Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spiral Curls

So latey I've really been thinking about the spiral curls look...I definitely think itis a cute look, and although a little formal, I think it could be worn to school with jeans and a cute top. Spiral curls are something that I feel can be either very easy or very hard to chieve, based on the curling iron. Obviously, I definitely think that a spiral curling iron, such as a Conair Spirl Styler would work better thananother iron, or even just a clipless curling iron. I really think this is a pretty easy look and isomething that I look forward to trying out on my own hair. Spiral curls are super prety and like I said, I think they would make a cute look for school, although they are a little formal. What do you think? Would you wear your hair in spiral curls to school?

1 comment:

  1. i use my curl wand all the time for school especially when i have to dress up for sports games but i get tons of compliments and sometimes i also run my fingers through it to make them loose and less formal and other times ill just use dry shampoo the night after i wear it curly and then its cute and wavy the next day so it works for two days of hair for me. hope it helps:)