Saturday, November 12, 2011

OPI Brand Overview

So today I'm doing what I think is my first ever brand overview...and that will be for the nail polish brand OPI.OPI is by far my favorite nail polish brand, and as far as I know there are three "OPI brands" - that is, OPI, Nicole by OPI, and Sephora by OPI. I have tried both OPI and also Nicole by OPI nd the quality and colors are absolutely outstanding.  They are a great consistency, dry fairly quickly, come in an amazing color selection, stay on for a long time, and are just overall a great nail polish brand. I've been wearing three coats of OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous on my nails for one week. I have barely any chippings, and the chips that are there are barely noticable, around the tips of my nails. It does take a while to get off, it does not peel off like say, Essie and Sally Hansen nail polishes have for me, and my Nicole by OPI in Miss Independent stays ons o well that I actually have to scrub at it with a cotton ball and nail plish remover to try and get it off. This is long-lasting nail polish that is definitely worth the price. Where I live it is generally around$8.50, I think that Nicole by OPI is less expensive by a little (but don't quote me on that) and I am not sure by Sephora by OPI. I love that OPI also comes out with mini collections, giving you a chance o try out a collection before you buy the whole thing. The only polish I don't like is Black Shatter....well actually I LOVE Shatter, the thing is, I have had mine for a little over six months, I have found that it is beginning to dry up, leaving it hard to work with. Still, putting that thought aside, OPI is still an amazing high quality nail polish brand that I reccomend to everyone. Any nail polish color you could think of, OPI probably has, whether it is in their regular OPi brand, Nicole by OPI, or Sephora by OPI. OPI is definitely a nail polish brand to check out if you have not already.

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