Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide for HER

Hi there, today I'll be doing a holiday gift first ever...for her. I love Christmas time but never know what to get my friends! Theseare some of the things I would love to get, as well as things that would be great for gift giving. I think a good idea would be, say you have five friends you want to give gifts to - get stockings for each wof them and fill it with their avorite types of choolate, with some beauty products mixed in. I think Sephora would be a great place to shop considering there are a TON of gift sets for an amazing value. I haven't really tried a ton of this personally, but these are all things I would love to try out. the first thing on this gift guide would be the eihteen piece mini Sephora by OPI nail polish set. You could give 3 to each friend, and 3 to yourself. Or, if you're shopping for someone who really loves nail polish, you could give them this entire set, it comes with a color for everyone! Best of all, for eighteen (!) mini OPI quality nail polishes, this set is just $48. Another great idea is the Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set. I have tried this pencil and LOVE it. It's absolutel amazing, super long wearing. I washed my hands after using the br with it swatched on my hand,. and after using soap and everything it did not come off. I had to scub it with makeup remover. These are awesome, and work well with the five friends thing. Or you could give it to one eyeliner loving friend. And buy an extra for yourself. Because for $32, it's worth it. there are also 24/7 shadow pencil sets.The Philosophy sets are another great value, uch as the Sweet Kisses and Merry Wishes set, for $36, which contains four shampoo/showergel/bubblebaths, and four lipglosses. I know that Smashbox lipglosses are great why not get a set? The Snap You're Fab lipgloss set looks pretty nice too.Four mini glosses and two full sized glosses for $30. The stila lip glaze trios are also pretty awesome!

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  1. this is actually so helpfull :) thankyouu xx
    btw i followed your blog ;) x