is this super pretty pale pink color. It's beyond amazing. The back of the phone itself is a pinkish purplish reddish maroon color, as with the front of thephone. When you slide the keyboard out, the back of the phone is a super pretty pale pink. And the space surrounding the camera is that same color. It's really a beautiful, unique, phone. Even though this phone does hve its flaws, it's definitely been very helpful and easy to use. Like, how, on the keypad, each letter is spaced out exactly right, makes it sooo easy to type messages on. They're the perfect size, too. The phone itself is quite fast. The camera's good quality, even though it's just 2.0 megapixels. It plays music. Has games. A GPS. I could technically access web if I wanted to, even though I don't have the plan. It's really an amazing phone. Btw, I'm actually texting my friend Annie right now as I type this ( but yeah. Actually, my phone's on silent, too. I'm pretty sure all phones do this, but I love the fact that I can silent my phone, for texting secretly in bed (shhhh :) but it's quite useful. The battery life of this phone is overall well too. Unfortunately, they no longer sell this phone, so I will have to go with something different. I love the Samsung Gravity family, so I think I'm gonna go with the Samsung Gravity T. But that's beside the point, because this entry is about the Gravity 2, not the Gravity T, which, T stands for Touch btw. Well, back to this phone. It is a very "strong" phone, I would say. I've had this phone out numerous times in snow and pouring rain, and dropped it several times on hard surfaces also. And it doesn't even have a protective case on it! I probably should've gotten one though, this phone definitely deserves one. A pretty one, maybe those awesome ones that are all it called like, Lux or something? I have no idea. But AI should've gotten one for my lovely lil' friend here. My phone has sent thousands of messages - little, trivial ones like "lol" and "haha" and "lmao" to ones about like, who I like, with the guy I kinda like...hahaha. This phone is definitely special to me. My phone, you will never be forgotten ♥

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