Friday, November 25, 2011

Tumblr Questions!

I love answering the questions I find on Tumblr on my blog.
1. Do you have a ‘thing’ with someone?
A: I have a boyfriend...does that count as a "thing?"
2. Do you have any hickeys/bruises on your body?
A: Nope.
3. Have you ever tried your hardest and then been disappointed?
A: The story of my life.
4. Who was the last person you spoke to last night before bed?
A: My sister.
5. Do you believe what goes around comes around?
A: Yes, definitely.
6. Where is your mother right now?
A: At home.
7. Have you been to any concerts this summer?
A: Nope lol
8. Have you ever been to a concert?
9. How many schools have you been to?
A: 2 preschools, elementary school, middle four.
10. What do your socks look like?
A: They're the scented ones from B&BW. The really soft fluffy ones.
11. Have you ever read a Harry Potter book?
A: i tried and died of boredom on the first chapter.
12. Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met?
A: Nahh.
13. Have you ever left your country?
A: Yess.
14. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with L?
A: Not on the lipsss. It was a family member/relative.
15. How many times have you cried in a person’s arms?
A: I don't think I ever have.
16. Do you enjoy wearing dresses?
A: Loveee♥
17. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
A: I was in bed.
18. Do you know who you’ll kiss next?
A: Nopee.
19. Have you broken the law in the last three days?
A: I never have!
20. What are you excited about?
A: Going back to school Monday and seeing all my friends. And Christmas.
21. Have your friends ever randomly stopped by your house?
A: My mom's friends have.
22. Is anyone ignoring you right now?
A: I don't think so lol
23. What if you had a baby with the last person you texted?
A: Well, the last person I texted was my
24. Do you currently have feelings for anyone?
A: Yeahh.
25. When was the last time you threw up?
A: Ahhh I love this question, because I love being able to say that the last time I threw up I was six.
26. Do you remember the name of your first school you ever went to?
A: Yes, but I'm not gonna post it online here.
27. How was the beginning of this year for you?
A: It was good and bad. I had a ton of homework, I remember that, and I was working on my science fair projct. But I had a ton of great friends.
28. How do you think the year will end for you?
A: It'll be pretty amazing♥

Scents and Fragrances 2

Awhile back, I did a post on smelling good and fun stuff like that...and now it's getting closer to Christmas, and I wanted to do something with winter and hoiday scents and just more scents and fragrances in general, because they're like one of my avorite things. Personally, generally I like fruity yet romantic scents, like Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, but I love holiday scents. They too are some of my favorites. But, unfortunately, my dad is one of those people who is allergic to aerosol stuff and can't stand to be around it, because scents and perfumes and lotions give him a headache. I've found a solution...I spray B&BW Body Mist behind my ears, just a little, and he doesn't even notice. Plus, when you hug your friends or boyfriend or whoever, your ears smell super extremely good. I know that Bath and Body Works just recently launched their holiday fragrances as did other places, and Lush is coming out with all of these holiday inspired bubble bars and bath bombs. Philosophy as well, has some of the best descriptions of scents ever. I love all holiday scents, like cookies and berries and all of that yumminess. Scents and perfumes are like my favorite things ever, and this is currently number one on my holiday wishlist...Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, which I did a sweperate post on. I have smelled it before, like in those little ad things you find in magazines and Ulta advertisements and such. it smells amazing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Favorite Songs - Boys Like Girls

Recently I've been gwetting into bands, and I am especially obsessed with Boys Like Girls, Daughtry, Lady Antebellum, etc. Today I'm going to share my two favorte songs by Boys Like Girls, because I think they're awesome and after you're done reading this you should go buy them on iTunes and play them all the time.

1. Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift
Not only is this an amazing song, but t features Taylor Swift, probably my favorite singer of all time.
2. Thunder
This one I think I've blogged about before. But this is my favorite summer song. When I'm at the beach and I don't feel like swimming I just listen to this song over and over.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide for HER

Hi there, today I'll be doing a holiday gift first ever...for her. I love Christmas time but never know what to get my friends! Theseare some of the things I would love to get, as well as things that would be great for gift giving. I think a good idea would be, say you have five friends you want to give gifts to - get stockings for each wof them and fill it with their avorite types of choolate, with some beauty products mixed in. I think Sephora would be a great place to shop considering there are a TON of gift sets for an amazing value. I haven't really tried a ton of this personally, but these are all things I would love to try out. the first thing on this gift guide would be the eihteen piece mini Sephora by OPI nail polish set. You could give 3 to each friend, and 3 to yourself. Or, if you're shopping for someone who really loves nail polish, you could give them this entire set, it comes with a color for everyone! Best of all, for eighteen (!) mini OPI quality nail polishes, this set is just $48. Another great idea is the Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set. I have tried this pencil and LOVE it. It's absolutel amazing, super long wearing. I washed my hands after using the br with it swatched on my hand,. and after using soap and everything it did not come off. I had to scub it with makeup remover. These are awesome, and work well with the five friends thing. Or you could give it to one eyeliner loving friend. And buy an extra for yourself. Because for $32, it's worth it. there are also 24/7 shadow pencil sets.The Philosophy sets are another great value, uch as the Sweet Kisses and Merry Wishes set, for $36, which contains four shampoo/showergel/bubblebaths, and four lipglosses. I know that Smashbox lipglosses are great why not get a set? The Snap You're Fab lipgloss set looks pretty nice too.Four mini glosses and two full sized glosses for $30. The stila lip glaze trios are also pretty awesome!

Dress Codes SUCK.

Dress codes have really been annoying me. Because I went shopping today. And tried opn these yoga pants at Victoria's Secret Pink. And they made my butt look quite...attractive. But dress codes are the worst. Because they don't let me wear them. Sigh. Kbye.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Polyvore- Christmas

So I was on Polyore...this is what I came up with for a Christmas/fashion/beauty inspired collage... (Haha, my username is inspired by a swatch pic I found online of Baby Sparks Dazzleglass by MAC...)

Ruthless Preview

The tenth Pretty Little Liars book, Ruthless, comes out on December 6th...I like, can't wait. But here's a preview. Yay.

5 Favorite Blogs (Other than this one!)

I read's what I do. It's quite entertaining, if I like the blog and what the posts are about. here are five of my favorites.

5. Amarixe - One of my favorite YouTubers. I love her blog. there's great swatches and reviews and things like that(:
4. Pretty Little Liars - my favorite show, a blog? Amazing. Love it.
3. ♥ - Bahaha so technically this could be called's my Tumblr. Because I love love LOVE my Tumblr. It has the most amazing posts. Weirdly enough, all posts that I like. Hahahaha.
2. I call this one The Campfire Song Song - A Tumblr dedicated to Spongebob Squarepants, with the best pictures and quotes from one of my favorite shows.
1. Temptalia - A makeup and beauty blog with reviews, swatches, giveaways, and more.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

OPI Brand Overview

So today I'm doing what I think is my first ever brand overview...and that will be for the nail polish brand OPI.OPI is by far my favorite nail polish brand, and as far as I know there are three "OPI brands" - that is, OPI, Nicole by OPI, and Sephora by OPI. I have tried both OPI and also Nicole by OPI nd the quality and colors are absolutely outstanding.  They are a great consistency, dry fairly quickly, come in an amazing color selection, stay on for a long time, and are just overall a great nail polish brand. I've been wearing three coats of OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous on my nails for one week. I have barely any chippings, and the chips that are there are barely noticable, around the tips of my nails. It does take a while to get off, it does not peel off like say, Essie and Sally Hansen nail polishes have for me, and my Nicole by OPI in Miss Independent stays ons o well that I actually have to scrub at it with a cotton ball and nail plish remover to try and get it off. This is long-lasting nail polish that is definitely worth the price. Where I live it is generally around$8.50, I think that Nicole by OPI is less expensive by a little (but don't quote me on that) and I am not sure by Sephora by OPI. I love that OPI also comes out with mini collections, giving you a chance o try out a collection before you buy the whole thing. The only polish I don't like is Black Shatter....well actually I LOVE Shatter, the thing is, I have had mine for a little over six months, I have found that it is beginning to dry up, leaving it hard to work with. Still, putting that thought aside, OPI is still an amazing high quality nail polish brand that I reccomend to everyone. Any nail polish color you could think of, OPI probably has, whether it is in their regular OPi brand, Nicole by OPI, or Sephora by OPI. OPI is definitely a nail polish brand to check out if you have not already.

Ours by Taylor Swift

This song is by Taylor Swift. It's good. It's catchy. Enough said ♥

Cute Fall/Winter Fashion Outfit #2 (feat. Hollister)

Just last week I did a post about a cute fall/winter outfit...and I'll link that here... but fashion posts are my favorite thing to blog about... it's fun to go on different websites and look for cute clothes. I wanted to put together another cute fall/winter outfit, featuring Hollister, one of my favorite stores. The clothes are really pretty and comfortable so I wanted to put together an outfit with all Hollister clothes....not including shoes. But this outfit, although a little expensive, you could find similar pieces elsewhere I'm sure. I will include links to similar and more affordable pieces.
1. Hollister "PC Highway" in White $11.94
PC Highway
A basic white tank is the perfect start to any outfit. This one is supe soft and has pretty lace detailing.
Similar: Any solid white tank will work!

2. Hollister "Fallbrook" - Red Plaid $29.70
This shirt is just basic red plaid, very cute and casual, and with contrast interior lining. I personally would wear this with the sleeves as shown for an even more casual look, buttoned to where you could see the top of the lace tank, tucked into skinny jeans.
Similar: Forever 21 Plaid Shirt - $14.50

3. Hollister Super Skinny in Navy - $39.50
Hollister Super Skinny
These jeans are very figure flattering in a dark wash with a cuff. I definitely love cuffed jeans, personally, I think these ones are very pretty and would look nice with the plaid shirt and lace tank shown above.
Similar: Forever 21 Premium Denim Skinnies - with belt - As a bonus, this one includes a studded leather belt. $24.80

4. Hollister Classic SoCal Belt in Dark Brown - $20.65
Classic SoCal Belt
This brown braided leather belt keeps things casual yet cute, and looks perfect when paired with the plaid shirt.
Similar: Forever 21 Braided Leatherette Belt $7.80

5. Target Womens' Chaia Suede Moccasin Slippers - Tan $19.99
Womens' Chaia Suede Moccasin Slippers - Tan.Opens in a new window
Moccasins are always a comfortable casual option, which I feel like comfortable/casual/cute is a theme of this outfit here...moccasins are definitely all of that. These ones are super soft and furry (I've tried them on:P) and love these.

Back to December Lyric Video

I wanted to post a new YouTube I didn't feel like filming yesterday (no school, Veterans' Day) but was wearing sweatpants, a teeshirt, fuzzy socks, my hair was a mess, no makeup) so I made a lyric video for Back to December by Taylor Swift.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

L'esprit de l'escalier

<3 This is like the definition of my life. Actually, it's a French phrase....a feeling you get after you leave a conversation and think of all the things you should have said. The story of my life. Sigh.

Spiral Curls

So latey I've really been thinking about the spiral curls look...I definitely think itis a cute look, and although a little formal, I think it could be worn to school with jeans and a cute top. Spiral curls are something that I feel can be either very easy or very hard to chieve, based on the curling iron. Obviously, I definitely think that a spiral curling iron, such as a Conair Spirl Styler would work better thananother iron, or even just a clipless curling iron. I really think this is a pretty easy look and isomething that I look forward to trying out on my own hair. Spiral curls are super prety and like I said, I think they would make a cute look for school, although they are a little formal. What do you think? Would you wear your hair in spiral curls to school?

Soft Kissable Lips for the Holidays!

So I know it's only November...but it's never too early to start getting soft kissable lips for the holidays! I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks! Let's begin....

-If you really wanted, you could use a sugar scrub to exfoliate lips, basically it's just sugar and honey. However, that can get messy, and I've found a much easier solution. Which is...
-Exfoliate with a vibrating toothbrush. Haha I get the Crayola ones with the tiny brush head and just slowly brush my lips with it..the vibrating really helps exfoliate and leave my lips really soft.
-The next step is a good lip balm, or lip butter. Try Softlips, eos, or, Chapstick just released a limited edition white mocha lip balm...yummy!
-Lipstick is like, optional. I don't like lipstick that much personally, but I guess everyone has their own opinion on it.
-I like to apply a pretty (but not too sticky) lipgloss with a little bit of shimmer or shine!

Happy soft lips!

Top 5 Songs

It's been a long time since I did  pst on like, my top songs at the moment...but these are my five favorites right now, random order! Most are by Tylor Swift, for some reason haha! But I love her so much! Some of these I think I've mentioned in posts before...haha I love these songs, hope you love them too!

1. Untouchable by Taylor Swift
2. Forever & Always (Piano Version) by Taylor Swift
3. Come In With the Rain by Taylor Swift
4. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
5. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

My Christmas List!

So my mom likes to get her Christmas shopping done early, so about this time of year, she asks me for a Christmas list. I always feel like Christmas lists are fun, both reading other peoples' lists and creating your own. This post is going to cover my Christmas list! Haha sorry for like the bad format and such...i copied and pasted from a Microsoft Word document loll
1.       VS Pink Bootcut Yoga Pant – Grey Leopard
2.       North Face Girls’ Oso Hoodie – Coffee Brown
3.       Clinique Take the Day Off
4.       MAC Lipstick – Hue $14.50                                                                              

5.       Seventeen Subscription (Renewed)
6.       Conair Ceramic Instant Heat ¾” Spiral Styler
7.       Urban Decay Naked Palette
8.       VS Pink Thermal Pullover Hoodie – Heart Dark Grey
9.       Yearbook (at my school we order yearbooks around December, so I always ask my mom to order me one for Christmas :)
10.   MAC Dazzleglass – Baby Sparks
11.   Abercrombie “kira” – Oatmeal
12.   Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray
13.   Moccasins
14. eos Lipbalm - Summer Fruit

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil

So, I finally got a chance to try Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil....bwahahaha jk. I WISH. But I did go shopping today and I picked up a few things at Ulta. I'll cover that in another post. But while I was there, I was able to swatch one of the 24/7 pencils on my hand. I did this about 6 hours ago...and although the swatches from the Naked palette have comepletely faded, the eyeliner pencil looks exactly like it did right when I swatched it. That, I think is absolutely AMAZING. The color I swatched, Gunmetal, is gorgeous, described as a glimmering dark grey. It's just that, so beautiful. It definitely did glide on super easily and I am very impressed even though I did not try this out on my eyes. It still, as I type this, it is on my hand, and looking perfect. It has not smudged at all. I'm really excited to try this eyeliner pencil as an eyeliner, not just something to swatch on my hand, haha! If you want an exact color looks just like OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, or Urban Decay Gunmetal Eyeshadow, but with more glitter! This is very very pretty and I LOVE this eyeliner! I think this would be sounds a little bit expensive at $18, but I think it would be worth it. I have swatched for example, a Clinique cream liner, it barelystayed for an hour. I have tried Ulta eyeliners and they too do not work as well as this. I definitely reccomend. I'm not so sure about how it would show up on your waterline...but I'm sure it would look great no matter what. As far as I know, this is available at Ulta, Sephora, and on the UD website!