Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picky Eaters and Red Velvet Cake!

So I know I've only done a few othe rposts on the category food, but it's something that personally, I LOVE! It's also one of the three things people need to stay alive - food, water, and shelter. Food to me is one of the biggest things. Food. Yum. I've been called a picky eater before. Because there are quite a few foods I don't like. I'm not just gonna sit down and write about every single food I hate and why, because that might be kind of boring. But I don't like many foods that a lot of people like. For example, salad. Ew. I cannot stand salad, and if I tell someone "I hate salad!" then they're like, "What?! How could you hate salad??" But I do. Simple as that, I cannot stand salad. There are alot of foods like salad that I can't stand and most people like. I'm not THE most picky eater ont his planet though...just take a look at one of my sisters! Because there are a lot of foods I like but other people can't stand, too. Like hot dogs. They're not my fav food ever, and they're not the most healthiest, but a lot of my friends don't like them. And then there's those foods that seemingly everyone hates. Brocoli. Brussel sprouts. Spinach. All ewwies. I'd say of all the possible foods there are in this world, I like about 60% of them. So I'm not uber picky, but I'm not not picky, either. So I guess I'm about half and half. There are drinks that alot of people love that I hate, like root beer. Ew. I cannot stand root beer! Then, I know some people don't like lattes and all that coffee related stuff, but personally, I looove it. Not actual coffee, that's certainly not a personal fav, but I mean the things like cappucinos, lattes, mochas...yum. My personal fav is Dairy Queen's Cappucino MooLatte. Delicious! And then, there's gross things like vegetable juice that I can;t stand to look at. And then, there's red velvet cake. My FAVORITE food on this planet. I kind of have an obsession! Haha I don't know what it is about red velvet that makes it so delicious. It just is. A lot of people say it's just chocolate cake dyed red, but no, it's not. Because I don't like chocolate cake, but I lloooove red velvet, and I'm sure red food dye can't make a big taste difference. Does food dye even have a taste? I don't think so. But red velvet cake, and red velvet cupcakes, are amazing. I know most people have red velvet with cream cheese icing, but I prefer vanilla buttercream. No, I don't hate cream cheese icing, I just prefer vanilla buttercream. Haha all this cake talk is making me want red velvet now... lol. But seriously, if you haven't tried red velvet, you have nooo idea what you're missing out on. Because it's one of the best things you'll ever taste  ♥

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