Friday, November 25, 2011

Tumblr Questions!

I love answering the questions I find on Tumblr on my blog.
1. Do you have a ‘thing’ with someone?
A: I have a boyfriend...does that count as a "thing?"
2. Do you have any hickeys/bruises on your body?
A: Nope.
3. Have you ever tried your hardest and then been disappointed?
A: The story of my life.
4. Who was the last person you spoke to last night before bed?
A: My sister.
5. Do you believe what goes around comes around?
A: Yes, definitely.
6. Where is your mother right now?
A: At home.
7. Have you been to any concerts this summer?
A: Nope lol
8. Have you ever been to a concert?
9. How many schools have you been to?
A: 2 preschools, elementary school, middle four.
10. What do your socks look like?
A: They're the scented ones from B&BW. The really soft fluffy ones.
11. Have you ever read a Harry Potter book?
A: i tried and died of boredom on the first chapter.
12. Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met?
A: Nahh.
13. Have you ever left your country?
A: Yess.
14. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with L?
A: Not on the lipsss. It was a family member/relative.
15. How many times have you cried in a person’s arms?
A: I don't think I ever have.
16. Do you enjoy wearing dresses?
A: Loveee♥
17. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
A: I was in bed.
18. Do you know who you’ll kiss next?
A: Nopee.
19. Have you broken the law in the last three days?
A: I never have!
20. What are you excited about?
A: Going back to school Monday and seeing all my friends. And Christmas.
21. Have your friends ever randomly stopped by your house?
A: My mom's friends have.
22. Is anyone ignoring you right now?
A: I don't think so lol
23. What if you had a baby with the last person you texted?
A: Well, the last person I texted was my
24. Do you currently have feelings for anyone?
A: Yeahh.
25. When was the last time you threw up?
A: Ahhh I love this question, because I love being able to say that the last time I threw up I was six.
26. Do you remember the name of your first school you ever went to?
A: Yes, but I'm not gonna post it online here.
27. How was the beginning of this year for you?
A: It was good and bad. I had a ton of homework, I remember that, and I was working on my science fair projct. But I had a ton of great friends.
28. How do you think the year will end for you?
A: It'll be pretty amazing♥

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  1. post a new vid on youtube please:) i miss them!