Saturday, April 2, 2011

That obsession of mine called Pretty Little Liars ♥

That obsession of mine called Pretty Little Liars has been an obsession now for quite a while. I first got hooked after watching a few episodes of the TV show, and clips on my iPod on YouTube. Then I became obsessed. Like, soooo obsessed. It's pretty much all I can talk about on this hahaha. But it's sooo amazing, how could I not be obsessed? And when one of my friends is like "What is PLL?" I'm like, freaking out. FYI, PLL is only the best thing since sliced bread. And I kindof mean that, too. Like, it's dramatic, romantic, and mysterious all in one. What's not to love? Besides, you just have to keep on watching or reading, because you really can't walk away without finding out what happened to Alison, and who A is. You just can't. Well, you could, but the mystery probably would kill you. See, this is why this has been my obsession for sooo long. Right now, I've seen most of the episodes, and I just started the fourth book, Unbelievable, yesterday, and am now on chapter 7. Yes, this book and all the rest will make those who hate reading WANT to read. The cool thing is, at my school, EVERYONE is into PLL, almost, even the boys, so really, it's quite hard not to find something to start a conversation with. Like, who do you think is A? Or did you see that last episode? Or did you see that kiss/chemistry between ___ and ___? (Btw, my favorite couple is Toby and Spencer) Another great thing about Pretty Little Liars is the fact that the books are totally different than the TV show, so you can get ahead in th books and not worry about spoiling the TV show for yourself. But there are MAJOR differences. Like in the second book, Flawless, Toby Cavanaugh commited suicide, bur currently on the TV show, he and Spencer are in a relationship, perfectly happy. There are tons more, also. I'm addicted to the whole concept, as you guys can tell, obviously I think Sara Shepard is the greatest thing since Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Jk lol. I'm kindof a science nerd. But yeahhhh. See, when you start reading Pretty Little Liars, or watching the TV show, it's not something that you can walk away from, that is, if you understand what's going on. Like my sister started watching when it was like halfway through the season, and she had no idea what was going on. But that's beside the point right now. But seriously, there are so many horrifying twists and surprising romances in this series that you just HAVE to see what ciomes next. I guess the main point of this blog post was to tell those of you who haven't read or watched Pretty Little Liars before: GO WATCH AND OR READ IT. NOW.
xoxo, A (Hahaha)

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