Monday, June 25, 2012

Who Is A?! Pretty Little Liars Season 3!

So Pretty Little Liars Season 3 has begun! I must say, I am very excited to see what season 3 has in store, especially after Mona having been revealed as A in the season 2 finale... surprise, surprise, NOT. I kind of wish it had been someone else. Mona wasn't too surprising, because she was also A in the books, and the A on the show was supposed to be different. Anyway, here's my possible list of suspects and why they might possibly be A.

Maya: Maya could have been A. Also, side note: I don't think her death was a murder, I think it was suicide. I think she killed herself, maybe because she felt guilty, possibly for being A, if she was.

Jenna/Garrett: It's so obvious! He had the papers from that night in a previous season, Jenna has a reason to be A - to get back at them for blinding her, and there has to be a reason she's still prtending to be blind, right?

Melissa: Melissa is an interesting character. I definitely would not be surprised if she was A, especially because she had been involved with Garrett, Ian, etc. Also, she has a tendency to lie to Spencer, and has several reasons to get back at her.

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