Thursday, April 21, 2011

I detest school projects.

I hate school projects sooo much. Right now I am actually supposed to be typing a brief summary, as well as writing a script, for my upcoming presentation on Marie and Pierre Curie. It's. So. Boring. I'm starting to think I should've picked somthing more interesting, like Coco Chanel. But of course I thought of that idea after I told my French teacher I had wanted to do Marie and Pierre Curie. Truth is, Marie and Pierre may have been amazing scientists/chemists, but they are awful people to do a school project on. This is horrible, I absolutely detest the whole thing.This script is so hard. Well, not really, it's more boring than hard. Not that I don't like science, I just think physics and chemistry isn't really interesting, and I have to prepare a 5 minute presentation for me and this other kid in my class to do. Why do I have to do this dumb thing? It's all very stupid, if you ask me. Because I am never, ever, ever, going to become a scientist, I don't think! So the point of this is, well, there is no point, really. There just isn't. I think the point is to bore us to death, that's what. Because that's exactly what this is doing to me. Boring me to death. Of course I would've changed my subject to Coco Chanel or Christian Dior, but I'm working with this boy, and I have a feeling he wouldn't be too thrilled with the whole idea lol. Who could've thought one could hate a project so much??? Because I do. Truth be told, school projects SUCK.

And I have to dress up as Marie. What hideous clothes that woman wore. *Sigh*

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