Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've been behind on my blogging...

I try to blog at 1x a day, so for example if there are say, 28 days in February, I like to have a total of 28 posts at the end of February, and if I miss 1, I usually make up for it. I've been really behind on my blogging lately, however, I am trying my best to make up for those times when I did not blog, or I forgot to blog, etc. And lately, that's been often. I've been really busy lately lol...I've had tests all week.... MCAS, ugh. But it's over now, and I should be returning to my usual blogging schedule. You guys should give me some ideas to blog about. My favorite stores was one thing that was suggested, that will probably be my next blog post. And then, I thought of the brilliant idea of doing a blog entry on the best 10 apps, or 5 apps, on the iPhone, or in my case, iPod touch. There are a lot of ideas. Pretty Little Liars, obviously. I kindof talk about that one too much. I'm kind of obsessed.

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