Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 1x22 Season Finale - For Whom The Bells Toll ♥

OMG. Last Monday's episode was soooo intense!!! There will be a lot, a lot of spoilers following this little warning, so if you haven't gotten a chance to see the episode for yourself and/or you don't want to spoil this for yourself, please do not read the following! So anyway, you know how every episode, when it begins, it starts off with a little recap of the past few episodes? Well this episode did the same, but being the season finale, showed a little recap of the entire season, from the first ever episode "Pilot" to the 21st episode, "Monsters In The End" - it was definitely cool to go back and review the entire season. So when the actual episode begins, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are reviewing the videos Alison had left for them. So I'm remembering this off the top of my head and have only seen the episode once so far, so I may forget a detail here or there... but anyway, when Aria is in her kitchen with her parents, she turns on her phone to reveal about ten text messgaes from Ezra saying things like, "Call me now please" and "A cop was here" - freaked out, Aria leaves for school, and sees Ezra, who tells her he turned in his resignation and is no longer her teacher!!! Awww - the things you'll do for love... lol. Next, Hanna is shown at her house before breakfast with her mother in their kitchen. Ashley Marin talks to Hanna about going to school, and is able to convince Hanna to go. She also asks what the letter Caleb had written to her had said, but Hanna doesn't know what she's talking about, because she never got the letter - Mona had never shown it to her. Next, Spencer, Melissa, Ian, and Veronica are in the Hastings' kitchen, and Melissa and Ian are talking about going to the church to begin to plan their baby's christening. Spencer jokes around by asking if the baby will be born a human, leaving Melissa angry, and their mother Veronica disappointed. Next, Emily is in her bedroom emailing Samara, when her mother comes in asking to talk about something. Emily assumes something has happened to her father, but actually, his assignment has been extended, so he would like Emily and her mother to come to Texas - not for a short visit, but for... a year. Emily begins to refuse, but her mother says that a a 16 year old girl, she belongs with her family. Then, Aria is talking on her phone with Ezra, who, upon seeing Ezra in person, hangs up, and tells Aria he lost his resignation. Aria punches Ezra in the chest, but then Ezra tells Aria that the police didn't know about him and Aria, they were instead asking about Spencer and the trophy. Ezra also says that he will no longer be her English teacher, and Aria apologizes for hitting him. Ezra also announces that he'll be attending the faculty mixer at Aria's house, and Aria tells him that she'll show him her room. Next, we see Hanna and Mona talking in the hallway by the lockers, and Hanna asks Mona about the letter. Mona simply lies and says whether he sent her a letter or not, he still broke her heart and was a jerk. Then, Hanna asks Lucas if he'll be mad at her forever, and Lucas says "Probably." Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna confront Jenna about the video. A flashback scene is shown, Ali visited Jenna on her way home from Hilton Head, showing her the video of her and Toby. She said that if Jenna told anyone about The Jenna Thing, Ali would show the videos of Jenna and Toby. Ali also said Jenna could not come back to Rosewood. The four Liars than talk about how happy Ali was after the trip to Hilton head - it was because for her, The Jenna Thing was over. Now the Liars are eating lunch, and Spencer uses a pre-paid phone to text Ian telling him she has his videos. Ian replies, and Hanna tells him to bring $10,000 to the middle of the woods later that night. Mona comes to the table, sits down, then all the Liars, including Hanna, leave the table. Hanna left her phone their however, and receives a call from Caleb. Mona picks up, and lies to Caleb, saying  she gave Hanna his letter and she threw it in the trash. She also mentions that he should lose her number, because she already lost his - which, is a lie, because she didn't. Lucas overhears the call and talks to Mona. Next, jenna is shown at her house, sitting on her bed, and she receives a call from - gasp! - Ian.He tells her not toworry and that he will take care of the video.Garrett then runs into Emily and tells her that he is on her side. Then Emily goes over and sits with Hanna while Emily's mother is packing boxes for Texas. Now, Toby is reading and Spencer is doing homework, the two of them in Spencer's bedroom. Spencer is on her bed and Toby is sitting in a chair by Spencer's window. Spencer admits she likes having Toby there, and Toby says he likes being there. Toby tells Spencer to "come here" then he turns the chair around so it faces the window, opens the window, and Spencer snuggles in his arms. Then, jenna is in her bedroom talking about Alison - and - GARRETT is there with her, who kisses Jenna. Um, Garrett and Jenna? NOT a good match. Next there's the faculty mixer at Aria's house. An unexpected guest arrives - Ezra's ex-fiancee, Jackie Molina! Back in Spencer's bedroom, Spencer receives a text from Melissa saying that Ian didn't show up and she needs a ride to the church. Toby says he will always be there for her, and Spencer says he loves knowing that. The two share a kiss! ♥ Meanwhile, Hanna is debating on whether or not to delete Caleb's number from her phone. She ends up deleting it. Lucas and Caleb are in a car, driving to what may or may not be Hanna's house (haha) and Caleb asks Lucas why they're doing this and Lucas says that Hanna deserves to be happy. Spencer and Melissa are in the car - and - oh, crap, Melissa forgot her phone at the church. Spencer offers to go back to the church and get it, but, they are hit by a car. Now in the woods, are Hanna, Emily, and Aria. Now in the hospital, Spencer is ok, as is Melissa, but it's too early to detect the trauma of Melissa's baby. Back in the woods, Aria receives a message from A. In the hospital, Spencer agrees to go back to the church to get Melissa's phone, because Melissa won't relax without Ian. Spencer's purse is recovered from her vehicle, and she turns on her phone to find 3 new messages from Aria. Spencer calls Aria. In the woods, Garrett has arrived, after Emily called him. At the church, Spencer goes to find Melissa's phone. The doors slam behind her. In the woods,  car is coming, and Hanna, Emily, and Aria are told to stay out of sight. The person driving was a messenger - Logan - who was sent by Ian and paid. In the church, Ian has arrived! They talk for a moment, and Ian tells Spencer he will "take are of her" - as a distraction, Spencer throws the videos, and then runs up to the top of the bell tower, where Ian attempts to kill her. The Liars are listening in because Spencer had called Emily's phone (and then dropped it) - Ian almost manages to kill Spencer, but luckily, A omes in and kills Ian instead, wearing all black. The Liars arrive at the church, to find Ian Thomas dead. The police arrive at the scene, but, IAN'S BODY IS NO LONGER THERE. This could only mean one of two things - either A took his body, or, Ian's not really dead...

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