Sunday, March 27, 2011

MAC Makeup ♥

I knwo it's kinda crazy to say MAC is my favorite brand of makeup because I've never tried anything from there before, but it probably is. I mean, I can ell that I'll looove MAC products because a) Their website, b) The many great reviews on YouTube c) They have so many different colors available d) They're one of the more inexpensive brands of higher end makeup e) There aren't a lot of parabens f) I've been to the MAC counter before... and it was like a DREAM!!! Lastly, g) They're known for having amazing quality products, and overall for a good value. Ok, yes, I've been to the MAC counter before and seen some of MAC's amazing products in person before. And, they are amazing. I told this story already in a previous post, but I had gone to MAC originally to buy MAC's Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation, but of course, it was sold out. :'( but the lady behind the counter was not only super nice, but she showed me the sample gloss, and it was the prettiest lipglass I've ever seen. I've been dying to try out MAC for quite some time now, and there's definitely a MAC giftcard on my birthday wishlist. (Btw, MAC's official website is but anyway, when I went, there were rows and rows of eyesadows, mascaras, blushes, bronzers, eyeliners,b rushes, lipglasses, dazzleglasses, plushglazzes, lustreglasses... that place was like a dream. A dream I tell you. And their website is sooo organized...I really wish I had a MAC store near me... Yes, MAC is a little pricey for people who are used to drugstore makeup, but compared to brands like Chanel and Lancome, the price of MAC makeup is almost nothing. And, MAC is high end, obviously. I definitely want to try this seemingly amazing brand out. I've watched numerous brand overviews on YouTube, and everyone is in love with MAC makeup. What I also really like about MAC is that they come out with a new collection about every month, so there's always something new to dream about. Hahaha. I really want to try out one of their lipglosses first. Well, as they refer to them, glass. Or an eyeshadow, because hahaha I don't have a lot of lipgloss or eyeshadows. Or a blush? Hmmm... then there's always the option of a paint pot, because I don't have an eye primer. Lol there are way too many options, and so many colors to choose from which I like. Personally, I like Clinique makeup, but there just aren't enough color choices. MAC offers hundreds. Lol. I'm actually on the MAC website right now... looking at the different eyeshadow shades...I like Brule as a highlight color. And perhaps Sweet Lust on the inner half of the lid, woodwinked on the outer half, Embark in the crease, and Gesso on the inner corner? It would create kind of a "Strawberry Fudge with Caramel" type This website is really addicting, so I guess I'd better stop talking about MAC I should probably end this post. Sooo with that being said, byyyyeee (:
xoxo, Ali

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