Friday, November 25, 2011

Scents and Fragrances 2

Awhile back, I did a post on smelling good and fun stuff like that...and now it's getting closer to Christmas, and I wanted to do something with winter and hoiday scents and just more scents and fragrances in general, because they're like one of my avorite things. Personally, generally I like fruity yet romantic scents, like Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, but I love holiday scents. They too are some of my favorites. But, unfortunately, my dad is one of those people who is allergic to aerosol stuff and can't stand to be around it, because scents and perfumes and lotions give him a headache. I've found a solution...I spray B&BW Body Mist behind my ears, just a little, and he doesn't even notice. Plus, when you hug your friends or boyfriend or whoever, your ears smell super extremely good. I know that Bath and Body Works just recently launched their holiday fragrances as did other places, and Lush is coming out with all of these holiday inspired bubble bars and bath bombs. Philosophy as well, has some of the best descriptions of scents ever. I love all holiday scents, like cookies and berries and all of that yumminess. Scents and perfumes are like my favorite things ever, and this is currently number one on my holiday wishlist...Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, which I did a sweperate post on. I have smelled it before, like in those little ad things you find in magazines and Ulta advertisements and such. it smells amazing.

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