Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate - My Thoughts so Far ♥

So yesterday I began reading the book Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate - and it's an amazing book so far. I've read 9 chapters so far and the book is fantastic. It's funny and a great summer book.  think I'll have to save Tan Lines, the second book, to read by the pool or on the beach! The writing of this book is super detailed - it's amazing how much happens in the first 9 chapters. Here's a basic plot - not as nearly detailed as the writing itself is though. So, in the first chapter the main character Summer Smith is hating her life because her crush Sean isn't noticing her - Summer insists that Sean doesn't even know she exists. She's mad because Sean offered another girl a ride home, but Summer is stuck walking in the bad weather. When she arrives home, her mother says her aunt called and was wondering if she'd like to stay with her aunt and cousin in the Florida Keys for the summer. Summer says, "You mean... You mean, she's asking if I want to spend the summer on the beach, in the sun, swimming and... and being warm and lying out in the sun and getting tan... and going to beach parties and getting windsurfing lessons from sensitive guys with excellent bodies? She wamts to know if I'd like that?" So obviously, Summer ends up going. In the second chapter, Summer is on the plane and sees a boy named Seth. Summer think's hes beautiful and hot. Summer receives a free tarot reading from a woman on the plane, and the woman says she will meet 3 different guys during the summer. The woman says each will be very different. "One will seem to be a mystery. One will seem to represent danger. One will seem to be the right one." The first one she meets getting off the plane - Seth. Chapter 3 - In the airport, Summer finds herself heading the same way as Seth. Her Aunt Mallory and cousin Diana are late. They end up kissing in a photo booth. Then, Mallory and Diana arrive at the airport, late. Diana sees Summer as a very pretty girl who could be a threat to her social life, and begins plotting ways to get rid of her. In the end of chapter 3, Mallory and Diana end up giving Seth arrive, and Summer learns Seth has a girlfriend, Lianne. However, they just recently broke up. Mallory actually leaves on another flight, and Diana is left to show Summer around and keep her company. In chapter 4, they arrive at Mallory's home - a mansion just steps from the water. Mallory had originally had a room ready fro Summer to stay, however, Diana feels thretened and gives Summer the treehouse wayyy outside. It's complete with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but has pelican droppings and is very old. Chapter 5 is simply a video blog to Summer's best friend back home, Jennifer. Chapter 6, Summer learns that someone else is staying on her aunt's property in the same treehouse she is staying in. He's been living in the treehouse for 6 months, and his name is Diver. At the end of the chapter, Diver says he'll talk to Frank about the situation, Frank is actually the brown pelican whose droppings are all over the house. In chapter 7, Diana is finally beginning to start to like Summer, the two chat about food, boyfriends, etc. It is revealed Summer has never had a boyfriend before. Summer then goes for a walk around the town, searching for a job, and meets Maria Esmeralda Marquez, who goes by Marquez. Marquez offers to get Summer a job at a local restaurant, the Crab 'n' Conch. In chapter 8, Summer gets the job. Marquez invites Summer to Adam Merrick's party, and Summer agrees to go. Diana, meanwhile, is showing little kids dolphins as her job. Diana becomes even more jealous of Summer. In chapter 9, Summer realizes the boy she met in the treehouse in the middle of the night is real. Marquez and Summer go jet-skiing, and the gas is empty while they're jet-skiing. So that's all I read. So far, excellent summer book, perfect to read poolside or on the beach. The book is actually really long - it's 721 pages. Amazing book, though, Post a comment if you've read this book and let me know what you think.
xo, A

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