Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Top 8 Favorite Songs ♥

Okay, as I'm typing this, the song Fireflies by Owl City is playing. Not that that makes this list. Because it doesn't. But I'm not on my computer right now. Trust me, I have way more music and much better songs on my computer. No offense to Owl City, because Fireflies isn't a horrible song. My least favorite song... well, most music before the 80s kinda is super bad. Not that I like 80s, but I've heard way better than 80s. But anyway, here's my list of the top 5 on my list. By the way, I added a little playlist on this blog, so scroll down to listen to my playlist. No, I don't think all my favorite songs are on there...I can't remember exacrly what's on there off the top of my head. No, the following songs are not in any order whatsoever. P.S. I'm now listening to one of my favorite songs - Perfect by P!nk - thanks, ! So here goes...
1. Perfect by P!nk. So technically this song is called F**kin' Perfect, but, there's a clean version, luckily, or I probably wouldn't technically be allowed to listen to it lol. But this song is so catchy and amazing, like most of P!nk's songs. GO LISTEN! The clean version is on my playlist - just scroll down a bit and it's in the sidebar :) Sooooo amazinggg! I guess you could say it's my favorite song, but I don't technically have one specific favorite song...there are too many amazing songs out there. But this is definitely one of them!!!
2. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry - this song is one of my favorites also, obviously, or it wouldn't be on this list like it is, and you wouldn't be reading about it. This song is also in my playlist - go check it out NOW! Pure amazingness...sooo catchy. The music vid is really good as well. Both are amazinggg... but anyway, go check it out. Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers...this is one of my fav songs by her...
3. Glitter In the Air by P!nk - not only was the song featured in my favorite TV show of all time, Pretty Little Liars, but it was also featured in my favorite show of all time - Pretty Little Liars. Hahaha This is one of the few slower songs on my list. Yep, this is on my playlist as well - go listen, you will love it. And it suits the scene in Pretty Little Liars very well. It's in Episode 19 of Season 1 - A Person of Interest. Either way, fantastic song, in Pretty Little Liars or not. Go listennnn (:
4. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz - I know this song is kindof old...but anyway, I still love it haha. Yea, it's on my playlist as well.  One of Taio Cruz's first bigger hits, I'm pretty sure... it's actually the song that's playing right now. Lol. It's a really good songggg....I don't listen to it often, but this song definitely deserves to be on my list of favs hahaha.
5. Sober by P!nk - I just recently discovered this song, although it came out in like, 2008 lol, but I looove it. I don't think this is on my playlist, but it's on if you want to go check it out. Definitely worth it. It's a fun, catchy song...
6.  Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood - this is another slower sonng on my list, but it's still good. I looove Carrie Underwood, and this song. It's so's about a wedding....go listen, it's pretty good. No, not on my playlist, but is on - lol I talk about that website all the time. But hey, you can listen to music for free - what's better?
7. Booty Call by Ke$ha - this again is not on the playlist on this blog, but go to Playlist and it's there. I don't think it's on iTunes, either. But it's catchy and it's a song that's fun to listen to...this song would be good for a party, definitely...really good.
8. Enchanted by Taylor Swift - another slower song, but still amazing, This is on my blog playlist, so scroll down and check it out!!! The beginning is kinda boring, I will admit, but gets much better as the song goes on, I promise. Definitely worth listening to.Haha that completes my list!

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